Wednesday, January 31, 2018

RP: TOUGH LOVE -- for Landlady Gold Walker!!!

REPRINTED from here

The House at Fourth and Orange Streets, Wilmington, North Carolina 28401

>>> FIRST FROM "MASTER BAITER" and my reply:

Scott: do you know that Donald Trump has kept every promise he made when he sought election?

Drain the swamp he got rid of a mole a traitor in the FBI James Comey

He put the fear of God into terrorists who pretended to be immigrant

Money money money anybody who wants a job has one we all can't be a VP of Coke but if a person wants a job there is one 

It a side effect when gasoline is $2.00 a gallon

Osama Bin Laden said the blood of America is gasoline He was right can't buy houses or new sneakers when gas is $5.00 a gallon 

Funny thing is the only thing he hasn't done Put Hillary in jail and now with the new FBI get Trump emails it  seems that the Russian investigation just might turn around and bite Hillary on the ass 

Did you hear the chant last night during the State of the Union?


We will now give you back to your regularly scheduled program 󾓦󾓦󾓦 God Bless the USA


BOTTOM LINE: For ANYONE to say "God Bless the USA" is to commit BLASPHEMY!!! 

God blesses everyone and everything in every moment, so we need to THANK GOD for all its BLESSINGS -- and act BLESSED OURSELVES!!!

Again, you replied to all 220+ of my contacts. They will get this again, as I was about to email out my LATEST, but now I can include YOUR latest, too.

Here is mine:

Deep Throat

* * *

Gold W. Walker
318 Orange Street
Wilmington, NC 28401

January 18, 2018

Dear Gold,

Because I tend to write about a lot of associated things, I decided it best to be as clear and precise about your invoice for $715.00 as possible. You are not going to like this – but you have brought it on yourself.

Your most recent text to me about it:

"Scott, I hope you are doing well. If you want to take me to Court then I will go to Court. I do not believe any judge would agree with you that you are not responsible for leaving Tyler in the apartment you moved from. You invited him to move there. I had nothing to do with allowing him to move there and when he refused to move I did what any landlord would have done -- I took Tyler to Court for eviction. Why you think you are not responsible is a mystery to me. You left the apartment in filthy condition. I have my witnesses. Gold" (1/30/2018, 10:57 AM)

It makes little difference what “any judge” thinks, really, since I would take it to a jury trial if the initial judge didn’t throw out your claim of my owing you this money. And it ain’t like it used to be in Wilmington with Old Rich White-Supremacists getting the local Courts to do whatever they say.

As you know, should your claim get out of Magistrate’s Court, of the nine District Court Judges, I can easily force all but two of them to recuse themselves, as I did to Judge Sandra Ray, previously, and she agreed BEFORE I could tell her why.

Judge Lindsey McKee/Luther is such a crook – she’s as afraid of me as Mayor Saffo and Sheriff McMahon are -- she had me guarded by a Deputy when I was recently in her Court and she dismissed the bogus action against me as her first case – DESPITE my years-long and well-known history of cooperation with the Law and the Courts, as well as having NEVER been violent, even holding my hands behind my back the several times I was beaten up by Drug Mafia in Mexico.

Previously, Judge Chad Hogston ALSO took my case first – he so embarrassed about what he did to me in 2011. See:

You have NEVER disputed my claims of all the actions you have taken against me – as well as your claiming I should be locked up for good for criticizing “inverted” Christians – and HOW DARE you claim to be a Christian!!!

Instead you try to pull what can only be called “Bully-Bitch Intimidation”, and enlisted Jonathan Deputy to deliver the most severe of it. He at that time said he was only doing it because you PAY HIM. He was a fool to do it, but I have no reason to think he still traffics in marijuana or opioid pills, both of which he admitted to smuggling in his younger days. Jon seems older and wiser, now.

You appear to suffer from a Narcissistic Personality – just like my mother did for most of the years we shared, but the last half year or so, Mom has at least been acting and speaking to me like a TRUE Catholic, instead of a NAZI-Papist.

