Friday, May 4, 2018

RP: Email Just Successfully Sent to Maya Little at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, via Secured Server -- Fancy THAT!!!

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May 4, 2018

Dear Ms. Maya Little,

THANK YOU for taking your stand at UNC against Silent Sam – the ICON of what my Kenan Family Members that put Donald Trump into power to destroy Democracy in the name of INVERTED Christianity are DUG IN to preserve.

My full name is Scott David Kenan, a shirttail cousin of Thomas S. Kenan III and Betty (Price) Kenan (and I have spoken with both of them on the phone – and dated Tom Kenan’s ex-boyfriend in 1985 here in Wilmington), of your area – perhaps two of the MOST EVIL people on this earth. Although I grew up and was educated as a Yankee, I lived in the Atlanta area most of my adult life.

NOW, after most of five years in Political Exile in the Puerto Vallarta area with Colin Powell’s people’s help, I came back to Wilmington after declaring in my blog (that is on its way to 2,000,000 registered hits), that I have done so to EXPOSE the crimes of my Confederate Kenan relatives – as well as their Narco-Trafficking with not only the Bush and Cheney Families – but Bill and Hillary Clinton, too.

Gov. Roy Cooper might make an exception on statues, but he has been protecting Kenan Narco-Trafficking since he became Attorney General of NC – and I have confronted him about his close friend Ryan Lee Burris (until recently the 3rd Vice Chair of the New Hanover County Democrats as well as head of Cape Fear Equality), Ryan not only close to Gov. Cooper, but to disgraced Wilmington Republican NC State Senator Thom Goolsby – a MAJOR Narco-Trafficker -- whom the Kenans then got onto the UNC System Board and Thom INTIMIDATED the sitting HEAD of that board into resigning, so that George W. Bush’s TOP Domestic Adviser, Margaret Spellings, could be put into place to further destroy quality education. Roy Cooper’s TOP Wilmington campaign manager who then lived next door to me said she KNEW Cooper was totally into Drug Trafficking – but at least he is NOT an abject Racist.

I have had my own difficulties – but nothing I have not been able to handle. I have been committed to Mental Hospitals, forced to take “soft-lobotomizing” Lithium Carbonate for 31 years on a false diagnosis of Bipolar, arrested, jailed, and convicted many times – but I FORCED Wilmington’s Democratic District Attorney Benjamin R. David to ERASE my North Carolina convictions – but although he later ALSO AGREED to VOID the theft of the copyright to my memoir of working for Tennessee Williams in Chicago Courts in 2013 – which he had done with help of a Fox News Talking Head as well as lawyer Daliah Saper, and a top exec of Wells Fargo, Chicago, who ADMITTED TO ME he Narco-Trafficked $24,000,000.00/month for his bank (in Puerto Vallarta) – and that year, 2010, Wells Fargo, Chicago was FINED $200,000,000.00 for laundering Drug Money. Ben David is UNABLE to affect convictions in Illinois.

And here in Wilmington, last summer on my 66th birthday outside a restaurant, a man claiming he was going to SHOOT ME DEAD, accosted me by pushing me backward with his fat belly, declaring the Bible COMMANDS that Christians murder ALL LIBERALS and FAGGOTS like me, and when he got his gun (which he normally carries everywhere), he would hunt my 6’ 11” self down on Wilmington Streets and KILL ME.

And THEN D.A. Ben David with his Asst. D.A. Alexandria Palombo essentially REFUSED to prosecute that crime – and even CLAIMED when I tried to on my own without their help, that they had an ARREST WARRANT, and I was going STRAIGHT FROM COURT TO JAIL. After the Judge and Prosecutor’s Team left Court (Deputies were holding me in “detention” in Court), the paper turned out to be a year-old Summons that had never been served me, I was NOT arrested, and when it came up for trial, it was revealed to be nothing but TRUMPED-UP TRASH (and the Judge – a TOTAL WHITE SUPREMACIST and like D.A. David then an Elder at First Presbyterian, which with my relative William Rand Kenan, Sr. an Elder there then, LED the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898), Lindsey McKee Luther, actually ordered a Deputy to GUARD ME while in her Court that day – because like ALL powerful Wilmingtonians, she had READ one of my MOST popular (if vulgar) blog postings:

