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RP: "Continuing with 'Peyote President Trump'" (as heard this morning on MSNBC) -- and Peyote- (or similar) Besotted Wilmington, North Carolina!!!

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Deep Dream (software) Reveals the Shocking Truth About Donald Trump’s Hair

And THIS was another image than came up when I Image-Googled "Peyote President Trump":

All my Readers know that Vicente Fox worked for my Kenan Family as an exec of Coca-Cola before he he became a politician. I never met him, but like me, his Grandfather Fox was born in Cincinnati, Ohio.

My own contribution to from "Peyote Culture" (I only did Peyote ONCE while at Denison University in the early 1970s), is this Huichol yarn painting (, that now hangs in my kitchen:

On mantel, beginning by a piece of black plastic that looks important, so I can't bring myself to throw it out (nor have I figured out its use), is Rey de Coliman (King of Colima -- his Kingdom in Mexico), who NEVER surrendered to the Spanish/Catholics, but eventually his kingdom was surrounded and assimilated into Mexico, St. Francis of Assisi (looking like a 1975 Gay Clone), a wreath in search of a pillar candle, St. Rita (in a "slutty moment"), a Russian Orthodox triptych of the Nativity Scene (so beautiful, it stays up year-round), and a replica of the two Dancing Gay Dogs, a twenty-five foot high statue in Colima, Mexico.

Click image to ENLARGE.

Interestingly enough, Denise Wood (Denise the Perfect Painter), downstairs, GAVE ME a black-light so I could see this FLUORESCE, but I haven't tried that yet.

Also interesting is that I found some "herbal evidence" of CRIME, recently, and offered to SHARE that with Denise (who used to supply me), but she DECLINED. Nevertheless, I smelled it in her hallway downstairs TWICE since then.

And while I'm at it, this is the PROMINENT statue in the main park in Colima, Mexico, celebrating that the City SPRANG UP SPONTANEOUSLY from God's Cum Splat:

"The Seed of Colima" -- THIS in a culture that is 85% Roman Catholic!!!

And SPEAKING of the "SEEDY", just this morning, I came across a photo on that ILLUSTRATES the vacuum tubes that Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. of NYC (who cut me off COLD for kicking Haston Lavern Caulder II out of my apartment), had to REMOVE from his apartment BEFORE NYC Adult Protective Services evaluated him -- something I had never seen nor used even though I was a HOMOSEXUAL SEX ADDICT 1980 - 1998:

THESE charges and Court Scheduled Appearances DISAPPEARED from Court Records this morning, but NOW, I found he's in JAIL (and it takes time to update everything)!!!:

And here is the DEVICE so popular with Mr. Faulk, who at 84 years of age, takes Testosterone shots (NOT recommended by any doctor, but DEMANDED and paid for at HIGH PRICE by Joseph), Daily Cialis, and "Poppers" -- so that he can EXPRESS HIS SEED whilest watching porno:

You must pay $15.00 for a three-month membership to watch the two videos, here, demonstrating its use to successful completion


1. I want to THANK my Readers for making my most previous post go VIRAL overnight!!!:

But a couple to things I should ADD, include this CORRECTION: Justin LaNasa did NOT say that the Wilmington Election Board would make certain that the half-brained Todd Zola would not be allowed to win (, but that it would MAKE CERTAIN that Mayor Saffo REMAINS THE MAYOR.

But that ASSUMES Saffo isn't forced to RESIGN before the election, which is highly likely.

And the MUSHROOMING urge of rich people to BUILD along the over-used, already, Military Cutoff, another instance making the NEWS this morning:, is garnering TONS of negative comments -- only two on this story, but there were seven on the earlier story of corrupt Democrat Susi Hamilton's partnership with the HATED Trask Family, on the development reported on less than a week ago.

People are FED UP with the Saffo Drug Mafia and all these money-grabbing projects destroying our eco-system -- and our driving-sanity -- and our Wilmington Way of Life!!! 

Interesting that the Wilmington Star News in their reports has had only POSITIVE comments (actually only one), by an ANONYMOUS person, while the negative accounts are by people willing to share their identities. 

2. The Election Boards of North Carolina (not all, but including my and nearby counties), are in LIMBO and PARALYZED over how to deal with New Laws/Regulations!!!:

3. For various events, SEVERAL people I know, or at least have met, will be coming to Wilmington -- and my FAVORITE MUSICAL!!!

A. Hal Holbrook, a Denison Alum like me (I met him there in passing when he came to perform), and don't we ALL still miss his wife Dixie Carter???

B. Two of The Supremes, who served in the group while I worked for Tennessee Williams and he, I, and The Supremes had lunch one day at David Wolkowsky's The Sands (where Jeanne Wolf filmed Tennessee Williams reading "The Donsinger Women and Their Handyman Jack").


4. TWO old postings have been hit like CRAZY during the last 24 hours: One that shows WHY Wilmingtonians HATE Democrat Judge Jeffrey Noecker, until recently a Deacon at First Presbyterian, aka The Kenan Cathedral to White Supremacy and Narco-Trafficking, which has as ELDERS, now, D.A. Ben David and Republican Judge Lindsey McKee (until recently styled as "Lindsey Luther"). 

And this one in which THEN still Republican NC State Senator Thom Goolsby IMPERSONATED a kindly neighborhood GRANDMOTHER, but his FAKE ID for posting in comments at the end, NCGrandRep, only means "North Carolina's GRAND Republican" -- LOL!!!

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