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RP: New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital (and their "Physicians Group"), Don't Know What to MAKE OF ME -- and a CHRISTIAN BITCH at the Physicians Group Claimed I Can't SAY SUCH THINGS -- and HUNG UP on Me -- LOL!!!

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First, just to calm down a little:

Scott Kenan
I went there once in spring 1973, and saw Rex Reed dancing with abandon between two chubby black guys, the blacks dressed only in diapers

Then, while working for Tennessee Williams 1981 - 82, I met Rex Reed at a party, and later met Rex again at the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival about 2005. 

Don't even ask me about knowing the owners of Studio 54 -- LOL!!! And now I see that ABBA is back!!!:

About this article

Mick Jagger, Andy Warhol and Alfred Hitchcock all frequented the decadent New York bathhouse – as did the police who constantly raided it. Its 87-year-old founder, Steve…

JUST NOW, Allie from apartment 2 RAN OUT to her car carrying FULL back-pack and duffel bag (I don't know that it's drugs, but Allie sold me pot three times, months ago). I'll assume she is reading this blog -- or talking to Jonathan Deputy who reads EVERY blog posting -- as he's proven.

Well, I called both New Hanover Regional Medical Center ("The Oaks" is part of it), and New Hanover Regional Medical Center Physicians Group -- they SHARE a logo and are connected through "My Chart" of Epic Systems, but the one hospital bill and two from the physicians all have DIFFERENT CLIENT NUMBERS for me -- and the hospital a different phone number than the doctors.

BOTH took waiting on line for someone to answer longer than twenty minutes, and at the HOSPITAL, she asked me to mail a WRITTEN STATEMENT to their address in Atlanta, Georgia. She was relatively professional.

At the Physicians Group, she demanded to know whom I said will ultimately pay the bill after Court Proceedings (or if Jon Deputy comes to his senses and agrees to pay all these charges). But HER RECORDS show I owe over $400.00 on one bill I have that shows only $185.10 and she got ANGRY when I told her that Dewey Bridger III had billed me $666.00 (less Medicare), for a five minute visit in which he only took minimal vitals, refused to discuss my commitment, etc. -- and had CALLED ME IN as if he had something IMPORTANT to do only two weeks before my annual MAJOR PHYSICAL


But AT LEAST she had wanted Jonathan Deputy's address, phone number, etc., but when I told her -- like I'd told the other -- that my parents SET UP the Christian Drug Mafia of Wilmington with Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman and others -- and now Mayor Bill Saffo with Wilmington City Council, New Hanover County Commissioners, and the Law Enforcement they hired or got elected to SELL MORE AND MORE DRUGS to profit Wilmington's Christian Churches and ultimately the Bush, Cheney, Clinton, and Kenan Families, she said, "You aren't ALLOWED to say that!!!" and immediately HUNG UP ON ME -- LOL!!!

And then the EMERGENCY ROOM charges people -- an entirely separate company (in Atlanta, Georgia) -- closed their financial office at 4:00 PM, so I couldn't get through to them at 4:30.

And while sitting here considering all of this, I got an email from my Old Buddy George Plimpton's ( Paris Review:

GOOGLE/BLOGGER only allows this to be PROPERLY seen in my original posting, so see HERE to read properly:

Arts & Culture
Women Intellectuals and the Art of the Withering Quip
By Dustin Illingworth

Rebecca West on Henry James: “He splits hairs until there are no longer any hairs to split, and the mental gesture becomes merely the making of agitated passes over a complete and disconcerting baldness.”

But I prefer Mr. William Shakespeare!!!:


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