I realize that Denise Renee Wood of, still shows her mailing address as in your building, although she moved out at least half a year ago. When I stopped by there a couple of weeks ago, she still had the mailbox for apartment 2 labelled for her business. LEGITIMATE BUSINESSES have P.O. boxes – or get one at UPS or Mailboxes, Etc.

I know Denise now works associated with the Mayor Bill Saffo Mafia, and that you mated with both of Mayor Saffo’s brothers, once splitting the antique headboard top to bottom -- y’all got so active. But your associations with Drug Trash won’t help you in front of a Jury – and we would likely have to have trial OUTSIDE of New Hanover County Courts, due to the actions of most Judges having violated my Civil Rights, already.

I’m CERTAIN the local Judges would PREFER this.

And don’t feel bad that I blog about your copious pot smoking or your wild – if past – sex life. I can also testify to your selling me, but giving me more, marijuana (which I use so much less of than you). What I MEANT to type is that I have blogged about my sexually “doing” characters as sleazy as a Saffo: Sa’ant Samuel Celia, Jr.’s daughter’s boyfriend “Bird’s” giant black snake, Opioid-Addict Chris Milliken’s nearly as big dark brown Cherokee manhood, and I WAS held captive by two sons of El Chapo Guzman in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 2010 for five weeks and forced to do more than half of their gang of CRACK addicts/sellers – and lived through it without picking up disease (and enjoyed part of that).

So, I disclose nothing about you that I don’t about myself.

Also, your handyman/manager Thomas has told me a couple of times (as has your handyman Ben), that your son Allen Walker is spoiled rotten by you. Your tenant where I now live John Gray Hunter claims Allen is about the dumbest person he ever met. Jon Deputy said you can’t handle the stresses of being a landlord anymore, and should sell out and live off all your accumulated wealth. Jack-of-All-Trades Jeff said you hire incompetents because you are cheap – then have to hire him for far more money to fix what they screw up.

I saw this week in local news that not even ONE film is planned to be filmed in Wilmington in 2018, so far, so I would NOT count on renting any of your properties to the film industry soon.

Your inability to remain professional in my presence has been well-noted, and the fact that you came screaming at me and delivered your original “Notice to Vacate” on about 10/20/2017 by pulling out my T-Shirt and pressing it way up under my shirt against my hairy chest, is LEGALLY assault – and I had every right to take you by the shoulders to shake some sense into you then.

I wish I had.

So, do what you want about it, and if you take me to Court, it will be MORE FODDER for me to write true stories about on blog and in my books, using the Worthington/Walker names. I’m sure your ancestors will feel you did them PROUD, should you ever meet them in the afterlife.

You did NOT call when you believed you again had possession of my old apartment – which I had actually returned to you on time – but you mistakenly thought you had to evict Tyler. In any case, you did NOT do that and let me complete the clean-out/cleaning – nor did you have me inspect it with you, as is normal practice. Therefore, you cannot stick me with a $100.00 cleaning charge. Consult a lawyer!!!

You always said you want me to title my first book The House at Orange and 4th Streets, for some reason thinking your little story is better than anything about my Kenan Family -- or Tennessee Williams -- my first interests, that I KNOW you have heard much about. I would not do that, but might consider titling one The Bitter Ex-Sex-Fiend at Orange and 4th Streets – or similar.

Sorry, but your stubborn refusal to deal with facts, the Law, history, reality, etc., forces me to become BLUNT (and I can become MORE blunt, if you continue).

Unfortunately, yesterday, I found one live bedbug, juicy, in my bed and a dead one in my laundry basket, so spent all day doing laundry, spraying, etc. This is the FIRST spraying I’ve done here, and with the mattress sleeves, a good vacuum, etc., I believe I can lick them. But they came form 4th Street, and only because with all your fussing, all Andre Tyler’s lying and hallucinating, etc., I was unable to organize and clean all as I moved. And YOU said you thought Denise Renee Wood brought them into that property – then lied and stuck Sam Celia with the $1,000.00 exterminator charge. You financed $1,200.00 for MY extermination, and so far, I have paid you back $800.00 or $900.00 (I am not now checking the actual records), on time – like I pay all my bills – and usually early.

