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RP: My Letter Emailed Tonight (to be snail-mailed tomorrow), to Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy III:

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Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy III

July 9, 2017

Dear Rep. Joe Kennedy III,

My name is Scott David Kenan, the shirttail scion of the Kenans who co-founded UNC, Chapel Hill, and later inherited control of Standard Oil, now Exxon-Mobil, from Henry Flagler, and also have come to control Bank of America, much of Coca-Cola, and built the largest trucking company in the USA, Canada, and Mexico: Kenan Advantage Group. My distant relatives, many of whom I know, also were Donald Trump’s BIGGEST supporters, so that our former top exec, Rex Tillerson and Trump could make the deal for the Kenan Family/Exxon to profit from Russia’s vast oil reserves.

I’m ALSO quite connected to your Kennedy family, and while working for Tennessee Williams 1981 – 82, met all but Rosemary of JFK’s sisters as well as their husbands and many of their children, and actually worked briefly with Pat K. Lawford on a project she tried to get Tennessee interested in for Columbia University, visiting her Sutton Place, East residence a couple of times.

I am contacting you now, because I saw that AOL News carried an MSNBC story that YOU might be groomed to run for President soon, and I researched and found you to be a stellar possibility. I was a Bernie Sanders supporter, and then had to vote for Hillary. I am also particularly fond of RFK, Jr., and it is unfortunate that his speaking disability makes public life difficult for him. I also heard that growing up (about the time I knew other Kennedys), he was allowed a young elephant in the basement in a small zoo, and that Jackie K. wouldn’t let her children play with RFK's children, they being so WILD!!!

It was Jean Babette Stein (largest stockholder in MCA then, now surviving as Comcast Cable, NBC Networks, Universal Studios and Music Group), who recently “jumped to her death”, who introduced me to Jackie Kennedy Onassis on January 11, 1982, at a party honoring Tenn, who warned Tennessee that the Episcopal Church with Republican Party, CIA, and FBI intended to murder Mr. Williams to steal his estate from Harvard for the Episcopal Church, which did happen, and Jean Stein (who knew about this as well), is gone and only a few others living know about it – but that is not what is important now.

Also at that party, I helped Jackie get a drink at the bar – she was BEYOND charming and so easy to speak with – when as I escorted her back to the main room, my arm lightly around the small of her back, a very drunk Truman Capote (whom I’d known for some time), raised up on the ottoman he had nodded off on and HIGHLY insulted Jackie and her sister Lee. I felt the SHOCK go up Jackie’s back as if JFK had been shot again, but we IGNORED IT, losing no cool, and I delivered her to Tennessee Williams in the next room. I wrote of this in my memoir, here, nearly 2/3 the way down:

My book established me as the authority on the last two years of Tennessee Williams’s life, and although its copyright was stolen, tanking the producers of all the Harry Potter films and Scott Rudin from deciding if they would option it to adapt for film, defying them, I published it in blog form with both professional and Amazon customer reviews here:

Believe it or not, on February 13, 2017, Comcast’s rival, Spectrum Cable, managed to hit me in a crosswalk in full daylight when I had the right-of-way, he turning into me and did NOT see my 6’ 11” self until while accelerating into me, he felt the impact – HA!!! I know a LOT about the crimes of my paternal Kenan Family and their love of the Ku Klux Klan (and Exxon-Mobil corruption of politics in many countries including ours), but my maternal Indiana Meyer side, was BANNED from fighting in Europe during WWII because of their known NAZI sympathies. My Mom, with her connections, was most responsible for Mike Pence being put in place in the hope that Trump is removed from office.

I was raised with Swastikas on the dinner plates and daily beatings, and while your grandparents to current Kennedys are GREAT ambassadors for the Catholic Faith, my own family (Dad was force-converted to Catholic), represent the DARK side of Catholicism – and you have to have both heads and tails to be able to SPEND a coin, in this case to understand how CRAZY the world has become of late – especially American Politics. I wanted to be a Jesuit priest in junior high, but left the Church by end of high school, later studying Science of Mind (Religious Science), with the President of Religious Science, Int’l in Atlanta in the 1980s – as well as Dr. Elisabeth Kubler Ross of Germany. I honor Jesus as a great prophet, and Christ Consciousness as on par with Buddha or Krishna Consciousness, but if all the sacred scriptures in the world were destroyed, I think the work of Charles Dickens would teach us BETTER the same spiritual principles – the writing being CLEARER to the modern mind.

Of course, I’m quite fond of Tennessee Williams’s plays as well – he so connected to Jack and Jackie because his sister Rose, like Jack’s sister Rosemary, were both given pre-frontal lobotomies by insistence of their mothers. I knew Rose Williams, but not Rosemary, of course.

Although your great-grandparents, Patrick I and Rose – with Henry Ford – were the greatest force trying to get FDR to side with Hitler, the next generation flipped to support Liberty, and THAT was when my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, now 94 and living in Raleigh, NC of sound mind, if failing body, became America’s top NAZI – she having received an award from Henry Ford while still in high school. Mom worked with Popes Pius XII through Francis (who has better PR than most Popes), excepting John XXIII and John Paul I, but mostly with John Paul II, whom she had at least two private audiences with in Rome.

I caught Mom on secured comm with Coach Lou Holtz and his top co-strategist, John Boehner, when she gave the Pope’s blessing to reopen Government nearly four years ago. Coach Holtz and his wife Beth lived across the street from us in Columbus, OH 1968 for a year and were my parents' closest friends. Mom got him his dream job at Notre Dame, later, as his reward for service to the Pope.

