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RP: Email ADDENDUM Just Sent to Julia Olson-Boseman, Deb Butler, Rob Zapple, and Harper Peterson, Democratic Candidates in Wilmington, North Carolina with FAR MORE DETAILS!!!

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The Confederate Monument in front of First Presbyterian Church that with my relative, William Rand Kenan, Sr. CAUSED AND LED the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898, based on the Christian New Testament -- PRAISE JESUS!!!

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In our current era of deep political polarization, it’s more important than ever that we heed the lessons of Wilmington's 1898 riots.

The William Rand Kenan house at 110 Nun Street

May 9, 2018

Dear Julia, Deb, Rob, and HARPER,

I felt like I should be more specific about a few things – and was THRILLED that Harper Peterson sent out an email late this afternoon, jumping RIGHT INTO THE CAMPAIGN!!! Julia and Rob have the RIGHT to be nursing a hangover today – or just taking a breather, after yesterday, no???

When I lived in Gold Walker’s apartment on 4th Street, I often walked by 110 Nun Street and all the Narco-Trafficking there -- that all the neighbors told me they were aware of. Susi Hamilton didn’t even live a full block away and was a Democratic State Representative. Twice I called her at her home phone number, once leaving a message with a man who claimed to be her husband, and once leaving a recorded message to call me about what I could testify in Court about it, but Susi REFUSED to call me back.

I had been inside the Kenan house during that time and in fact one resident had taken out a Restraining Order against me without ever asking me not to contact her. She had offered to rent me a room in that house in 2011 – until the head METH-seller found out.

I DO have most of these people’s names, and Curtis Thompson, now retired drag queen and he’s worked at the Village Market at Dock and 2nd Street for many years, hung out with them there frequently and TOLD ME they were all Drug Mafia. The “Meth Guy” was eventually arrested, convicted, and imprisoned for a few years in South Carolina. When I saw Curtis in the Village Market when I returned to Wilmington in 2015, he CAME AT ME he was so mad about my blogging about his involvement in Narco-Trafficking, and even “Yaw-Yah” of the “Arab Mafia” who have always been so kind to me, there, got me connected with Philip Rosario, who became my roommate in Gold Walker’s property for half a year – until I caught him splitting a throw-pillow sized bag of pot and smoking crack in the apartment – and passing rolls of hundred dollar bills with two other guys, and kicked him out.

It was Phil, a Puerto Rican from NYC who had lived 30 years in Wilmington and he claimed to have run a HUGE Drug Operation and many Whore Houses for those 30 years for Father Robert J. Kus.

Also living in Gold Walker’s 205 S. 4th Street property was Denise Renee Wood, a then 43-year-old, 6’ 3” woman who twenty years ago had earned 43 Felony Convictions and 13 Misdemeanors as an International Drug Mule, but NEVER lost her gun rights, and kept two loaded six-shooters by her bed (but later sold one of them). Denise told me she works with Mayor Bill Saffo (and that Saffo has a thing for young guys – not surprising since many find my blog searching “Mayor Saffo gay” or “Renee Saffo Restraining Order”).

Contact Information
The Perfect Painter
205 S 4th St
WilmingtonNC 28401

Denise Wood
(910) 226-7139

The Perfect Painter is the only company located at 205 S 4th St, Wilmington, NC 28401

Denise still gets her mail there and might have moved back in after Gold moved me out. Also, there is Sa’ant Samuel Celia, Jr., called Sam, living there in apartment One. For years his LSD Lab supplied his good personal friend Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, as well as MY personal friend, Theodore Druch of Puerto Vallarta who was in my Writers Group there headed by BBC retired star Colin Stuart Hamilton (and Stanley Winborne III of Wilmington was very active in the Writers Group too), who was murdered summer 2015, and Jennifer McCracken of Carolina Apartments knew all the details of how the murderer led Mexican Authorities to the buried body five hours away – and then the CIA forced them to release the murderer.

You see, Ted Druch had been Dr. Timothy Leary’s homosexual lover during the “Millbrook” days, later marrying a Christian, Maria Ruiz, and getting HEAVILY into Christian Church Narco-Trafficking – with the Governor of Nayarit State – and it was THEY, who with Martin Jacobo of the CIA tried to murder me TWICE in one week, propelling me to return to the USA in 2015.

Anyway, Sam Celia kept bragging to me about supplying them all with what Jerry Garcia claimed was the best quality LSD he ever had, and also to Leary and Druch. Denise Wood kept warning Sam to SHUT UP because his crimes were so severe, there was no statute of limitation on them, but San sloughed that off. He has worked for years in the kitchen of Slice of Life Pizza, downtown, and his cell number is (910) 524-XXXX. You, or even Law Enforcement – can ask Sam DIRECTLY, if you don’t believe me.

Now I told Gold Walker about all this drug dealing in her property that is all but next door to St. Mary’s Catholic School and First Presbyterian Pre-School (I thought Drug Sales Penalties were doubled if within 1,000 feet of a school, but maybe that is just Child Molestation), but Gold dismissed it, saying she didn’t CARE, since they all paid rent on time and caused HER no problems. Jonathan Deputy is well aware of all of this too.

Anyway, I had written in haste earlier today, and hope you find these extra details helpful!!!

This email will be published on my blog here and emailed to my 320 Political Contacts. My earlier email is published just before it:

All best,

Scott David Kenan


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