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RP: Life IMPROVES (or at least my understanding of it does): Tales of "The Perfect Painter", "America's Top NAZI", My Head Hair -- and the FUTURE!!!

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“I didn’t arrive at my understanding of the fundamental laws of the universe through my rational mind.”

— A. Einstein

“I am borne darkly, fearfully, afar . . . ”

― Percy Bysshe Shelley, Adonais

I think the evidence in local Cultural Stories of a man like Jesus traveling to India and back (during the lost three years of the Gospels), is the BEST evidence of Jesus being an ACTUAL PERSON. There is NO EVIDENCE of him ever living in the Land of the Gospels -- at all)!!!

And his most likely birthday, June 16 -- as determined by Bible Scholars tracking down the clues reported in the New Testament -- is also MY birthday -- and Donald Trump's Day of Announcing his Presidential Candidacy -- fancy THAT!!!

Violet Venable descends to meet Dr. Cukrowicz (Polish for "Sugar") in Tennessee Williams's Suddenly Last Summer -- which dealt with a CRAZED MOTHER demanding that the Psychiatrist perform a Pre-Frontal Lobotomy on her niece Cathy.

Tennessee Williams with his sister Rose, lobotomized by demand of his mother, Edwina. This photo from the night Tennessee, Rose, her guardian Tattiana Schwetzoff, and I attended the play Barnum:

Rosemary, lobotomized by demand of Rose Kennedy, her mother

My mother and I, 2016. Mom delivered me barely larger than normal -- then I grew to 6' 11". In 1978, she had me falsely committed to Anchora State Mental Hospital in New Jersey -- and I was FORCED to take Lithium Carbonate (a SOFT Lobotomy), for the next 31 years -- because I wouldn't SHUT UP about being raised with Swastikas on the dinner plates and daily beatings.

But when I got OFF Lithium in early 2009, it took five years for my brain to re-wire itself, and I am now ANYTHING BUT NORMAL -- but NOT a PIECE OF TRASH like Donald Trump!!!

Tennessee named the evil character Violet Venable using the surname of James R. Venable, onetime Mayor of Stone Mountain, GA -- credited with singlehandedly resurrecting the Ku Klux Klan in the Twentieth Century, and marching through the town to a HUGE Cross Burning atop Stone Mountain, which he owned as a quarry of the FINEST granite -- used in many iconic Washington, DC buildings and monuments -- and some as far away as Japan:

James Venable in 1971

I had this house built on a lot in Stone Mountain that Venable had had TWO moonshine stills on during the Prohibition -- figuring there had a been a lot of CAMARADERIE of folks there, but only much LATER did I learn he had LYNCHED many black folks on the tree in my front yard:

FLED for Political Exile in 2010 -- after my parents, both of my sisters, and my employer, who distributed drugs from Maine to Florida for the Kenan Family, with the Republican Party and CIA, tried to COMMIT ME five times in one month. 

I fled with the help of Army Col. Dottie Newman, retired Chief Protocol Officer to Secretary of State Colin Powell, and the CHRISTIAN who bought the house from me for "PEANUTS", quickly DE-HOMOSEXUALIZED it -- and cut the Hanging Tree's limbs back farther. I took this photo late 2012.

"But it's just a STORYnow!!!" ~ Yoko Ono


1. Late this afternoon, when I returned from getting MY HEAD HAIR (upper), cut -- LONG overdue -- I had a COOLER HEAD (perhaps both), and Denise Wood and her painting/drywall business partner, the frisky Mexican, Antonio, were sitting in the silver truck, and I learned that she has "DIVORCED" her old, married, black Sugar Daddy/Lover, the truck-drivin' John Jay from Georgia -- and he had taken her NEW JEEP BACK!!!

They were about to check out a van that Denise hoped to buy, but Denise was FABULOUSLY FRIENDLY (if not offering me any pot), and THRILLED to be rid of the jerk!!!

Since Tony had ALREADY turned me down for sex, I asked him if he had any gay BROTHERS (no) -- then what about his FATHER??? (no, also).

And I forgot to mention earlier, that again today, I ran into landlady Gold Walker, who told me I need to stop all this STUPID BLOGGING, and do something to MAKE MONEY!!!

I shot right back that SHE needs to "stop wasting all your time renovating five properties to get ready to rent -- you just WASTE ALL THAT TIME and money on laborers and materials, and you have NO INCOME TO SHOW for it -- just THROWING MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN!!!"

She immediately got it, of course, and nearly bent over laughing.

And I suppose I should let you know that except for the RUN-AWAY EYELINER, she looks the SAME (same age, weight, hair, etc.), as the gal in the Lay's Potato Chip ad near the top!!! 

So my FUTURE lies in selling my STORY (first that of my memoir of Tennessee Williams to film, then my own in books), but FIRST, I need to find out the FATE of Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. in NYC, make phone calls to ALL the individuals and Fox News HQ -- the ones mentioned in this posting, http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2017/07/i-decided-to-contact-sen-thom-tillis.html -- to make CERTAIN their TOP LAWYERS or ADVISERS know that I am SERIOUS about making them FACE THE PUBLIC and CONFESS THEIR NAZI/CHRISTIAN LIES!!!

What should we cook up next . . . 


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