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RP: I THANK GOD for the Military Veterans, the Common People, and MAJOR REVELATIONS about My Kenan Family ("Kenan" meaning "The Sadness" or "Unbridled Greed and Acquisitiveness" in the Bible Dictionary)!!!

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I don't know WHY I saved this photo, but searching for one from the Saturday Market on the Cape Fear River, I found THIS PHOTO -- and also one for them to CHEER over!!!:


And HERE is one for all the KenansRepublicans, and God-Hating CHRISTIANS!!!:

But NOT all Christians hate God -- some are MODERATES:

TODAY, the Saturday Market on the Cape Fear River on Water Street opened for the Season, and it was THRILLING after my (presumably) Jonathan Deputy and Gold Walker commitment to New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital ("The Oaks"). Many people greeted me by name -- not just those who have stalls, but the people in attendance, as well.

Everyone was glad to see me in this new season, and I was glad to hear so many tell me they "would NEVER want to be a KENAN"like I am cursed to be. 

ONLY a few knew of Jon Deputy's and Gold Walker's connections to the Drug Trade, but MOST knew that Judges Sandra Ray and J.H. Corpening (and Brad Corpening of Chops Deli on Front Street) -- as well as the Mayor, Police Chief, Sheriff, and District Attorney are. 

And ALL seemed to know that the wealthy Kenans run the Narco-Trafficking especially with the Bush Family -- as well as the Clintons.

It seemed that most of the folks I ended up speaking with were US Military Veterans -- and one pair of Lesbionic Vets I met outside the Husk bar/restaurant on Front Street -- leading a large group of late-teen, special-needs kids in volunteer work for next weekend's Azalea Festival. They were eating there, but the food was all donated for their lunch by my faves Jackson's Big Oak Barbecue -- and Food Lion!!!

One of them, had worked for Gen. Colin Powell, so we had much in common, and she and her buddy plan to HOOK ME UP with a male veteran looking for an INTELLIGENT, CARING, PATRIOTIC mate -- got my phone number, so we'll see.

Those Lesbian Vets also said I need to get with Bob Jenkins to discuss Wilmington History -- so I was thrilled to tell them that in 1990, I hired the drunk and kilt-clad boy, whom I met in the Dixie Grill, for $25.00, and Bob gave me a KENAN TOUR of downtown, opening my EYES to the absolute GOD-HATRED of my uber-wealthy relatives.

Bob Jenkins has since, "gone on the wagon", started his own "ersatz church", and is OUT AND PROUD to be gay!!!

BUT, I still expect that every car pulling into my apartments parking lot is cops or deputies come to ONCE AGAIN falsely commit me or arrest me on the TRUMPED UP CHARGES of GOD-HATING CHRISTIANS. When I lived in Gold Walker's 4th Street property, I feared that every time I opened my front door that DRUG TRASH would be in the hallway, ready to KILL ME -- Gold ONLY renting to MAJOR NARCO-TRAFFICKERS (except Steven and Maddy, who HATED all the drug sales in Gold's apartments there).

Gold sold me much pot and for several months gave me her marijuana roaches. Her son Allen Walker (described by John Gray Hunter, the long-term renter in my current apartments, as "the STUPIDEST PERSON I have EVER met!!!"), owns -- that several Wilmington Police Officers told me is suspected of being one of the LARGEST Drug-Importation Ports on the Cape Fear River!!!

Salt magazine is ALSO COMPLICIT in Narco-Trafficking.

And HERE is a NARCO-TRAFFICKING (or at least supporting)FAKE GAY ORG:

Former Head (as well as former 3rd Vice Chair of the Narco-Trafficking New Hanover County Democratic Party)Ryan Lee Burris is center -- Ryan associated SUPER-CLOSELY with Kenan-Family-Employee now, and DISGRACED former Republican State Senator  and major Narco-Trafficker-for-JesusThom Goolsby

The Roman Catholic Goolsby Family including their WARPED-ASS children (whom I feel VERY sorry for, I too coming from a SWASTIKA-INFUSED Catholic/Republican Family)!!!

Several years ago, now, Thom Goolsby's wife FLED and after divorcing the little faggot, married Todd Toconis, a REAL HETEROSEXUAL!!!

Cape Fear Equality Board Members


Chair:  Lorraine Barnes
Vice Chair:  Edward Duane Adams
Treasurer:  Susan Lynch
Secretary:  Sarah Priebe

At Large Board Members:

Aleeze Arthur
John Bonomo
Ryan Burris
Joey Hall
TR Nunley
Jake Thomason
Adrianne Wheeler


This has now TOTALLY FREED ME from the SHACKLES of my family's SWASTIKA/CATHOLIC HATE.

"Your mother is very old and VERY set in her 'old ways' -- and should MOSTLY be IGNORED. Your brother told us so many LIES, he can NOT be trusted AT ALL!!!"

Mom, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, front in pink, Michael William Kenan on end in Wrightsville Beach T-shirt.

Well, today, I especially also enjoyed talking to a retired Coast Guard Officer, who had been XO and CO of boats the size of the Coast Guard Cutter Intrepid, currently at dock in town. He said it did NOT surprise him AT ALL that Patrick Lee Stansbury -- my former boss -- who has the contracts to sell all the ad space in Service Academy, War College, and Maritime Academy yearbooks -- also DISTRIBUTES all the HARD DRUGS flown into Maxwell AFB from Maine to Florida -- but ESPECIALLY to Christian Clergy and Politicians of BOTH PARTIES in Wilmington and Atlanta!!!

Patrick is ALSO a Christian Minister on the internet, calling himself "Patrick Christian".

Recent photo of Patrick Stansbury

So LET the GOD-HATING CHRISTIANS have their SUNDAY HATE FESTIVALS!!! Let the Catholics, Anglican/Episcopals, and Greek, Russian, and other ORTHODOX have their BLOOD FESTS!!!

Only Jesus's Actual Followers know that GOD IS LOVE!!!


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