I know I sound like a nut-case who could not know that much (some of what I know is surely “classified”, but I got it observing family, so I LEGALLY possess it), and I recently tested at 12 points above genius, and was tied for the highest college board scores at my high school – my emphasis then was math and science. My girlfriend from back then, became a Prosecutor who went back and became a Physician, and now is the top consultant on privacy of online medical records, Marlowe Schaeffer-Polk, also sits on two top Medical Boards. A friend from Denison University, which I attended on partial scholarship, and senior year won a contest of many colleges so that 30 of my art prints were hung in US Embassies and Consulates around the world before I graduated, Dean Hansell, worked with me distributing nutrition supplements and information -- and getting rural black folks in West Tennessee registered to vote -- co-founded the first Gay group at Denison, and Dean went on to co-found GLAAD, was the Assistant Attorney General of Illinois, a Police Commissioner of Los Angeles, and in private practice won Michael Jackson’s mother her biggest win against the record companies. A year ago, he was appointed to Superior Court in L.A. by Gov. Brown.

In 1978, Mom had me committed to a mental hospital in South Jersey, Anchora, on a false diagnosis of Bipolar – to put me on Lithium Carbonate, which I was forced to take for 31 years, when my doctor of eight years took me off in early 2009, as I’d never shown a symptom of it. Mainly, I had begun talking about the Swastikas and many of my parents' crimes, so it was a “soft lobotomy” that allowed me to live in reduced circumstances independently, but not CARE about what all I knew.  Well I DO CARE, and am doing everything possible to reveal the crimes of both sides of my family, and by the Grace of God, I have endured most of five years in Political Exile in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico by help of Army Col. Dottie Newman (retired Chief Protocol Officer of Secretary of State Colin Powell), and have become connected as well to President Vicente Fox (who worked for my Kenan Family as a Coca-Cola exec before becoming a politician, his Gringo Grandfather born in Cincinnati like me), and President Salinas as well. I’ve been debriefed by MANY top military officers in Mexico and the USA.

My memoir of working for Tennessee Williams, Walking on Glass: A Memoir of the Later Days of Tennessee Williams, was scheduled as the top hardcover release of Alyson Books’ 30 spring 2010 releases, but was TANKED before being published, for Political reasons, and after I self-published it on Amazon, a top exec of Wells Fargo Advisors, Chicago, with Daliah Saper, a Lawyer and Talking Head for Fox in Chicago, sued me for LIBEL (I published about Jamie Lee Sutherland’s bragging of his narco-trafficking in P.V., and other true things), but never served me, then tried me in absentia, convicting me without my being allowed to defend myself, stealing my copyright to my memoir, as well as every blog posting, email and letter I write until I die – and a half-million dollar penalty to me, although they all knew I was just getting over being homeless, caused by my immediate family in concert with the Republican Party and my employer of 20 years where I sold ad space in all the yearbooks for the Service Academies, War Colleges, and Maritime Academies (including Mass Maritime!!!).

Oh, and the ONLY thing Jamie asked for was $50K – and he got a PROMOTION months after that, so I know of no DAMAGES any of my blogging caused him. There seems to be no trial transcript.

Owner Patrick Stanbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc., in Snellville, GA, ALSO distributed all the illegal drugs flown into Maxwell AFB (where we had three legitimate advertising contracts), from Maine to Florida, but primary in Wilmington, NC, and in Atlanta/Stone Mountain, GA (which Lt. Gen. Russel Honore’ knew all about – and that the wealthy Kenans RAN IT in Atlanta – I met with him in March 2015). But by FORCE OF MY BLOG, I shut the advertising side of the operation down, but they still likely distribute the drugs.

When Patrick found out that I had found out about that, he fired me, said my family all HATES ME and I have ONLY suicide for an option. Within twenty minutes, he got my sister Jane Ann Kenan of Raleigh, who’d had no contact with me in at least ten days, to call Police to intervene in my IMMEDIATE SUICIDE, she then calling Stone Mountain Police, but when they arrived, I left them LAUGHING. FIVE of these attempts were made, the last prompted by my younger sister Julie Ruth (Kenan) Duffy of Downingtown, PA, and THAT was when Col. Newman helped me RUSH to Mexico – where I had CONTINUING adventures being held hostage by drug mafia five times in 2010, once by two sons of El Chapo Guzman.

As I said, “By the Grace of GOD” – HA!!! I am happy and healthy and working from Wilmington to “bring back the US Constitution” – causing MUCH Political Mayhem here. And have also SHAMED the head of The Breakers Hotel, Palm Beach, wholly owned by my wealthy Kenan relatives to STOP buying 85% of the ad space on Fox News online – about five years ago. And they were then QUICK to treat Gay Weddings at the Breakers on par with straight weddings.

In fact, two blood Kenans (descended from three brother who landed in Wilmington, NC in the 1730s), of different surnames, were the Head of the American Psychiatric Association, and the person who collated all the studies to decide this, when Homosexuality was REMOVED from the DCM as a Mental Illness in 1974.

So my point is that I am too BLUNT to be a politician, but could be a GREAT background asset to any Patriot. So, if I can ever be of any assistance to YOU, should you go national – or any of your worthy friends or relatives, I am ALWAYS at the service of my Country!!!

And I am NOT asking for assistance straightening out my nest of practical problems – I’m making good progress now.

Carry on, Sir!!!

Scott D. Kenan

Wilmington, NC 28401

Cell: (910) 200-XXXX


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