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RP: A LETTER Arrived from NYC Adult Protective Services re: Joseph Faulk / I FIND a Likely Roommate -- then LOSE Him / Jeanne Wolf Gets SERIOUSLY Emailed by Scott Kenan!!!

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“The beginning of love is the will to let those we love be perfectly themselves, the resolution not to twist them to fit our own image.” 

― Thomas Merton, The Way of Chuang Tzu

First, this morning,  I ran into a short wiry straight guy I knew from when I was homeless 2011 and 12, who NEVER hung with troublemakers and never got stoned of any kind. He is on Disability but intelligent enough, his roommate stole his money and his phone, so he just moved into Salvation Army Shelter, but wants out and can afford at least $400.00/month rent (he gets low Disability payments), and was interested in moving in, but I'm afraid he could not call me -- this is what has been a problem for EVERYONE I do not call first -- they get a recording that my number is not a working number

I should have remembered that would happen when I told him to borrow a phone to call before coming over to discuss details and see the place.

Then, I discovered that Karen ThissenGeneral Counsel of Ameriprise Financial (Jamie Lee Sutherland's company), had RECEIVED my tracked letter:

And from mid-morning to mid-afternoon -- while I was NOT talking with Jeanne Wolf's assistant at Pentacom Productions, I got THREE scammers' calls -- the first in at least a week.

This evening, I found in my mailbox the following letter. Please remember that although they CLAIM they investigate vulnerability to being SCAMMED by criminals like Haston Lavern Caulder II, but then REFUSED to investigate Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. for that although they FIRST said it sounded like he would have to have his rights to HIS MONEY removed because of that -- but DID say it was my duty to report Mr. Faulk to the FBI for this FELONY -- I decided NOT to do so since Joseph SUPPORTED ME for so long and I did NOT take his constant advice that would have gotten me KILLED.

Here is the letter:

Then THIS was fun -- and the Wilmington Star News has NOT ERASED my comment after FIVE HOURS!!!: 

CELIA RIVENBARK: Incivility wins the day

Scott Kenan
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WRITE ON, Celia!!! I've been screamingly uncivil in my Political Blog about my Kenan relatives who control Exxon-Mobil and who put Donald Trump into power to get Kenan/Tillerson friend Putin's oil -- and to move "Silent Sam" from the UNC campus in Chapel Hill to the Capitol Rotunda -- which was named for one of your tormentors at Disney World. As I write this, Jeanne Wolf of Hollywood, whose able assistant I spoke with a few hours ago, is expecting my email, next to be written, concerning how I can prove -- and who did it -- Tennessee Williams's murder to steal his estate for the Episcopal Church from Harvard -- just as Jackie Kennedy Onassis had warned us would happen. 

And WHERE does the one previous commenter get off rudely callin' you rude, as if SHE meets her own criteria of being Southern??? If you can drink Sweet Tea (or moonshine), while killing a rattlesnake in the back yard with a broomstick -- like my great-granny, Julianna Moore, the Oldest Living Confederate Widow in North Carolina, did at her 100th birthday party -- yer Southern!!! 

Too bad we have to wait to PROVE that one, but you and I have it down, baby, so lift a toast to Life and Love and CHUTZPAH, during this MEAN time!!!« less

Shelia Isley Ingram
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You can't be Southern, your're just too rude. Haven't you ever heard.... you catch more flies with honey? Personally, I hope being kind, polite, and dignified never goes out of style. Tsk, tsk, tsk sugar..... calling people idiots is just not nice. :)
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Shelia Isley Ingram and her well-fed husband


I mentioned to Hays how I had contacted both Natalie Wood's family's attorney and Los Angeles County Detectives in 2010 when I read the boat's captain had changed his story. Gavin Lambert, whom I knew well as he stayed at Tennessee's house in Key Wests for a couple of weeks to help straighten out the confusion in TW's manuscript for what became named "In Masks Outrageous and Obscure" (never published, but disastrously mounted WAY off Broadway about five years ago). He said he had just been with Natalie just previous to her death, and she was in TOTAL PANIC after seeing Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken in PASSIONATE sex -- but thought they had not seen that she saw them. She told Gavin that she KNEW they would kill her if they knew she knew -- and a week or so later, she was dead. NOT Court admissible evidence, but hearsay, unfortunately.

Incidentally, my friend Roy Rogers Oldenkamp lives in Tennessee Williams's old WEHO apartment and owns a collage he produced -- and his friend who owns a couple of Tom's paintings lives above him in Gavin's old apartment. My friend Dean Hansell, who co-founded the first Gay Group at Denison University with me in 1972, later co-founded GLAAD, and recently was appointed to Los Angeles Superior Court by Gov. Brown. I have an extraordinary collection of friends, acquaintances, and contacts (and blog about what needs to become known).

Sewanee lawyer Michael Remer, Maria St. Just (nee Britneva), and Tennessee's lawyer John Eastman were in charge of the plan and execution, and Eastman ALSO authorized John Lennon's murder -- to enrich his client and first brother-in-law Paul McCartney. When I sent the following posting and additional material to Authorities in London, I soon read that the Brits had opened an investigation into the CIA murder of John Lennon (about 2.5 years ago), but have seen nothing about it since.


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