Sunday, April 29, 2018

RP: My Letter Just Sent Secured-State-Department-Server to Mike Pompeo (to be sent Tracked-Priority Mail, tomorrow) -- Now in FINAL DRAFT:

RE-PRINTED from here

Mike Pompeo during his Hearing before Confirmation as Secretary of State.

April 29, 2018

The Honorable Michael Richard Pompeo
Secretary of State
US Department of State
2201 C Street NW
Washington, DC 20520

Dear Mr. Pompeo,

>>> Some edits and clarifications have been made since I sent this to your office last night. This FINAL edition is published on my blog here:

My name is Scott David Kenan, a “shirttail scion” of the Kenan Family, that your predecessor Rex Tillerson worked for his entire life, my wealthy relatives controlling Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, the Kenan Advantage Group (, the American Petroleum Institute, Ku Klux Klan, National Rifle Association, Episcopal Church USA, and PREVIOUSLY the Presbyterian Church (or at least First Presbyterian here in Wilmington, NC), which, led by William Rand Kenan, Sr., caused the only successful Coup d’Etat in US history, the Wilmington North Carolina Insurrection of 1898.

I seem to have a KNACK for being connected to Secretaries of State – and not just in the USA: Col. Dottie Newman who worked for Secretary Powell as his Chief Protocol Officer, got me to Mexico for Political Exile in 2010 – after an ACTIVE US Army General chased me out of Dottie’s house because I talked about the Republican Party with the CIA and my own family running all the drugs in Atlanta (which my personal friend Lt. Gen. Russel Honore’ told me he knows all about). 

And in 2015 in Puerto Vallarta, I met a retired exec of Exxon-Mobil who told me WHICH of the wealthy Kenans, with the CIA and Hillary Clinton State Department, put Enrique Pena Nieto into the Mexican Presidency -- he changing their Constitution so Kenans/Exxon could get the Oil (Kenan Advantage Group then transport much of it), and they ALL split the Hard-Drug Trafficking also with the Episcopal Church.

As you must know, the Clintons were BIGGER narco-traffickers in support of the Bush and Cheney operations than even either Bush President – Obama, being a blackmailed homosexual, got stuck supporting it too – and Daddy Bush and George W. – as well as Richard Nixon all had HOMO BOYFRIENDS while President. Given your KNOWN hatred of homos (and penchant for torture), perhaps you will TORTURE George HW Bush and his son BEFORE Daddy soon dies, no???

And KISS Donald Trump’s juicy ass – thanking him for being STRAIGHT, which you appear to be.

As a former employee of Tennessee Williams, I am naturally a bit of a “Drama Queen”.

Here is my letter to Rex Tillerson,, and I have also written Jeff Sessions, Andrew McCabe, and many others – all documented in my blog which I assume your people stay on top of – at least SOME ORG keeps cutting my internet connection of a SPECTRUM cable connection that NONE of my neighbors have trouble with, so I can’t blame SPECTRUM for that. But before I go on, Dottie Newman was SO DISGUSTED by the GOD-HATING ACTIONS of the Republicans and “Christians”, that she LEFT the Republican Party before she helped me get to exile.

At one of her parties, I met the Sect. of State of Argentina and his charming wife, and in 1981, I met Secretary of State Alexander Haig, as you can read in my memoir’s chapter – which is followed by the one describing PART of my conversation with President Ronald Reagan:

And I have a LONG HISTORY of association with Chief Protocol Officers – not just Col. Newman. In 1983, I dated Rife Huey, Admiral Zumwalt’s retired CPO, and in 2010, I dated (until CIA friends of his FORCED us apart), the former CPO to the US Embassy in Mexico City, Luis Alberto Gonzalez Perez, who was FIRED two weeks before he got his 15-year benefit of Permanent Green Card to live in the USA – BECAUSE he insisted on honoring the US Constitution, which BOTH Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush (and he got to know them both well), were “pissing on” – while FLAGRANTLY running an ever larger hard-drug operation of import into the USA to enrich the Republican Party, “Clinton Democrats”, and TOO MANY Christian denominations active in the USA.

