Saturday, May 19, 2018

RP: And Then THESE THINGS Happened:

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Sherry Hall Spivey's house -- BEFORE Sherry inherited it from her mother and TRASHED IT ALL!!!

Half an hour ago, Pete from upstairs came out as I smoked a cig on my FRONT porch -- it had been raining "cats and dogs" since soon after I overheard Sherry's words this morning:

Pete descended the stairs with his Shepherd mix (whom he addressed as "Chris"), carrying a stuffed large backpack. He carried no umbrella and wore no raincoat, so I offered to let him have one of my THREE umbrellas, but he just hurried past me without saying a word -- except to Chris, got into his Dealer's-Plate van, and BACKED OUT FAST to the street -- something I've never before seen anyone do, since it's a relatively long, curving route -- and lots of room to pull back, then drive on out.

Readers will recall that it was Rob in apartment One's previous roommate Aaron Gallimore, who loved doing LSD, CRACK WHORES, and was going to sell one of MY possible roommates a HUGE quantity of marijuana, who insisted he had seen Rob and his car parked next door at Sherry Spivey's house several times.

Aaron Gallimore from a year ago. Aaron soon MOVED OUT, after I wrote his father, a former Marine who helped build a GREAT BUSINESS in Apex, NC:

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From Yvonne Monet -- shared a post. Yvonne is an Atlanta Radio Personality -- for years and YEARSnow!!!
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"Ok. Who do I know who will let us come do this? We have the headphones, the music and we just want to make people dance and smile. Send me an email if you have connections at an assisted living or retirement community and we will make it happen. No charge."

60 Second Docs Presents
The Grandma Get Down
Yahoo posted an episode of 60 Second Docs Presents.
Dementia dance therapy is a beautiful thing to see 👯❤️

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WOW!!! I just signed up for their mailing list to learn MORE before making a commitment!!!

We’ve come a long way since 1922. Today’s analysts need tools that don’t just help them break codes, but see how all the pieces fit together
Sign up for the CREATE study, and help the US Intelligence Community create better reasoning.

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Scott Kenan Near the bottom here is the IMPRESSIVE list of their partners

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