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RP: MORE Serious Trouble for God-Hating Christian-Sheriff Ed McMahon of New Hanover County, NC -- BUT Deputies DID Serve David Alan Young His Criminal Court Summons on June 27 / A Little CHEST-HAIR HUMOR to Begin With:

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Jake Sherman of Politico showed MORE chest hair than this on "Joe-and-Mika-less" Morning Joe, today (this from summer 2016).

Willie Geist of MSNBC -- interesting that the photo is for Cantor Fitzgerald, the investment firm that lost all its employees except the President when one of the World Trade Center towers fell, 9/11/2001.

This morning, Jake Sherman appeared on MSNBC and Willie Geist who runs Morning Joe when Joe and Mika are absent -- and I should PREFACE this that BOTH Jake and Willie appear to be happily married to women -- said that Jake sure has some IMPRESSIVE chest hair, and that he bet Jake could fill a WHOLE COLISEUM with men and women who just LOVE all that chest hair -- and that he, Willie Geist, would DEFINITELY be there!!!

Well, this is funny on several levels, because most men in surveys admit to being at least PARTIALLY sexually attracted to men -- what matters is that if you commit to a MARRIAGE, you remain monogamous with your partner, unless it is an OPEN marriage. And kidding around about these things takes off any PRESSURE of "stray attractions".

Funny too, is that the TOP "Search Word" of people finding this blog since I blogged about MSNBC's Ari Melber's hairy display above his open collar:, has been "Ari Melber Chest" -- LOL!!!

Now I DOUBT Ari Melber was given Greta Van Susteren's PRIME TIME slot that she lost due to POOR RATINGS -- because of his luxuriant chest hair (he CERTAINLY has more chest hair than Greta, no???), but LOOK what happened at Politico after Jake Sherman was hired there:

"Media companies all are trying to grasp a business-model handhold as readers shift from paper to online. As others fall by the waysidePolitico keeps growingit’s gone from 50 to 500 employees since Sherman joined up."


David Alan Young, of Dave's Tree Removal (and USUALLY Gun-Toting), CHRISTIAN was actually SERVED my Summons for "Communicating Threats on 6/16/2017", on 6/27, but TRIAL is set for 8/21/2017, too far out for it to be shown in Court Schedules, yet -- so I could NOT find online that he had been served.

District Attorney Benjamin R. David with Sheriff Ed McMahon -- two peas from the same POD???

Now BOTH Ben David and Ed McMahon are PROFESSING CHRISTIANS and married to women, Ben having children and Ed blessed with GRANDCHILDREN

And BOTH have been fun to kid around with about me having sex with them (separately). Both are at least NOMINALLY Democrats, although Ben David is ACTUALLY a Republican like his wife Stephanie (worked for both Sen. Lamar Alexander and Mitt Romney), and his twin brotherJon David, District Attorney on the other side of the Cape Fear River is a Republican

Only Ben David is KNOWN to have boyfriends, like my friend Lee 

While Ben David BEAT my former Public Defender, Jennifer Harjo (Republican), in the 2004 election for D.A., and has served as such since then, Ed McMahon has only been Sheriff since 2009. And I am GUESSING that since my FAVE man on his force, Corporal Duffy Baker -- who has almost ALWAYS been around the Courthouse whenever I have business there -- he even one of the TWO that the Magistrate had to call in to protect us from the DRUG MAFIA who lied in testimony for George Cutter, owner of Carolina Apartments, when he EVICTED ME on FALSE TESTIMONY from that place late summer 2015.

Cpl. Baker was ALSO the one who watched over us all when Haston Lavern Caulder II and I went to Arbitration, after I had him charged with "Communicating Threats":

Beyond that, just SEEING Cpl. Baker was a HUGE REASSURANCE both when I was homeless and in Court CONSTANTLY on False Charges and False Conviction in Christian/Republican Judge Hogston's Court (all that later ERASED by D.A. David by force of Jennifer Harjo who lost the election to him -- HA!!!), and I have seen Cpl. Baker reassure others and calm down worried Latinos who spoke little English, so I guess he's bilingual.

