Sunday, April 15, 2018

RP: GOOD NEWS (particularly for my mother and siblings): It's Time to Consult Mr. William SHAKESPEARE!!!

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Did you think I was just KIDDING when I recognized that Birnam Wood had IN FACT come to Dunsinane (Drive, at least), and that the "embodied Special People" (real, but coming out of the blue), had been RIGHT -- I had the KEY to END the "Age of Kenan" ('Sadness' or 'Unbridled Greed and Acquisitiveness'), and to usher in the "Age of Mahalalel" (The 'Prince of Peace') -- and there would be a serious "Period of Adjustment".

Well, we have ALL been "Players on a Stage", so shouldn't get too upset about the ROLES we have had -- we ALL did a GREAT JOB (and taught ourselves what we need to know to ADVANCE to the Age of the Prince of Peace -- which could ALSO be called, the Age of the Artist).

Well, it's TRUE that I might be CRAZY, but I bet I've at least ENTERTAINED the strongest of my detractors!!!

Its TOO BAD that my immediate family has had such a HARD TIME coming to understand that all that's WRONG WITH ME -- is that I turned SOUTHERNER!!!

The FATE of Christians in the South.

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