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RP: My Letter Just Emailed to Karen Thissen, General Council for Ameriprise Financial, and Her Husband, Paul Thissen, Minnesota State Legislative Representative, also Running for Governor of Minnesota, Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party:

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Karen Wilson Thissen

>>> UPDATE 7/14/2017, 10:19 AM: I confirmed with Ameriprise by phone that Karen Thissen is the CORRECT PERSON, but she has a different mailing address, as now corrected below. I let them know that my email to Ms. Thissen last night had BOUNCED BACK, and I then let her husband (who is running for Governor of Minnesota), know that Karen has NOT received her copy of that email.

I did NOT discuss Jamie Lee Sutherland's name with the general receptionist, but DID let her know a general idea of the situation.

Karen Thissen
Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Ameriprise Financial
10479 Ameriprise Financial Center
Minneapolis, MN 55474

July 13, 2017

Dear Ms. Thissen,

My name is Scott David Kenan, and I am writing you to alert you to a possible grave legal situation in your company caused by your employee Jamie Lee Sutherland of the Sutherland Lauric Group -- but first to establish who I am, you likely only heard of my Kenan Family from the Tar Heels playing at UNC Chapel Hill’s Kenan Stadium, that school co-founded by my family in 1789, simultaneously inventing the world’s first Public University. Later, Mary Lily Kenan of Wilmington, NC, where I now live, married Henry Flagler – his last wife – and he left her his entire estate, including more Standard Oil stock than even John D. Rockefeller owned, 40% ownership of all railroad stock in the USA (part of why the S.O. Trust had to be broken up – it controlled all the transportation rates too), the Florida developments and utilities there, etc.

My wealthy Kenan relatives are today in firm control of Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, much of Coca-Cola, the largest trucking firm in the USA, Canada, and Mexico (Kenan Advantage Group), the Ku Klux Klan, nearly ALL Republicans and the Clinton Democrats. A recently retired XOM exec I met in Puerto Vallarta in early 2015 told me how my wealthy relatives using our top exec, Rex Tillerson, with the Clinton State Department, and CIA put Enrique Pena Nieto into Mexico’s Presidency, and he quickly changed their Constitution so that my Kenan Family could get Mexico’s oil again – and they all split the narco-trafficking, with the Episcopal Church, USA very involved in that part as well.

I can prove in Court that the Episcopal Church with the Republican Party, CIA, and FBI murdered my boss, playwright Tennessee Williams, to steal his estate from Harvard for Sewanee/Episcopal Church – just like Jackie Kennedy Onassis warned Tenn and me at a party thrown by Jean Babette Stein on January 11, 1982. Jean then controlled MCA (Music Corporation of America, founded by her father Jules, and now surviving as Comcast Cable, NBC Networks, Universal Studios and Music Group), and Jean “jumped to her death” about two months ago, like so many of my other friends “in the know” have mysteriously “committed suicide”.

Now, the problem I had with your employee, Mr. Sutherland, occurred beginning in early 2010, when I first visited Puerto Vallarta, and he enthusiastically was the first person to greet me at a gay hotel where we both stayed. We friended well, and he soon tried to sell me his villa, Casa Vista Los Arcos in Mismaloya, Mexico,, now sold to someone else.

Mismaloya was where Tennessee’s The Night of the Iguana was filmed. Although I had never been wealthy myself, my memoir of working for Mr. Williams, now published as a blog:, which established me as the authority on the last two years of the playwright’s life, was being looked at by the producers of all the Harry Potter films and Scott Rudin as well, but Jamie Sutherland had bragged to me about two things that I blogged about – doing about $24,000,000.00/month in narco-trafficking for Wells Fargo in Puerto Vallarta (Wells Fargo, Chicago office in mid-2010 got the then largest fine in US History for money-laundering, about $200,000,000.00), and his also seeing Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel in his private gay bathhouse several times – while Obama was an Illinois State Senator. This is NO secret outside the USA, and quickly becoming common knowledge here as well. It was how he was blackmailed into supporting the Clinton/Emanuel drug trafficking that mostly profited the Bush and Cheney Families (why Barbara Bush LOVED the Clintons so much).

Jamie, with a Fox News Contributor and lawyer, Daliah Saper of Saper Law,, and the District Attorney here in Wilmington, Benjamin R. David (I know about his narco-trafficking in North Carolina with my family), colluded to charge me falsely of Libel, never legally served me, then convicted me in absentia summer of 2013 in Cook County Courts. Jamie had only asked for $50,000.00, knowing I was just getting over being homeless, caused by my family because of what I know of their narco-trafficking, and stuck broke in Mexico (Col Dottie Newman, Sect. of State Colin Powell’s retired Chief Protocol Officer, a good friend of mine, knew the situation and helped me to Political Exile for most of five years), but was awarded $500,000.00, and copyright to every letter, email, and blog posting I write until I die – a GAG order from the same playbook that Donald Trump’s lawyers have been using as has been hitting the press.

