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RP: Clean Up the PAST -- or PERISH in the Future -- the END OF THE WORLD (as we knew it), Is HERE!!!

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"Our Lady of the Bathtub with Garden Hose"

The NAZI Kennedy Family at the Vatican -- BEFORE JFK's generation FLIPPED to support Liberty.

NONE of the Kennedys descended from Joseph Patrick Kennedy and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy have yet ADMITTED the NAZI sympathies of the Patriarch and Matriarch (in conjunction with Henry Ford), and until they DO -- and RENOUNCE the Catholic POPES (if not necessarily the "Faith"), they will go down with the Bush and Clinton Families as the WORST TRAITORS in US History.

Rose Kennedy was made a Countess of the Catholic Church -- for her support of NAZISM

Today, they count superstitious Catholics among their STAUNCHEST SUPPORT -- just like Donald Trump has a LOCK on Evangelical Christians


As much as I like Joseph P. Kennedy III, he is FUNDAMENTALLY a COWARD and dishonest. His father, Joseph P. Kennedy II had MAMMOTH battles with the Catholic Church over his two marriages, but Joe III was of his FIRST wife, so NOT a "Catholic Bastard" -- but he WAS a BASTARD for the period of time in which the Catholic Church GRANTED Joe II an annulment of his first marriage -- but the Church soon RESCINDED that annulment -- LOL!!!

He should have contacted my MOTHER, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, who took over as America's Top NAZI under auspices of Popes Pius XII - Francis I, until she recently retired and Trump Aide Steve Bannon took that position. Mom got her brother, Robert John Meyer, DDS an annulment after he and my aunt Patricia (Hahn) Meyer had four children (Kristen, the youngest by another man), as well as one for my brother-in-law, Joel Duffy, Jr. -- after he had ONE child. And she got them QUICKLY (in Church terms), but then MURDERED Uncle Bob with help of a Veteran's hospital (now closed) in Lower Mississippi -- because Bob allowed his daughter Janet to marry the JEW Kim Opperman, and because he was a HOMOSEXUAL, as uncle Bob told me TWICE, I out gay since 1969.

So WHERE are the Kennedy GAYS??? Although the Kennedys since JFK's generation have always supported Gay Rights, they admit to NONE in the descendants of Rose and Joe Kennedy. Same with my Catholic Meyer side of my family -- Mom having MURDERED her gay brother, and TRIED to murder me MANY TIMES (as detailed in this blog).

There are TONS of gays in my father's Kenan Family, and TWO members actually were most responsible for the American Psychiatric Association REMOVING Homosexuality from the list of Mental Illnesses in the DSM in 1973.

>>> ACTUALLY, I THINK I FOUND A GAY KENNEDY, former Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy of Rhode Island, diagnosed with BIPOLAR ILLNESS -- who has had MANY bouts of alcohol and drug addiction -- and now is living in southern New Jersey!!!

I base this MOSTLY on my own experience of my Catholic mother REFUSING to say I am Gay, but calling it my "arrested development", and her -- with help of my partners at, getting me COMMITTED without seeing a Judge or Physician, as required by NJ Law then, to Anchora State Mental Hospital in 1978.

There, the admitting tech told me NOT to worry, that 90% of the men committed there were just gay guys who had PISSED OFF a straight family member, and I'd be out after a few days of observation. The female psychiatrist who would NEXT examine me, overheard that from her office, and called out that I was DEFINITELY BIPOLAR -- she never having seen or spoken with me, but HAD had a conversation with my Holy Catholic Mother

When I got to my ward, I found ALL the guys there were gay, and they told me to hurry up and get my YARD PRIVILEGES so they could do me in the BUSHES -- HA!!!

Patrick J. Kennedy took a HUGE interest in Jesse Jackson, Jr. (who like Barack Obama, used Rev. Jeremiah Wright's Call-Boy Service only for prominent black married professionals), often meeting with him in person, and claiming to have a special kinship with him.

