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RP: CONGRATULATIONS to Local Judge Lindsey McKee (formerly Luther) -- and to My MOTHER (for very different reasons)!!!

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Well, the REASON to congratulate Judge Lindsey McKee/Luther, is that TODAY my MOST HIT POSTING about her BROKE INTO the TOP TEN BLOG POSTINGS EVER!!!

And THAT is not easy to do -- since I have so many of them and have been blogging now for TEN YEARS. It has been TWO YEARS since any new posting has made it to the top ten of the heap, and just as a REMINDER, here is Number ONE:

And Number TWO trails it by 16,801 hits!!!

The FUNNIEST THING is that since I captured the above image from LINKED-IN a year or so ago, Lindsey has CHANGED IT, to something YOUNGER -- and "AIRBRUSHED" AS HELL!!!:

Lindsey McKee TODAY (by her OWN claim) -- LOL!!!

And in her LINKED-IN profile, she claims many STRANGE THINGS, like this:

So Lindsey McKee worked these two jobs SIMULTANEOUSLY for TWO YEARSTeaching in Colorado, and also the SUPER-BUSY job in Eastern North Carolina as one of District Attorney Benjamin R. David's Assistant D.A.s.

And there are MORE peculiarities in Lindsey's Profile


Here is something Sheree Gay Griffin sent me and I published January 22, 2018:

Sheree Gay Griffin

Lindsey Luther attended an INTERNATIONAL WHITE SUPREMACY MEETING in Northern Ireland in September 2016, with Texas Republican State Representative Jason Isaac:

There is Lindsey -- absolutely AGOG -- in the front row with Rep. Jason Isaac front and center, here.

In THIS posting, I published SEVERAL screen-captures of this event with MORE INFO (that part begins halfway down):


Me, Mom, and Dad's Flag just two years ago.

When I spoke with my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan of Raleigh, yesterday morning, she actually wanted to make CERTAIN I understood, that the REASON she has done everything she could to KEEP ME from visiting her the last YEAR PLUS (and I've complained about this on blog as well as in person to her), is NOT that she is afraid of or can't handle me (and my mouth), but because at 95 years of age, getting BED BUGS would be worse than HELL!!!

And with BED BUGS, totally ITCHY and DISGUSTING!!!

So after I told Mom that was perfectly understandable -- but had she only been HONEST instead of CAGEY, I would NOT have misunderstood -- I was able to report to her that I have NOT seen a single Bed Bug here in just shy of THREE MONTHS, so I ACTUALLY think they are GONE.

Then tonight I got a call from my brother Mike -- the first time we spoke since the day right after I was sprung from the New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital, aka "The Oaks", where Jonathan Deputy had committed me on LIES. THAT day, first Mom and later Mike had on the phone all but SCREAMED AT ME to take the Lithium Carbonate and Risperdone that they had given me there and I had even filled those prescriptions -- but did not need.

I kept yelling at MIKE (not Mom, being more respectful of her despite her knowing for YEARS I need no psych meds -- as did Mike), to "STOP CHANNELING RUTH ANNE!!!"

Anyway, Mike and I had our best conversation yettonight. 

And then John Gray Hunter, who has lived in these apartments at least seven years, arrived -- I not having seen him for a month. And I told him how I have charged apartment manager Jonathan Deputy with Cyberstalking, and while D.A. Ben David has NOT kicked it out THIS TIMESheriff Ed McMahon is STILL refusing to SERVE IT after 1.5 months.

Of course it was Gray Hunter who told me he knew ALL ABOUT landlady Gold Walker's Narco-Trafficking, but I don't think Gray has even MET Mr. Deputy, who took charge last fall.

Gray said that they BOTH must be "nothin' but common, SouthernTRAILER TRASH!!!"

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Tropical Storm Scott got VERY organized confronting four Wilmington, NC Politicians LAST NIGHT!!! 

See link in comments below:

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Sandra Beckham
“Like a tropical storm, I, too, may one day become ‘better organized'.”

― Lydia Davis, The Collected Stories

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"Clair de Lune" ...played by Lassie, or "Liberace Come Home" -- only YOU can decide!!!

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Liberace on the 4th of July!!!


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