Wednesday, April 4, 2018

RP: Morning Greetings to ALL -- Today, I Begin FOLLOWING UP with Judge J.H. Corpening, to See if He Will RELEASE My Commitment Paper -- and if NOT, WHY Not!!!

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Well, this will have to serve to rep Allen R. Wicker, who seems to have no Facebook Page. Allen's hair was more CLOSE-CROPPED.

Mike Kenan should NOT read this -- since he texted me NOT to write about his sending money. STILLI thank him!!!

Good Morning All!!!

As you can likely see, I have added two people I met in the Looney Bin -- the first one is who I have referred to on blog as "The Youngun'", and the second is a SUPER-HOT claimed-heterosexual whose twin brother smokes too much pot to have a life at all, and who loves his not-exactly-christian Mega-Dollars-Earning

And I don't know about Allen, but Youngun' and I -- as well as the older guy who recently tried to "check out" after the Taxman caught up to his and his wife's BRIDAL business -- LOVED our stays at New Hanover Behavioral Hospital -- and actually made the BEST OF OUR STAYS!!! I hope to hear from Allen that he loved it as much -- but if he sends a shirtless photo, I will simply SWOON (even though his chest hair is light to non-existent). He often tried to make me swoon with his acrobatics in hospital, so send some pics, Allen!!! I could USE some healthy stimulation!!!

It was relatively EASY for me to do so since the staff was WELL VERSED  in and even TAUGHT Science of Mind, and although they had NO CHOICE being part of a North Carolina Government System and set up to MANAGE Crisis Situations -- they do that by DRUGS, primarily. I having been in their bin previously (also because a narco-trafficker, Gerald Austin-Wynn, had gotten Judge Sandra Ray to commit me), they previously classed me as BIPOLAR on the word of Mom, who STILL REFUSES to acknowledge the FACT that my Nurse Practitioner of eight years, Alexandra Widdons of PACT ATL in Decatur, GA took me OFF Lithium and other drugs in early 2009, after saying that in all the time she'd known me, I had NEVER shown a sign of being BIPOLAR -- and taking Lithium over time DESTROYS ORGANS, like it had ALREADY destroyed my perfect teeth.

In my conversations with Mom and then Mike yesterday, they BOTH only wanted to know if I was taking the meds prescribed for me in the Crisis Hospital. I told them that was between my doctor and me, but since I have FIRED my shrink, I will be flat honest and say that NO, I am NOT taking any psych meds. You will have to permanently commit me to Cherry Hospital and put me into restraints and INJECT ME to get me to do that.

Mike also told me that the ONLY reason he ever sent me money was because Mom TOLD HIM TO, so I DID call Mom last night and THANKED HER for having done that.

Here is link to Ben and his brother Jon David's (the two district attorneys on either side of the river, here), flunky Dr. Carrie Menke's report that Judge R. Russell Davis with my Public Defender Jennifer Harjo LAUGHED OUT OF COURT in 2012 -- THEN, Ben David was FORCED to make the deal with Jen to ERASE my Wilmington false convictions after a year, when I vamoosed back to Mexico. Ben was as good as his WORD, but the deal was TOTALLY ILLEGAL, and I never got compensation for over 2.5 months in New Hanover County Jail. It is not LEGAL for the D.A. to hold anyone in jail WITHOUT A SHRED OF EVIDENCE THAT THEY COMMITTED A CRIME!!!

Judge Paul L. Jones (retired in 2015), served Lenoir and Greene Counties, NC -- so WHY was HE who Carrie Menke, PhD addressed her BIZARRE REPORT to???

Also Ms. Menke couldn't even spell KENAN right -- WHAT drug is SHE ON???

Dr. Carrie Menke works WORKED -- perhaps she was FIRED FOR CAUSE -- at the SAME PLACE where I FIRED THE SHRINK, yesterday -- LOL!!!

Well, NO ONE in my immediate family has bothered reading enough of my story to judge or discern the TRUTH of my life -- and in fact Mike and his sons Connor and Max have never given a true accounting of HOW Gay they are -- all of them having or at least promoting a FAKE gay life on Social Media -- Mike had called me about 1980 over his homosex in Detroit after doing cocaine, Max as an undergrad at U. of DE, and Connor, in his travels to S.E. Asia after working for Epic Systems.

I hope Mike and Gail have HEALED their marriage -- in honesty -- because I have a LOT of Admiration and Love for Gail and her entire family -- although her father is as RACIST (so necessarily NOT a Christian), as anyone I have EVER MET!!! The things he said about Obama could come from Donald Trump's mouth.

Well, at least Julia Triggs, MD got WISE to Mike and Mom -- calling Mom an old woman too set in her ways, who should be MOSTLY IGNORED, and Mike's claim to the Social Worker that I was NOT TAKING MY MEDS in hospital was so OBVIOUSLY UNTRUE that nothing Mike said could be believed.

SORRY if my Catholic Swastikas Worshiping immediate family doesn't like what the TOP Psychiatric Hospital Docs say about them!!!

Well, I hope everyone has something to contemplate. I have done everything in my power NOT to have to totally separate from the family I love -- but if NONE of you can love me for WHAT I AM (an expression of God -- if different than most, especially you all), then that is what we shall have to do.

Let's NOT communicate for at least a couple of weeks to let things settle down, OK???



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