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RP: Ms. Elizabeth Southard of NYC Adult Protective Services Told Me She Had Examined Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr., and He Is FINE -- Then "Miss Sanders", There, CONFIRMED It, and When I PROTESTED with REASONS I'd Told Them Several Times, She Said It Is My DUTY to Report Joseph to the FBI!!!

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Joseph Faulk's apartment is the top, front one in this building at 14 W. 96th WHOOPS!!!: 95th Street, Apt. 5, NYC 10025, cell: (212) 866-5453, which is owned by Bruce A. Kapner, who lives in Apt.1. NO ONE ELSE lives there, now, because the building has not passed City Inspections since 2013.

Before I get going, I'd like to get down a couple of things I'd PLANNED to start off with -- before I called and got the result from the NYC Adult Protective Services.

It is my DEAR FRIEND JOHN LAHR's BIRTHDAY, so since Facebook has BLOCKED me from using it for another ten days, because I posted about David Alan Young assaulting me on 6/16/2017 and THREATENING ME that he will HUNT ME DOWN and SHOOT ME DEAD when he gets his gun because the Bible COMMANDS all Christians to KILL all Liberals and "FAGGOTS" -- and I no longer have John's email address:


Also, keeping things a bit LIGHTER today -- as I had PREVIOUSLY hoped to, this is fun for "Math Nuts", such as myself:

MEXICO is TOO DANGEROUS for Americans to visit -- according to our Federal Government: 

41 Countries the US Government Doesn’t Want You to Visit

By Samuel Stebbins May 4, 2017 6:00 am EDT

So on to the Joseph Faulk/Haston Lavern Caulder II connection, as my Readers know, when I FIRST contacted the NYC Protective Services 

Joseph Faulk's Case Number from APS: 93922

The GREATEST concern they had was that Joseph Faulk was being MANIPULATED by Haston Caulder of Wilmington, NC for a LOT OF MONEY, which I can prove in Court and explained how Joseph sent MOST of that money through me, and I have the email trail to show Joseph's orders on how much of his money (via my PayPal account), was for Haston -- and ALSO that Joseph did NOT want to send money directly to Haston because it left a LEGAL RECORD, and I thought Joseph was just PARANOID, so accepted that as innocent.

Joseph ALSO sent money, previously, for Heroin Addict Dewain Joseph Hall, then in Brunswick County Jail, that he COULD have sent directly by online form to the jail, but did NOT want it on his BANK RECORDS, so sent to me, and I sent it on. 

Although they told me that if they found it TRUE that Mr. Faulk had continued sending Haston Caulder money AFTER I warned him of Mr. Caulder's MANY convictions, and that he had five PENDING for Court, they would REMOVE HIM FROM CONTROL OF HIS MONEY

I just NOW discovered Haston Lavern Caulder II recently got CONTINUANCES and THREE MORE CHARGES have been added to his previous FIVE!!!:

Today, I offered the possibility that Joseph Faulk had BRIBED Elizabeth Southard -- since she REPEATEDLY ignored my persistent suggestion that she have a psychiatrist interview Mr. Faulk at length, and REFUSED to say HOW she determined that Haston Caulder had not BILKED Mr. Faulk out of many thousands of dollars -- the MAIN THING their agency told me was of concern when I first reported this -- and that they thought they would INTERVENE if they found it was TRUE.

Then I also said today, that Mr. Faulk is EXTREMELY CLEVER, and nice as can be when he wants to show that. But they did not even TRY to examine what they thought was the REAL problem, and I ended up giving them BOTH my coveted University of North Texas Award -- which I had RETIRED, for reasons of civility, some months ago:

And I told Miss Sanders (WHO, today goes by "Miss" when "Ms." is considered appropriate???), that Elizabeth Southard MIGHT be prosecuted as COMPLICIT with Mr. Faulk if I can get the FBI on this case -- which I will likely wait until tomorrow to do.

Now a few things about Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. that the FBI will likely find MOST INTERESTING, that I only referred to BRIEFLY (without names), when I first called NYC Adult Protective Services: 

1. When Joseph Faulk first contacted me, and for some time, I had EVERY reason to believe he was actually John Uecker: 

John Uecker is the bald guy half the way up the stairs of the Tennessee Williams BIRTH HOUSE in Columbus, Mississippi, an Episcopal Rectory. The woman farthest right is Tenn's niece-by-adoption (Tennessee's brother Dakin -- as well as Dakin's wife Joyce -- were also Gay, and Roman Catholic, so they adopted two girls), Francesca -- before she lost a lot of weight, as seen here:

John Uecker lives in a filthy, rent-controlled apartment, which I visited in 2009, just like Mr. Faulk, a few blocks away: 317 W 88th St New York, NY 10024-2211, landline: (212) 580-8184, cell: (973) 234-6185.

Me in Uecker's apartment -- the REST of it had SEVERAL computer stations for "hacking" and other activities -- and the kitchen and bathroom were TOO DISGUSTING TO USE, like Mr. Faulk's. Joseph told me he would KILL ME if I took interior photos of his apartment, but Uecker had this one, clean wall with photos over the door and Tennessee's Poet's Wreath, which Uecker had RESCUED from the coffin before Tenn was buried.