Just over a month ago, the Apartment Manager where I live began Cyberstalking me (after coming over and physically threatening to beat me if I didn’t move out or stop blogging about the Drug Sales of residents he was protecting – and DISCLAIMER: Marijuana is Medicinal, so I have no problem with that). He claimed I am a Child Molester, NEVER worked for or even knew Tennessee Williams, and that he would steal copyright to ANY book I write – just like D.A. Ben David with Fox News, etc. had done – so that fitting the Definition, I charged him with Cyberstalking. The next day, he lied to a Judge and got me falsely committed to the big Mental Hospital here.

It took ten days to get out – and I then found that he had pulled strings and gotten my Charge against him THROWN OUT!!! I was immediately able to re-file it and he bragged he would get THAT thrown out too. It has now been over a month since I took it out the second time. D.A. David has NOT tossed it, but the Sheriff, Ed McMahon (another Narco-Trafficking Democrat – although they all serve the Republicans and Kenan Family), has REFUSED to serve him.

Enough of my troubles. You should know that in 1990, after I tracked major Narco-Trafficking through Stone Mountain Park in Georgia – just blocks from my home – and was ARRESTED after reporting it to Newt Gingrich’s Office (my own Democrat “Congressman Cooter”, Ben Jones of The Dukes of Hazzard was a VERY bad drunk back then, so I went to Newt – not knowing that he and my Kenan Family were a major part of it – and I was soon arrested on false charge of simple Trespass, but NOT charged and after being held 15 weeks in jail without charge filed Writ of Habeus Corpus forcing trial (where I pled Nolo, and was sentenced to a YEAR of House-Arrest Probation – by what would become a CLINTON Democrat).

Knowing that Frank Hawkins Kenan’s (then America’s TOP RACIST and Spiritual Leader of the NC Republican Party), brother who with Frank ran all the Kenan Companies and Charities, James Graham Kenan, lived and worked in Atlanta, I called him. He was sinking into Alzheimer’s and was then retired, but sent me to his wife’s nephew, Gregg Loomis, another Lawyer in Atlanta (, and when I joked that since Kenan is in the Old Testament 4th in line from Adam to Noah, maybe we are hiding Jews, he nearly CHOKED and said the ONLY people the wealthy Kenans hate more than “niggers” are JEWS!!!

Did I mention I was raised with Swastikas on our Catholic dinner plates and daily beatings??? 

When I worked for Tennessee Williams 1981 and 82, I met all of JFK’s sisters, their husbands, but Jackie Onassis deepest. I was invited to the White House where I had a conversation with Ronald Reagan (but Nancy was sort of cold). Just 1.5 years ago, the somewhat distant cousin of George Bush sought me out for a date, and we spent the night in a hotel on Carolina Beach – up all night LAUGHING about all the Traitorous and Drug-Trafficking Crimes of the Bush and Kenan Families, together, over many decades.

If you have any interest in PICKETING Tom or Betty Kenan’s homes (Tom right there in Chapel Hill), I would be most HAPPY to come up there, march my 6’ 11” self toward the front, and I am an EXCELLENT Public Speaker with a “Projectile Voice” – to tell MANY MORE secrets of the God-Hating Racist, Narco-Trafficking Kenan Family. Or I could speak with any other group, anywhere.

I am afraid of NOTHING!!!

In any case, you should mine my blog for info: And after sending this to you, I will publish this email on my blog, then as always, email it out to my 230 Political Contacts, about ½ of whom are in North Carolina -- in Politics, the Press, Law Enforcement, Church Leaders, and “Friends of Tennessee Williams”.

Let me know what I can do to SUPPORT YOUR CAUSES, please!!!

Scott David Kenan
Cell: (910) 200-XXXX


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