Considering the harassment I have had from you and the mysterious infection of your building I lived in, I will NOT repay you any more of that money. You would have a better chance of suing me in Court for the $300.00 of so, but I would STILL testify under Oath to your assault, selling pot to me, not caring when your brittle chair “exploded” wrenching my back nine months after a Time Warner truck knocked me 12 feet out of a crosswalk last February 13.

As SLEAZY as Congress has become, they AT LEAST today – when the Republican Train hit the garbage truck (God is a GENIUS, no???) -- were all especially RELIEVED that Steve Scalise was NOT on board. Congress has more heart than you.

And that is it -- unless I get MORE ridiculous nonsense from you. Jon Deputy made it PLAIN AND CLEAR that YOU will not allow my lease to ever be renewed. Looks like you will have to put up with this HORRIBLE TENANT until late this year. And speaking of that, Aaron Gallimore, staying with lessee Rob in apartment 1, has behaved since I sent his father this letter:

Also, Pete, the boyfriend of lessee Allie in apartment 3, and Allie gradually grow friendlier, and continue to deliver packages all over town mostly in Pete’s car with Dealer plates – although he CLEARLY works for no dealer. But as long as they don’t have ten or so underaged kids over and treat them to tons of alcohol so they are yelling like banshees in the yard until after 4:00 AM on a Monday morning, I’m cool with them!!!

Really, you might check in for rehab from pot and wine. Anyone living near you – delivering students to St. Mary’s School or First Presbyterian’s Pre-School, sees you shuffling slowly, wearing a muumuu, disheveled, and slow – AS IF you have a bad hangover.

Sorry, but I treat people like they treat me – and if this is NOT how you have been treating me while giving Drug Addicts and Narco-Traffickers renting from you all the slack, then PROVE IT.

I will drop a hard copy in the US Mail to you tomorrow.


Scott David Kenan

Republicans and Inverted Christians think they can ride a TRAIN OF NO EFFORT to HEAVEN.

Walking a HIGH WIRE is more like it.


RP: Let's Party Like It's 1999??? *** BREAKING: Apropos TRAIN WRECK!!! *** The Incredible SHRINKING Mayor Bill Saffo / CLARIFYING for Gold Walker:

RE-PRINTED from here

I already did -- my job with Patrick Lee Stansbury's Pentagon Publishing, Inc., that sells ad space in Defense and Homeland Security Departments publications -- that ALSO distributes all the HARD DRUGS flown into Maxwell AFB -- AS WELL AS losing my home in Stone Mountain, GA, my Art collection and nearly all of my personal belongings.

And then Wilmington, NC District Attorney Benjamin R. David via his legal intern Jeffery Duncan who's first lawyer job was working for Fox News Talking Head and lawyer Daliah Saper of Chicago with then Wells Fargo Advisors Exec Jamie Lee Sutherland, sued me for LIBEL for blogging about Jamie's narco-trafficking in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico -- that he had BRAGGED to me about -- and Wells Fargo Bank, Chicago office got the largest fine in US History that year for LAUNDERING DRUG MONEY.

But that wasn't all. Jamie ALSO bragged about seeing Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel in his Men's Country private Gay Baths several times -- and THAT seems to have been the REAL REASON.

Ben David on right; his identical twin brother, Jon David, D.A. of Brunswick County on left

Jamie Lee Sutherland today

And the Judgement -- that Ben David has at least TWICE promised me in person he would get thrown out. I believe he wishes he could do that, as it will ULTIMATELY lead to Ben's long PRISON TERM. But at least Ben David -- unlike Chicken-Mayor Bill Saffo and Chicken Sheriff Ed McMahon (I never run into Police Chief Ralph Evangelous -- at least since 2011) -- is NOT AFRAID to speak with me -- even in public.

