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RP: Finding Heaven in the Midst of Kenan-Family-Created CHRISTIAN HELL (Wilmington, North Carolina): CAPRICHO Opens Next-Door to Narco-Trafficking-Historied Costello's (Gay) Piano Bar on Princess Street!!!

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Gen. James Kenan of Revolutionary War fame built the FIRST Liberty Hall in Kenansville, North Carolina:

The famous arch over the garden gate that expressed PERFECTLY what the Kenan Family that co-founded UNC Chapel Hill, inventing the world's first Public University, always stood for: "He who enters this wide open gate, never comes too early; never stays too late".

The arch was REMOVED after 1990, when I saw it still up, by North Carolina's HYPER RACIST and Republican Party GODFrank Hawkins Kenan, as by then, Negroes had became full legal citizens -- something the Kenan Family, Republican Party, and Proclaiming Christians of North Carolina STILL FIGHT AGAINST!!!

Kenan Fountain and Carolina Apartments (which opened in 1905 as a hotel, hosting Heads of State and Royalty), were both built by the homosexual William Rand Kenan, Jr., whose father, WRK, Sr., had taken the only shot at President Lincoln by a Confederate, then later LED the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection with First Presbyterian Church, where he was an Elder.

William Rand Kenan, Sr.

William Rand Kenan, Jr., married a perfectly charming "horsey woman", who died young and barren, after which he moved in with his lifelong male secretary, Schuyler Beatty, for the rest of his life.

Kenan, an extraordinary businessman whom Henry Flagler hired about 1900 to run ALL his enterprises -- except Standard Oil, that John D. Rockefeller, a lesser stockholder, ran for Flagler -- and virtually EVERYTHING associated with Flagler was actually developed by Kenan, continuing LONG after Flagler's death in 1913, when Mary Lily (Kenan) Flagler inherited her husband's entire estate, the New York Times, then, declaring her "The Wealthiest Woman on Earth".

It was only in the mid aughts, about ten years ago, that the Kenan Family spun the many corporations they owned OUT of Flagler System, leaving that to run The Breakers Hotel, Palm Beach:

The site where Elton John lost nearly ALL of his "GAY CRED":

See the above link for details!!!

In any case William R. Kenan, Jr., left HIS estate to found the LARGEST Private Charity for University Education in the ENTIRE WORLD

And he had become SO DISGUSTED with Wilmington, North Carolina for its "small-minded, narrow, and HATEFUL" white Christians, that he devoted only a small paragraph to WORMWOOD (Wilmington), in his autobiography -- despite his business ventures here, and his growing up in the William Rand Kenan, Sr. House at 110 Nun Street, NOW a boarded-up and abandoned major HARD-DRUG DISTRIBUTION CENTER, and neighborhood nuisance

As BEFITS the home of his father, who with First Presbyterian created the HELL ON EARTH that today is maintained by our narco-trafficking Politicians and Christian Clergyincluding Mayor Bill Saffo, District Attorney Benjamin R. David, Police Chief Ralph Evangelous, and virtually EVERY Republican Politician in Wilmington, North Carolina, and beyond, who STILL support Donald Trump and his Swastikas and Klan Robes -- for JESUS!!!

David A. Nash (, former 1/2 owner of Costello's (Gay) Piano Bar, whose offices are RIGHT NEXT DOOR to FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH -- partnered with John Stike, DDS -- later a major Land Developer -- who borderline RAPED ME in 1984 (or thereabouts)ALSO a TOP Homosexual First Prez congregant -- LOL!!!


Also important to remember, is that nearly ALL Kenan males are HOMOSEXUALNOT including Frank Hawkins Kenan and his brother James Graham Kenan, but including Thomas S. Kenan III, me, and the "Hiding Faggots" my brother Michael William Kenan and his two sons Connor Michael Kenan and Maxwell Andrew Kenan -- forced to hide by my NAZI mother , Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan of Raleigh (most responsible for putting Mike Pence into the Vice Presidency on command of Pope Francis).

Anyway, it was ALSO two psychiatristsblood Kenansbut bearing other surnames, who REMOVED Homosexuality from the List of Mental Illnesses (DSM), in 1973!!! Details reported halfway down here:

>>> NOW, ON TO HEAVEN ON EARTH (and my new home):

Come for the tacos, 

stay for the American Dream

WILMINGTON — In the narrow kitchen at Capricho, a new restaurant in downtown Wilmington, a young cook works alongside the owner to perfect recipes on opening day. The cook is studious and shy – he’s also the reason for the whole restaurant.

Capricho’s menu focuses on Mexican-style street food, a departure for owner Brian Mayberry; his other restaurants – Dixie Grill and the planned Roadhouse – are firmly rooted in American fare. But while “Capricho” translates from Spanish as “whim,” the restaurant is part of a long-term plan for Mayberry.

“That young man right there,” Mayberry said, pointing at cook Santos Martinez. “He’s the reason I wanted to open this place. I want to give him this restaurant (to run).”



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