Sunday, April 8, 2018

RP: Wilmington Police Just Sent an EMISSARY to Interview Me about Recent Criminality (who knew I'd recently been inappropriately committed to "The Oaks"):

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Well, there was only one, a young guy, and we sat on the chairs on the front porch, after I took a moment to RELAX MY HEART after Police again KNOCKED ON MY DOOR.

It seems that my attempted roommate Seth Wayne George had actually STOLEN the TV and bicycle that he had actually TRICKED me into pawning for him. Both have already been recovered (and I apologize to the pawn companies that I assume bite the bullet on this one), but Police had already realized that I had been an unwitting pawn.

I told the Officer that Seth had not stolen a thing from me -- and had left a few things, including the wall bracket for the stolen TV, so Police will pick that up from me, soon. Seth also ate me "out of house and home", but I had ALLOWED THAT. I did NOT mention to the officer how Seth used his "ultra-hot body", including but not limited to, his partially shaved happy trail leading to his shaft and glans that through thinnest shorts were so totally visible -- but I did NOT SWOON!!!

Seth Wayne George was a TOTAL HOTTY (and always had the BEST SMELL!!!).

Notice all the HOTSY-TOTSYS mentioned in THIS week-old posting, will ya???"

I also told the Officer that I would be happy to testify in a Court case -- and told him what I knew of places Seth might have fled to.

It was NICE to be RESPECTED by one of Wilmington, North Carolina's FINEST (again):

Some decorated Wilmington, North Carolina Police Officers

Well THAT'S not pretty, so let's have also THIS:


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