So I SALUTE Ben David for being an ADULT!!!

Jon and Ben David are not ALWAYS this stoned!!!

Naked Conga Line from 1999!!!

Wilmington’s Mayor Bill Saffo addressed the State of the City Monday night (Port City Daily photo / MICHAEL PRAATS)

>>> JUST IN from my Republican Congressman David Rouzer!!!:

Update from Public Citizen

Living under the Trump regime can feel like making your way through a dystopian novel.

And after last night’s State of the Union, a few reality checks are in order.

But first:

This morning we filed a complaint with the U.S. House of Representatives Ethics Committee requesting an investigation as to whether House Speaker Paul Ryan violated House rules.

Ryan allowed the Trump campaign to parlay Trump’s first State of the Union into cash for his reelection campaign — offering donors the opportunity to see their name displayed during its livestream of the address on the campaign social media feeds.

Sign our citizen complaint calling out this apparent violation of House rules through crass fundraising.

Scott Kenan
To: "Master Baiter"

I'm going to intersperse below in red.

-----Original Message-----

From: Master Baiter
To: Scott Kenan <>
Sent: Tue, Jan 30, 2018 5:52 pm
Subject: Re: Please welcome newly "Sainted" "Master Baiter" to this list -- so he can see ALL MY CONTACTS in both "To:" and "Cc:"!!! I HOPE I read Mr. Baiter's TRUE DESIRES -- correctly!!!

220 that's wild must of hit the wrong button 
I don't use a computer any more just my phone 
Master Baiter works and we will call you Deep Throat

You should try it out, instead, but OK between you and me -- and glad you approve of MB, I had already changed it going back several days. What is funny is that I had used just your first name so many places, replacing it with "Master" made it sound TOTALLY like you are my S&M Daddy. Something I never tried.

There is one brief passage of mentioning you have a son named "Chris Baiter".

Yes Clinton stole Bernie's nomination would you rather the bitch walk or Trump put her in jail?

I would prefer that Trump and Hillary simultaneously put each other into the SAME jail cell, and lube them up. We could retire the National Debt from all the mostly online and TV ticket sales.

Like I said I don't use a computer much I don't even have a desk so if it takes a minute to hit you back relax 

I'm more relaxed now that you have let your sense of humor over ALL of it show.


Deeply Throatful (and Bad)

>>> JUST RELEASED!!!: FBI has 'grave concerns' about accuracy of GOP memo

Posted: Jan 31, 2018 1:02 PM ESTUpdated: Jan 31, 2018 1:02 PM EST

By Shimon Prokupecz, Laura Jarrett, Jim Sciutto and Abby Phillip CNN

Gold Walker will have to WAIT!!!


Tuesday, January 30, 2018

RP: Responding to "Master Baiter" and Landlady Gold Walker -- LOL!!!

RE-PRINTED from here

Today's Report shows that NOT ONLY is Trump UNDER 50% in North Carolina (where Wilmington went first for Bernie Sanders, then for Hillary Clinton), but in the BIGGEST "Kenan State" -- Texas, dominated by Kenan's Exxon-Mobil -- he is BELOW 40%!!!

Where he is OVER 50% is in states with SPARSE POPULATION, so BAD NEWS for NATIONAL ELECTIONS!!!

And of course there is also this:

Re: Great talking to you and getting a few things straightened out!!! PLEASE REPLY that you received this -- my emails don't always get places. 

I'm hungry too -- wish you were here.

Don't you remember blocking me on Facebook??? That was back in 2010 when you, I, and then Congressman John Linder got into a "triangular argument" over how involved Linder was in Patrick's drug-trafficking. If you UN-block me on Facebook, I SHOULD be able to friend you -- but right now I'm in the SIXTH one-month punishment of not being able to RESPOND or post on Facebook that I've endured in the last 18 months. 

Most of those for criticizing inverted Christians, but also Facebook claimed my disclosing D.A. Ben David's REFUSAL to prosecute a HATE CRIME against me by David Alan Young was genuine FAKE NEWS!!! Something I can PROVE IN COURT!!!