THEN, I was CONSTANTLY harassed by WHITE CHRISTIANS who are -- or more often -- PRETEND to be straight. Only Blacks and gays were ever nice to me, so I ASSUMED he had to be gay, and when I asked him in 2015, I was SHOCKED that he really is NOT!!! 

The FIRST MORAL/ETHICAL straight guy I ever met and got RESPECT from in Wilmington!!!

Well, today, I ran into Cpl. Baker sporting a high-powered rifle, in charge of security and several Deputies while inmates were unloaded to go to Court, and after all the usual -- but brief, due to his responsibility -- FRIENDLY discussion, he said that the Muslim Bible (Koran), said that Muslims had to kill Christians, and I was so SHOCKED that I told him I wasn't going to argue with him much since I had just brought Criminal Summons against ANOTHER Christian who said the Judeo-Christian Bible demands that Christians shoot to kill ALL Liberals and Faggots like me -- THAT because he had found and waited to AMBUSH ME due to my hollering at his father, who claimed that the Bible demands that Christians MURDER EVERY MUSLIM ON EARTH!!!

Dave Young had not even WITNESSED that discussion, but came after me, prepared to REVENGE my words with his Dad -- when the COWARD later got his GUN to shoot me.

So I asked Cpl. Duffy Baker WHERE he had read that in the Koran, or had ignorant Christians who never read the Koran just told him that, and he could NOT answer my question, so I told him I just then lost ALL RESPECT I ever had for him, and turned to go visit the Clerk of Courts.

Of COURSE I did not lose all my respect for him, and he remained "Law Enforcement Cool" through it all, and as soon as I completed my business, I decided to find him before he was reassigned after that job was finished. Luckily, I ran into him in the hall right near the Clerk's office, and he said we had had a misunderstanding, that he had not meant that he, himself, believed that about the Koran and Muslims.

And while not yet COMPLETELY getting my ruffled feathers unruffled, I instinctively realized that was the CLOSEST thing I have EVER gotten to an apology from a PROCLAIMING CHRISTIAN (or I had ALREADY gotten him to re-think some erroneous thinking which I expected he would get to after work).

When I BEGAN writing about this just now, I expected to end up saying that being a Corporal, Mr. Baker had likely been on the force longer than Ed McMahon has been Sheriff, so Ed can't be blamed for hiring a "Hateful Christian", but Duffy is NOT actually that, but just not always MINDFUL, which is sometimes my OWN problem as well, we ALL being HUMAN.

HOWEVER, Ed McMahon WAS Sheriff when Detective Evan Kent Luther -- CONFIRMED NAZI-CHRISTIAN HATE-BOT -- was hired, and that DOES reflect on Ed McMahon!!!

Judge Lindsey Leigh McKee (previously known as Lindsey Luther), with her husband Evan Kent Luther, when Judge Sandra Ray Criner (now Sandra Ray) swore her in, January 2015.

Wrightsville Beach Magazine reported in January 2015 (when Lindsey took office), that she was then 31 years of age.

She is UNLIKELY to have even been admitted to the BAR for more than five years, then, so HOW ON EARTH could she even THINK she was yet qualified to be a JUDGE -- and what NINCOMPOOP would ever VOTE for such a GREEN PERSON???

She got it due to D.A. Benjamin R. David, a Christian Narco-Trafficker who also sleeps with MEN while married to Stephanie David -- and is Elder at First Presbyterian. I SUSPECT that Judge Chad Hogston is ALSO too emotionally IMMATURE to be a judge as well.

And LOOK what Evan Luther is PROUD to have posted on Facebook, his wife -- like Ben David -- an ELDER (by age 32 -- HELLO?!?!?), at First Presbyterian:

Daniel Dawson's wife Commissioner Beth Dawson was ALSO an ELDER at First Presbyterian when this happened -- JESUS SAVE US!!!


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