He was ALSO awarded copyright to my memoir of working for Mr. Williams, but I soon DEFIED THAT, and posted it online for all to read the TRUTH (although it contains no Politics of allegations of HOW Tennessee was actually murdered).

Jamie Sutherland suffered NOTHING, soon being promoted by Wells Fargo Advisors, and now having a better position with your company.


1. My book, which I had published on in May 2011, after Alyson Books cancelled their contract to publish it hardcover, as their featured release of 30, Spring 2010, was placed in limbo by Amazon, which did NOT believe the Court order, but asked for further proof that copyright was assigned to Jamie Sutherland. He did NOT provide it, and I was powerless to do anything from Mexico. They left the listing up, but suspended sales awaiting response. Then after six months, they dropped the listing -- but sent ALL of the royalties to me, not Jamie.

2. Fearing that Google/Blogger would give Jamie my blog,, I began a mirror blog 1/1/2014,, but Blogger never honored the Court Order. The new blog has wider graphics so I kept BOTH of them.

3. Only Kenan-controlled Bank of America DID honor it, freezing my accounts and emptying them and sending all of my money (only about $800.00), which was nearly ENTIRELY Disability Benefits, which US Law protects from this type seizure. 

Not only did Brian Moynihan and their legal department REFUSE to respond to my letters about this, but the Bank (Customer Service by phone), had lied REPEATEDLY about how they got info about this, they telling me three times it was through a certain lawyer in Chicago, whom when I contacted more than once, said that he never heard of any of this, and that the phone number for him that BoA had given me was in an abandoned building near them that was forwarded to them, and he was frustrated because he could NOT get the phone company to undo that and it was all HARASSMENT calls that were forwarded from that number!!!

This is all blogged in great detail with names and phone numbers at the time it happened.

You can contact your employee Jamie, Daliah Saper (via her website), Lt. Gen. Russel Honore’, whom I met with March 2015 in New Orleans, he knowing all about the Kenan narco-trafficking in Atlanta. Cell: (404) 227-XXXX. Also, Patricia Sinatra, whom I met in 2011, and she told me how she engineered selling control of her family’s Bank of America to Kenan-controlled NationsBank – and that Joseph P. Kennedy I had gotten Frank Sinatra to get others in Chicago to stuff the ballot boxes, stealing the election from Nixon. Bush stole it from Gore in 2000, so Karma is now served. Patricia’s cell: (909) 984-XXXX.

Now, I just in the last week, got in touch with the Kennedys after 25 years, calling then emailing and snail-mailing Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy III, his office very excited to be getting my info. Here are links to the two blog postings I combined and they received the physical mail of today:, as well as

As the executive sponsor for Ameriprise’s LGBT employee network, you might be interested to know that in 1972, I co-founded the first Gay Group at Denison University with my friend Dean Hansell, who went on to co-found GLAAD, serve as the assistant Attorney General of Illinois, a Police Commissioner of Los Angeles, co-write the “Book” on the Law of Re-Insurance, and was appointed to Superior Court in Los Angeles by Governor Brown, a year ago. I’ve spoken with Dean a few years ago to catch up, and he might give you a personal reference as well.

Since I am ALSO very impressed with your husband, Paul Thissen’s work as a State Representative (maybe he knows Joe Kennedy – he’s a Harvard grad), and in his campaign for Governor of Minnesota, calling for a NEW POLITICS – HERE! HERE!!! – I will also email him a copy of this, so that you are not put in a position of not properly sharing this info outside the company. I will also snail mail (tracked), a physical copy to you, and publish it on my blog here:

All my blog posts are emailed to 200+ Political Contacts, which can be seen here (although I’ve added a few, including Mitt Romney and Joe Kennedy’s campaign office, since publishing this):

I hope you will take me very seriously, and look into these matters. Jamie Sutherland’s alternative email is, the “rooster” beginning is the MARK of the Rahm Emanuel/El Chapo Guzman Drug Mafia, and in 2010, I was held hostage five weeks in Puerto Vallarta by two sons of El Chapo!!!

All Best, and let’s FIX our Companies and our Beloved Country!!!

Scott D. Kenan

Cell: (910) 200-XXXX

Karen and Paul Thissen with family


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