My CURRENT punishment is for the language in something I posted well over two years ago -- that they SHOULD have found far earlier, and there should be a "Statute of Limitations" on these things they allowed for YEARS!!! 

PROOF that they "persecute" me deliberately.

I truly am flattered.

I'll respond to your other email soon . . . 


-----Original Message-----

From: "Master Baiter"
To: Scott Kenan <>
Cc: scott <>
Sent: Tue, Jan 30, 2018 9:00 am
Subject: Re: Great talking to you and getting a few things straightened out!!! PLEASE REPLY that you received this -- my emails don't always get places.

Why don't you just friend me on FB?

Dig this Saturday we went out to eat Mexican feeling great. Saturday night woke up with 102.4 fever thought I was gonna die I have been in bed since. 

Just to let you know how bad you are the first email I have sent or even read since Saturday. But today I feel pretty good now I'm hungry

Re: Please welcome newly "Sainted" MASTER BAITER to this list -- so he can see ALL MY CONTACTS in both "To:" and "Cc:"!!! I HOPE I read Mr. Baiter's TRUE DESIRES -- correctly!!!

Well Master, I was gonna write you a lot here, but I just got a text that my landlady will GO TO COURT if I take her there, when SHE is the one trying to claim I owe her $715.00 that has only to do with her own mistakes in getting my former roommate Andre Tyler Breton out, so this is so HUMOROUS that I need to put my energies there, and next. 

She must still be smoking TOO MUCH HYDROPONIC OREGANO as this had to do with HER having to take me to Court since I refuse to pay things not billable to me.

To begin with, you replied to only ME in your first email -- but in THIS ONE you replied to all 220+ of my contacts, so you DELIBERATELY let everyone on my list know these things.

Because you failed to respond -- due to apparent flu -- I had to run with it. That's why Kenans are so successful in Business and Politics -- we ACT and don't wait for those who allow illness or other things stop or delay them"You snooze; you LOSE."

Just like I was mostly DISILLUSIONED by Joe Kennedy III, yesterday. His office has responded to OTHERS of my emails to them, but were TOO AFRAID to respond to this:

And imagine what must be going through ex-Maine, now a Construction Executive James Gallimore's head after he read THIS -- to say nothing of Gold Walker's and Jonathan Deputy's heads!!!: 

All that typed, I will be HAPPY to disguise your name on these postings since the time I spoke with you. Any suggestions for your name??? I'm thinking "Master Baiter", and will use that if you do NOT suggest something more fun ASAP!!! (He did NOT.)

I'm copying landlady Gold Walker and property manager Jonathan Deputy so that they understand what is taking me so long to respond to Gold's text.

Your Tall Tool.


"Scott I told you dude do not use my name. I'm a reliable source undercover or we can't talk."

Opinions on the morality of abortion differ drastically by faith.

(Martha Stewart -- when she was JAILED.)

"In order to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe."
-Carl Sagan

“In the wide pile, by others heeded not,
Hers was one sacred solitary spot,
Whose gloomy aisles and bending shelves contain
For moral hunger food, and cures for moral pain.”

― Walter Scott, Rob Roy

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, shoes and indoor


1. Lessee Allie's totally SELF-SERVING, likely NARCO-TRAFFICKING boyfriend, Pete, upstairs in apartment 2, came down late this morning and after EIGHT DAYS, rolled their recycles container back from the curb -- but left it "all akimbo", compared to all the other containers that were lined up neatly.

2. Andre Tyler Breton was in Judge Sandra Ray's Court yesterday, and is in Judge Lindsey McKee/Luther's Court today. If Gold Walker wanted to get "charges due" for Tyler's TRESPASSING -- and as the Magistrate explained to her he had NO TENANCY, so could NOT be evicted -- she could have caught him in the COURT ROOM (or right outside it -- to minimize the "fuss").