>>> RE-PRINTED from here:

NOTE: the "Virginia Pinganot (no penis)" refers to Monica Lewinsky's friendKathleen Kincade, who's family CONSTRUCTED Mitt Romney's Bain Capital in El Salvador, and I at FIRST protected her under a false nameONLY in recent weeks did I learn that SHE is a big Narco-Trafficker in Wilmington, as blogged about in the last week in this blog):

I thought I'd walk to the river later to see the fireworks, but it was raining, so I took Patrick Kennedy's book to bed with me and began reading it.

It was IMMEDIATELY tedious to read, but also quite serious and well-intended. Soon, I realized what was missing -- understandable to a privileged Kennedy, who went to the BEST private dry-out tanks and mental hospitals: NOTHING IS MENTIONED about how so many gay men are involuntarily committed!!!

I checked the index for "homosexual" or "gay", and nothing is listed there as well.

Now I ASSUME Patrick is actually straight, so it might not even occur to him, but when I was originally committed to Ancora State Mental Hospital in 1978, by my parents -- and Chuck Pritchard and Hilary Russell, my founding partners in -- and I NEVER saw a psychiatrist or a Judge (required then in New Jersey to commit anyone), before being carted to the hospital by two Cape May cops who ridiculed me as a FAG the entire hour's drive to the hospital:

The about 30-year-old admitting tech, male, white, told me when I said I was GAY, that not to worry, 90% of the men admitted were gay as well, and that within a week, I would be released -- that their main purpose was to lock up gay men for a while, if their friends or family were just TOO PISSED OFF at them being gay.

The psychiatrist whom I was to see next, a middle-aged Chinese woman by appearance, heard that, and hollered out of her office -- before even SEEING ME -- that I was IN FACT MANIC-DEPRESSIVE (what Bipolar was called back then), and that I might or might NOT be released in a week -- depending on how COOPERATIVE I was.

The following day (we arrived after dinner, so "classification" was closed for the day and I was housed the first night with lifelong sufferers of schizophrenia and such), I was sent to Cape May County Ward, where the guys there -- perhaps impressed by my 6' 11" height -- all told me they couldn't WAIT for me to get yard privileges in a couple of days, SO THEY COULD SUCK MY COCK BEHIND THE BUSHES!!! 

THRILLED by my welcome, I set about doing the ONLY thing available to me -- there being no reading matter in the ward: I stuffed "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" games into plastic sleeves and stapled on header cards.

We would get two-cents credit in the canteen for each one we did, but the guys also warned me that you couldn't use the canteen unless there well over a week, so I would NEVER GET PAID and it was actually State of New Jersey sanctioned SLAVE LABOR OF FAGGOTS!!!

Ironically, the company I "worked for" was "GAY GEMS". -- and after several hours of work before I got transferred after two nights to "The Institute"(because we had GOOD INSURANCE for Whale's Tale Cape May), America's FIRST mental hospital founded by Benjamin Franklin and then part of the University of Pennsylvania -- I NEVER GOT PAID!!!

I spent another month at The Institute (here pictured with a previous name), which finally closed in 1997, but has been RESURRECTED -- to punish those who do NOT bow down to CHRISTIANITY, to they can be tortured by MODERN Jesuit Priests using NAZI POISONS!!!

Result of image-googling "Gay Gems" -- the company seems now GONE!!!

So, I think Patrick J. Kennedy needs go do LOTS MORE RESEARCH -- if he wants to do anything REAL!!!

But I will at least skim his book. We ALL know that the Kennedys LOBOTOMIZED Rosemary Kennedy, out of CATHOLIC CONCERN, which is WHY Tennessee Williams was so BONDED to JFK and Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

JFK and the "vacant" Rosemary

Tennessee Williams with his lobotomized (also for CHRISTIAN REASONS), sister Rose -- taken the night the three of us went to see the play BARNUM in 1982 (also with Tattiana Schwetzoffante-deluvian sister of noted Russian ballet star Igor Schwetzoff). 

 . . . for NOW.


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