Uecker likely killed Tennessee Williams by smothering him with a pillow, and he told me when we became FRIENDS again for most of 2009, that he had shared a train ride to the Provincetown, MA Tennessee Williams Festival with Williams scholar and editor Thomas Elliot Keith, and Thomas told him that Sewanee/Episcopal Church had the PROOF of the married John Lahr's affairs with young men, and THAT is how they would BLACKMAIL Lahr, who had BEGUN WRITING his book: Tennessee Williams: Mad Pilgrimage of the Flesh, into not telling the truth of the Episcopal Church with Republican Party and FBI/CIA murdering Tennessee to steal his estate from Harvard for Sewanee -- like Jackie Kennedy Onassis WARNED us they would do on January 11, 1982 at Jean Babette Stein's (she recently jumped to her death), and George Plimpton's party.

Rose Iron Works, Muse with Violin Screen (detail), 1930. (Image via Hyperallergic, courtesy the Cleveland Museum of Art, on Loan from the Rose Iron Works Collections. © Rose Iron Works Collections. Photo by Howard Agriesti.)

I just got this image via email from the late GEORGE PLIMPTON'S the Paris Review -- fancy that TIMING!!!

2. I LATER decided that they fully expected me DEAD or PERMANENTLY COMMITTED -- Mr. Faulk ADMITS to direct contact by email with my sister Jane Ann Kenan of Raleigh, and claims to have spoken with my brother Michael William Kenan of S.E. Pennsylvania VERY recently (which Mike did NOT DENY when I asked him about that DIRECTLY), so were SLOPPY with records back in the early days, especially.

I STRONGLY suspect that Mr. Uecker used his nearly RECLUSE FRIEND Mr. Faulk's name to first contact me, then when things began to run LONG, he transferred the manipulation of me to Mr. Faulk exclusively. Those first eails PERFECTLY MIMICKED John Uecker's odd, e.e. cummings writing style (which I had dealt with for half a year), but soon became "normal". Mr. Faulk's BANK RECORDS and INVESTMENT RECORDS will prove this one way or the other. 

3. Mr. Faulk ALSO repeatedly tried to BULLY ME into allowing certain Drug Mafia into my house when I had EVIDENCE they had turned and were trying to KILL ME for the Drug Mafia of Puerto Vallarta. TWO of them I had had a lot of FUN SEX WITH, as well -- LOL!!!

Martin Jacobo on left (the BEST SEX OF ALL IN MEXICO!!!), whose "family" owned the land around the US Checkpoint about 25 miles north of the border at Laredo, Texas, and Martin claimed they took the drugs AROUND IT on foot in backpacks, etc.

"Sonny", on right, a Colombian who lived illegally from age five in the USA, helped FOUND the Sun Kings Gang (now just called the Kings, I believe), Brooklyn, took over the NYC Police Department from the traditional Family Mafias, before spreading all the way down into Florida, Sonny specializing in cutting up bodies for easier disposal, was CAUGHT in other crimes and CONVICTED. He said he was sentenced to 25 years in MAXIMUM SECURITY US Prisons, but after 11 years served, released to Mexico by the CIA to kill to protect the US Government Drug Operation there.

Sonny even showed me his US Prison photo ID with the fake name he gave them, and said he was AFRAID of US Law Enforcement because they have evidence he committed MANY more crimes with NO Statute of Limitations, but while his NAME is incorrect, his FINGERPRINTS would connect him and he could easily be convicted.

Sonny is HALF BLACK with a GIANT black schlong which he REFUSED to share with me, but he DID shelter me for a month late 2010, and have LONG conversations with my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, getting instructions on how to HANDLE ME.

Jimmy Humberto Montaño Prieto (given name)

Toro was a serious "GROWER"!!!

"Toro", whom I got to clean my bathroom nakedly in 2014 -- while he was high from smoking METH (and after he popped me in the rump and oralized my flute), had the CRACK HOUSE on Calle Costa Rica, where in 2010, he and two of El Chapo Guzman's sons held me hostage for five weeks, and I was forced to have sex with all the local addicts (much of which was "Grin n' Bear It").

Toro is described in the LAST linked posting, and Martin and Alberto Guzman, both sons of El Chapo, but by different mothers and very different in appearance, were RELEASED from jails in the Los Angeles area by the CIA, paired together, and deported to Mexico to protect Puerto Vallarta CIA drug operations.

Martin had only been caught for illegal entry of the USA, but Alberto had been CONVICTED of three murders in Los Angeles area. The CIA ERASED that record for Alberto -- as well as his illegal USA entry (so HE could come back legally), but they did NOT forgive Martin who was MAD AS HELL at the CIA for not doing that for him too.

Alberto was caught in a GRIZZLY murder in P.V. in late 2010, that BOTH brothers committed, Martin convincing Police that HE had not been part of it, so he was released, but Alberto was CONVICTED and then exhausted all his Appeals. Soon, Law Enforcement realized Martin was part of it, and he visited me and got my best backpack right before he fled to central Mexico to hide under the name "Jose Anselmo":

Martin Guzman


1. Contact the FBI with all my evidence and information on Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr., Haston Lavern Caulder II, and others -- but NOT the apparently CORRUPTED office here in Wilmington, North Carolina. I believe there is an ONLINE FORM, and I can save COPY of what I send them and publish it on blog, as well.

2. I will AGAIN make certain to send this to Congressman Joseph P Kennedy III's campaign office, and include my landlady Gold Walker and downstairs neighbor Denise Wood -- as they will find INTERESTING the new info on BOTH Haston Caulder and Joseph Faulk (mostly called "Testosteroni" in this blog -- until RECENT months).


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