Well, YOU supported all of this while running the CIA, and now you have to deal with a GUTTED State Department – thanks to Kenan employee Rex Tillerson who got the “Ultimate Buddy-Love Award” from Kenan, Exxon, and Bank of America’s top ally, Vladimir Putin. I wish you LUCK!!!

As you have to know in your position, Bank of America has profited MORE than any other bank – BY FAR – from the New Tax Laws that Donald Trump and the “Christian” Republicans put into place TO THANK MY KENAN FAMILY for putting the man even Rex Tillerson was honest enough to call an “F-ing MORON” (or similar) into the Presidency – LOL!!!

I AM very happy to see that you currently have a modest net worth (not been stealing PUBLICLY at least) – and graduated both West Point and Harvard Law. I, myself, graduated Denison University, which I attended on scholarship, and before graduation won a US State Department Art Contest (1973), and my Art prints were hung in 30 US Embassies and Consulates around the world. If you appreciate the TRUTH from someone who is not afraid to “speak truth to power”, perhaps you can find in your semi-gutted budget a little money to send me in search of my Art in our Foreign Missions!!!

As an un-directed volunteer, I have worked SELFLESSLY to expose all this Traitorous Corruption.

Also, you might like to know that the CIA has tapped my phones and then other electronic communications since at least 1988. Bell South told me in 1990, that I could NOT change my long-distance carrier because your agent Rick Neva (whose commander was in Livonia, MI), had tied my long distance to an American Express card in the name of Rick Neva since three months BEFORE I met Rick who later became my roommate. 

MORE on AMEX’s drug-corruption and treatment of me (as well as what Delta Airlines KINDLY did for me at Col. Newman’s prompting):

And it was my Denison fellow alum, Edith Love, who had run several top Regional Theaters before her death a year or two ago, who said Rick’s was possibly a FAKE surname, and coding for a Russian Plot – the Neva River running right through St. Petersburg, Russia. My former employer Tennessee Williams was eventually KILLED via your agent, lawyer John Eastman (Paul McCartney’s first brother-in-Law, who also authorized the assassination of John Lennon:, and Maria Brit-Neva (the Lady St. Just) who was originally from St. Petersburg – more on her by my friend John Lahr:

Of course, Maria St. Just came to control Morgan-Grenfell Bank, and sold it to Deutsche Bank, where it became the CORE of their International Banking, and the BIGGEST creditor of Donald Trump, his businesses, his children, and also a MAJOR conduit of money from Vladimir Putin and likely many Russian Oligarchs (for whom you now essentially work, whether you admit it or not).

The Emperor has absolutely NO CLOTHES anymore!!!

I hope you can straighten out this mess – and take down both Mike Pence and the Jello-Spined Paul Ryan with Donald Trump -- and the other powerful fake Christians who only love money and addicting children and adults to hard drugs to profit “Christian” Churches and themselves.

Please reply to me at your earliest convenience.

Scott David Kenan
Wilmington, NC 28403

Cell: (910) 200-XXXX


RP: The RETURN of Handsome Men to My Apartment DISTRACTED ME from Writing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (yesterday, only -- I think)!!!

RE-PRINTED from here

But FIRST a Progress Report on my back-deck Garden (nearly all grown from seed, tuber, or bulb).

And THIS a perennial planting of John Gray Hunter (who is here so infrequently, I plan to soon clean it up and mulch it).

But the FUNNY thing is that my guest of late twilight last night -- in that dark -- thought that this clematis-covered wire obelisk was a statue of the Catholic B.V.M!!!

And he ALSO thought my statue of Rey Coliman, was of JESUS CHRIST (Catholics assume so much they HALLUCINATE, no???).

