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RP: I Just Got Off the Phone, After Telling My Mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, 94 Years Old and America's TOP CATHOLIC NAZI (until Steve Bannon recently took that job), to "Stick Your Swastikas Back Up Yer 'Ussy-Pay'" -- and HUNG UP!!!

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Me and Mom, Memorial Day 2016

I had just told Mom the GIST of what I last blogged:, and the FACT that the thing that connects the GAY-RIGHTS-DEFENDING Kennedys -- who have NO GAY KENNEDYS -- and the Catholic MEYER side of our family, but NOT the White Supremacist, Republican, Narco-Trafficking Kenan side, that put Donald Trump into power and ADMIT to MANY gay Kenans -- is that Mom and the Kennedys have had PRIVATE AUDIENCES WITH POPES!!!

She said, "Well, if you THINK that is true . . . " -- and I said what is in this title, and hung up on the bitch!!!



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And THIS is something I know ALL ABOUT!!!:

Ted Druch, a homosexual Jew, was THEN Timothy Leary's lover, but more recently (2010 - 2015), was in my Puerto Vallarta Writers Group with his Christian wifeMaria Ruiz:

I also knew Ted Druch and Maria Ruiz in Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico when I lived there fall 2012, and they with Arturo Pedilla were big in NARCO-TRAFFICKING with the the Governor of Nayarit state, who had a house in gated "Chacalita" -- just a few blocks from my apartment:

Closet-Case Homo Arturo Pedilla, his English breasts-free wife Emily, and a cook:

And it was Arturo, who in Cafe Canella in Puerto Vallarta in early 2015, told me he HAD to KILL ME, and soon enough, he sent my old "SEX-BUDDY" Martin Jacobo to try TWICE in one week, then the NEXT WEEK, my car was broken into and a FAKE bomb placed in it. 

When the P.V. Police came to investigate, THEY were part of it too, so I fled back to Wilmington, North Carolina -- Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr., of NYC who has given me over $65,000.00 over 5.5 years, and I had only $13,00.00/year Disability, now Social Security income (my life's savings lost due to my immediate family, Republican Party, and CIA actions against me) -- because he LOVED my book on Tennessee Williams:

Joseph FIGHTING ME all the way to STAY in Puerto Vallarta -- even trying to get me to let Mr. Jacobo INTO my house, claiming Martin was my BEST LOCAL FRIEND!!!

Martin Jacobo got TONS of money humping this American girl (while it lasted), with his GIGANTIC THANG -- but I NEVER paid Martin a PENNY when he hopped in the sack with me -- LOL!!!

Then, Joseph Faulk CUT ME OFF COMPLETELY when I kicked Drug-Trafficking, Whores-Running Haston Lavern Caulder II out of my apartment -- after he had DUPED both Joseph Faulk out of thousands and thousands of dollars -- and ME out of understanding the TRUTH of his CRIMES:

Joseph Faulk fell IN LOVE with Haston over this photo of Haston on my back porch last fall -- and also over this photo that Haston sent of himself to keep us TEASED (but he never delivered -- and I HATE hairless):

Eventually (a few weeks ago), on advice of the Psychologist Ben who lives behind me -- and a couple of lawyers I know -- I contacted NYC Adult Protective Services, to COMMIT Joseph -- or make him have a GUARDIAN of his copious financial resources. After several weeks of trying to contact the wily Mr. Faulk, they met and decided he is FINE -- but told me I have a DUTY to contact the FBI to give them the evidence that Joseph Faulk is LEGALLY a big financial SUPPORTER of DRUG MAFIA here in Wilmington.

At first, I decided to DO THAT, but a couple of days ago decided AGAINST it. After all, Joseph had SAVED MY LIFE many times -- despite ALSO trying to GET ME KILLED (and that did NOT work), so I am GRATEFUL to him!!!

All of this is blogged about EXTENSIVELY in this blog.


My current landlady Gold Walker's only child, Allen Walker, owns WALKER WORLD, which even the local COPS confirm is being investigated by the FEDS as a major drug import port on the Northeast Cape Fear River:

Gold Walker looks a LOT like this.

I have the second floor of an 1850s Victorian -- across the street from Gold's house that is on the SITE of an earlier house that was the birthplace of WHISTLER'S MOTHER of this fame:

Gold Walker's beautifully restored house has been used in EIGHT films, and TWO TV series!!!

And downstairs, beneath me, in the TWO apartments, in one lives Sa'ant Samuel Celia, Jr., who ADMITS OPENLY that he had an LSD LAB and supplied not only Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead (whom he knew well personally), but Dr. Timothy Leary and his lover, Theodore Druch -- by MAIL, and LATER, after "Millbrook" broke up.

In the OTHER apartment, lives 6' 3" Denise Wood, who is 43 and has 43 Felonies from years ago when she was an International Drug Mule, today sees a SHRINK who has her on PSYCH MEDS -- yet STILL keeps a loaded six-shooter by her bed (this is North Carolina -- Laws are written by my Kenan Family of Chapel Hill/Durham), and TODAY, works with Mayor Bill Saffo's DRUG MAFIA, run by his Uncle in New York City, District Attorney Ben DavidPolice Chief Ralph Evangelous, and disgraced former Republican NC State Senator Thom Goolsby, whom my Kenan relatives hired, then, to be on the BOARD of Kenan-controlled UNC System!!!

ALL of them are known to have BOYFRIENDS -- except Chief Evangelous, who smoked CRACK daily 2011 - 12, in a house owned by a friend of mine's Uncle.


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