3. I just called Opioid-Pill-Adicted Chris Millikan (The Cherokee), and caught him at work. He said that he told Gold he CANNOT be out of apartment 2 at 205 S. 4th Street until February 8 (instead of the 1st, as she had given him notice), and she was FINE with that.

He did not know if the person he sublets from, Sa'ant Samuel Celia, Jr. in apartment 1 who for YEARS had a MEGA LSD LAB and supplied Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead, Dr. Timothy Leary, and Leary's male lover, Theodore Druch, who was in my Puerto Vallarta Writers Group as well as a HUGE CIA DRUG-TRAFFICKER with the Governor of Nayarit State and the Episcopal Church, USA:

Anyway, The Cherokee said he has not spoken with "Sam" Celia, so has NO IDEA if Sam will be out on the 1st (or a little later). The cell connection was poor, so he will call me back LATER -- and for GOLD'S GOOD, I did NOT tell him that the Magistrate already made CLEAR to Gold Walker that to get him OUT, she had to get him to simply AGREE -- or evict 
Sam Celia.

Gold texted me from her cell phone: (910) 620-6553. Her listed landline for Gold Walker Properties is (910) 343-1767. And Gold has NEVER explained to me -- no matter how many times I ask -- why when googling "Gold Walker Properties", most things show she is a BUILDING CONTRACTOR and NOT liked for her SHODDY WORK, like shows here: 

Overall 1 STAR

Property owner

"I would never hire her or her roofer Charles again if I was on my death bed. He is a sleazebag and a liar."



"Scott, I hope you are doing well. If you want to take me to Court then I will go to Court. I do not believe any judge would agree with you that you are not responsible for leaving Tyler in the apartment you moved from. You invited him to move there. I had nothing to do with allowing him to move there and when he refused to move I did what any landlord would have done -- I took Tyler to Court for eviction. 

Why you think you are not responsible is a mystery to me. You left the apartment in filthy condition. I have my witnesses. Gold" (today, 10:57 AM)


"I will respond by email/blog soon." (11:07 AM)

So, I have never intended to take Gold Walker to Court -- UNLESS she continues to harass me -- and CLEARLY from this, she does NOT intend to pursue her absurd billing of me for $715.00: -- or anything else as well.

What was FUNNY is that that is the tactic that she took from her former employer of five years, George Cutter, owner of Carolina Apartments (until George FIRED Gold), and George's tactics completely BACK-FIRED on Mr. Cutter when he had the following three witnesses perjure themselves in Court -- and the Magistrate had to pull TWO armed Sheriff's Deputies in to PROTECT HIM from Mr. Cutter's witnesses -- so that Mr. Cutter would continue to PROTECT their Hard-Drug Narco-Trafficking and CHRISTIAN CRACK-WHORING:

Carolina Apartments Manager Tomi Matheson (a devout Episcopalian), with her boyfriend John Tarleton, the maintenance man there -- and at Cutter's Confederate Apartments a few blocks away -- THEN (late summer, 2015).

Tomi Matheson in one of two MUG SHOTS from January 2017, after Tomi was FIRED and gave in to her METH ADDICTION.

Gold is LUCKY that but for the Grace of God -- this could have been GOLD!!!

Anthony Carmichael, another of Cutter's witnesses, was a CRACK DEALER who lived there. When his mouth is OPEN, you see a few teeth, ALL rimmed in GOLD, like what Gold Walker's TOP CHRISTIAN HERO has done to his crib:

And Jennifer McCracken, who sold me pot, but kept trying to sell me Opioid Pills, Meth, Cocaine, Crack, etc., was the other. Jenny got her DRUG MAFIA ORDERS from her Mormon mother -- and her brother is a TOP DEPUTY and CIA NARCO-TRAFFICKER on Sheriff Ed McMahon's force.

"Well, PULL MY FINGERwill ya???"

>>> BOTTOM LINE: Either someone commandeered Gold Walker's cell phone to send that text -- of she needs to LAY OFF so much cooking with oregano -- and swilling of the WINE!!!