The original statue of "King Colima", the ONLY Mexican King who never surrendered to the Catholic Spanish, in Colima, Colima, Mexico where I lived for about two months in late spring 2012, after Republican Chief  Public Defender Jennifer Harjo (a devout Catholic), forced Democrat District Attorney Benjamin R. David (a married Elder at First Presbyterian) who also kept his boyfriend Lee, to make the deal that he would VOID all the false convictions and charges he had against me that year -- if I just leave the State of North Carolina for a year, so I fled back to Political Exile (in Puerto Vallarta), and a year later Ben made good on his promise.

>>> CORRECTIONI lived in Colima late spring 2010 with "Alfredo". My trouble in Wilmington was in 2011 and part of 2012 -- during a premature return to the USA. After THAT, I fled back to Mexico, but to Puerto Vallarta -- and Ben David erased all convictions and pending charges a year later.

Also notable in Colima, Mexico:

This prominent (if low), monument ("semilla" means "seed"), is located behind the city's Catholic Cathedral, and COMMEMORATES the FOUNDING of the City that sprang from God's Giant Cum-SplatCatholics and non-Catholics alike seem to fully accept that, but Protestants, less so.

And it was in Colima that I chance-met George W. Bush's TOP Drug-Money LaundererMartin Lamb, who when he heard I was a "Kenan of North Carolina"SPILLED ALL THE BEANS -- because he ASSUMED that I too had TONS OF DRUG MONEY TO LAUNDER!!!

Yesterday, I had only intended to shop the Saturday River Market downtown, then stop by a shop where a guy I was interested in possibly dating works (and did the first, but the guy was not working), so I meandered about downtown for a while in the beautiful weather. 

This was when I met a guy who MIGHT become my roommate, but he is having to take care of a few details BEFORE I seek property manager Jonathan Deputy's permission for him to move in. He's working and has references, so that should not be a problem.

Soon after that, I ran into an unusually attractive young man who was very well dressed, fit, beautifully groomed, but I noticed him unconsciously rubbing his belly, so asked if he was HUNGRY (yes), and he was also HOMELESSliving in the woods.

I bought us both an inexpensive lunch, then we got his clothes from his camp and he showered and we talked for a couple of hours while doing two loads of his laundry (and I fixed the young PIG another full dinner). 

The 22-year-old homeless "High-Flyer", who only occasionally smokes pot and does NO OTHER DRUGS now, modeled for me and this blog with permission for me to write about his story without identifying him.

I quickly learned that when High Flyer was a toddler, a FAMOUS serial killer killed his Mom, and by junior high, he had gotten into too many fist-fights with his chronically drunk father, ran away, and his mother's mother legally adopted him (and he is still tied to her, she living in Wilmington).

He was years ago diagnosed ADHD and put on ADDERALL -- which he HATED -- then was switched to a STRONGER Amphetamine, that he soon enough ditched and went HOMELESS rather than take it.

He likes to talk about things like "Chemtrails", the "Illuminati", and the influence of the the Masons -- none of which interest me, today. 

He keeps getting HARASSED into leaving jobs in dish-washing and as a mechanic by people who make FUN of his odd theories, but starts a NEW job tomorrow as a mechanic, so I hope that goes well for him.

I suspect he might have a touch of Schizophrenia, Borderline Personality or similar -- which is DIFFICULT to control. I gave him a few POINTERS on not telling just anyone about all of that, and trying to stay FOCUSED on the practical details of any job at hand -- to reduce the BULLYING by Christian Wilmingtonians.

And although he is a self-described "Pan-Sexual" (previously called Bi-Sexual), he was NOT interested in sex with me nor vice-versa, although he described his near African-sized member in graphic detail, and said he's thinking he should sell his "semilla" (seed), for TOP DOLLAR, and did I know WHERE in Wilmington they buy it.

I told him I'm sure there are places that buy BLOOD, but the ONLY people I know who buy CUM are the HORNY MEN and WOMEN of this town (Christians and non-Christians, alike). 

And after I gave him my contact info (he was not carrying either of his two phones, which he said have been possessed by "evil spirits"), so he can call me to pick him and his laundry up the next time he needs a shower and such, I drove him back to his camp that he asked me to photograph and blog about -- so that those of my Readers who have NEVER been homeless know what a single-man's camp in downtown woods looks like:

He lifted his plastic sheet to reveal he is SMART ENOUGH to eat a lot of PEANUT BUTTER that with cow's milk provides EVERY NECESSARY amino acid!!!


Friday, April 27, 2018

RP: New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital (and their "Physicians Group"), Don't Know What to MAKE OF ME -- and a CHRISTIAN BITCH at the Physicians Group Claimed I Can't SAY SUCH THINGS -- and HUNG UP on Me -- LOL!!!

RE-PRINTED from here

First, just to calm down a little:

Scott Kenan
I went there once in spring 1973, and saw Rex Reed dancing with abandon between two chubby black guys, the blacks dressed only in diapers

Then, while working for Tennessee Williams 1981 - 82, I met Rex Reed at a party, and later met Rex again at the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival about 2005. 

Don't even ask me about knowing the owners of Studio 54 -- LOL!!! And now I see that ABBA is back!!!:

About this article

Mick Jagger, Andy Warhol and Alfred Hitchcock all frequented the decadent New York bathhouse – as did the police who constantly raided it. Its 87-year-old founder, Steve…

JUST NOW, Allie from apartment 2 RAN OUT to her car carrying FULL back-pack and duffel bag (I don't know that it's drugs, but Allie sold me pot three times, months ago). I'll assume she is reading this blog -- or talking to Jonathan Deputy who reads EVERY blog posting -- as he's proven.

Well, I called both New Hanover Regional Medical Center ("The Oaks" is part of it), and New Hanover Regional Medical Center Physicians Group -- they SHARE a logo and are connected through "My Chart" of Epic Systems, but the one hospital bill and two from the physicians all have DIFFERENT CLIENT NUMBERS for me -- and the hospital a different phone number than the doctors.

BOTH took waiting on line for someone to answer longer than twenty minutes, and at the HOSPITAL, she asked me to mail a WRITTEN STATEMENT to their address in Atlanta, Georgia. She was relatively professional.

At the Physicians Group, she demanded to know whom I said will ultimately pay the bill after Court Proceedings (or if Jon Deputy comes to his senses and agrees to pay all these charges). But HER RECORDS show I owe over $400.00 on one bill I have that shows only $185.10 and she got ANGRY when I told her that Dewey Bridger III had billed me $666.00 (less Medicare), for a five minute visit in which he only took minimal vitals, refused to discuss my commitment, etc. -- and had CALLED ME IN as if he had something IMPORTANT to do only two weeks before my annual MAJOR PHYSICAL


But AT LEAST she had wanted Jonathan Deputy's address, phone number, etc., but when I told her -- like I'd told the other -- that my parents SET UP the Christian Drug Mafia of Wilmington with Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman and others -- and now Mayor Bill Saffo with Wilmington City Council, New Hanover County Commissioners, and the Law Enforcement they hired or got elected to SELL MORE AND MORE DRUGS to profit Wilmington's Christian Churches and ultimately the Bush, Cheney, Clinton, and Kenan Families, she said, "You aren't ALLOWED to say that!!!" and immediately HUNG UP ON ME -- LOL!!!

And then the EMERGENCY ROOM charges people -- an entirely separate company (in Atlanta, Georgia) -- closed their financial office at 4:00 PM, so I couldn't get through to them at 4:30.

And while sitting here considering all of this, I got an email from my Old Buddy George Plimpton's ( Paris Review:

GOOGLE/BLOGGER only allows this to be PROPERLY seen in my original posting, so see HERE to read properly:

Arts & Culture
Women Intellectuals and the Art of the Withering Quip
By Dustin Illingworth

Rebecca West on Henry James: “He splits hairs until there are no longer any hairs to split, and the mental gesture becomes merely the making of agitated passes over a complete and disconcerting baldness.”

But I prefer Mr. William Shakespeare!!!: