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RP: HAPPY DAY to All Our MOTHERS -- but if YOURS Is a "Believing Christian", Best Be Sure She's Properly DRUGGED as Her Church Is Revealed to Be SATAN!!! TRUE CHRISTIANS (and Jesus-Lovers -- Atheist to Christian), Should Just Read His Words in a RED-LETTER Bible:

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Scott Kenan

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Way, way, WAY TOO FUNNY!!!

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have invited an American bishop, the Most Rev. Michael Curry, head of the Episcopal Church, to give the address at the royal…
This SUSPENSION OF VOTING RIGHTS is STILL IN EFFECT for another year, but the Prelate of the Episcopal Church USABishop Michael Curry, is to PREACH at the Royal Anglican Wedding -- LOL!!!

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The Communion has been divided globally and in the U.S. for years.

The "English Catholic Church" -- like the "Roman Catholic Church", and all the Orthodox Churches (Greek, Russian, etc.), serve CANNIBAL COMMUNION -- believing the bread and wine become the LITERAL body and blood of Jesus. The OTHER Christian Churches have a SYMBOLIC Commemorative Communion:

FUN FORM of Cum Union (for most)!!!

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The federal government is on track to borrow nearly $1 trillion this fiscal year — President Donald Trump's first full year in charge of the budget.

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It’s the ultimate test for climate change deniers. Will the sculpture melt, or stick around for centuries to come? Time – and science – will tell.

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A new Kansas law makes it a crime for police to have sex with people they pull over for traffic violations or detain in criminal investigations.


Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan -- ten years ago.

Readers might recall this from a week ago -- and just checking, I guess I didn't blog about calling Mom a week early, but this posting from then is apropos to the situation today:

I told Mom how yesterday, after walking around downtown for about three hours, I ran into a homeless guy who had gone homeless because every place he tried to rent a room was full of DRUG ADDICTS, so he moved into a tent in the woods. We spoke for half an hour about what his and my lives have been like -- I no longer homeless, but STILL BATTLING all the DRUG-PROFITING Politicians and Christian Churches -- but ESPECIALLY  Jonathan Deputy and Gold Walker (and Sheriff Ed McMahon).

I ended up giving him the two dollars I had in my wallet -- although he never asked for more than a cig.

And I told Mom how the last few months, I always check the haunts downtown where the homeless I have known for years hang out, and that I can't find ANY of them anymore except a short, fat black guy who is filthy, smokes short, fat cigars and often PREACHES FOR JESUS.

Most importantly, Joseph Christopher Spagnolo (called "Joey Spaghetti"), who had LIVED with me the last month before I fled back to Mexico in 2012 -- and had tried to KILL ME with his switchblade the night before I fled (but another guy and his girlfriend stayed with us in a hotel room that Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. of NYC had paid for, and THEY prevented it), has disappeared!!!

I just called his cell and it is disconnected.
Joey had been US Special Forces years ago, and was used by Wilmington Law Enforcement to KILL OR MAIN anyone threatening their DRUG TRAFFICKING with Wilmington's Christian Churches. In fact, he cut someone severely one time very near me, was ARRESTED for it, but three days later was OUT OF JAIL, the CHARGE WAS DROPPED, and Sheriff Ed McMahon had ERASED the Record of his stay in the JAIL!!!

"Well, you can just PULL MY FINGER -- if you don't LIKE THAT," said Ed McMahon!!!

And otherwise, the flirty young guy I met at the Azalea Festival in front of Down to Earth, where he works and CLAIMED he found me fascinating and INVITED me to come back and make a date to at least share a coffee or a beer, was there and is just a SNOTTY, BITCHY LITTLE QUEEN (but in his late 20s, is really toO young for me, anyway).

Then, I looked in to Ping's Tibet, to see if the DEVOUT CATHOLIC convicted child molester whom I'd had so much DIFFICULTY and LIES from, was NOT there, and Mrs. Ping was running the store -- she BACK (a week early, I believe), from her two-week buying trip to Asia.

See 1/3 the way down here

And this is about all the CHRISTIAN HATRED OF GOD that I can BEAR TODAY!!!

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President Donald Trump says he is working with Chinese President Xi Jinping on a way to get ZTE 'back in business.'

UNBELIEVABLE: "ZTE, a smartphone and telecom equipment maker that does business around the world, announced last week that it has halted its main operations after the Trump administration banned American companies from selling it vital components. Now, Trump says he's working with President Xi Jinping of China to get the company back on its feet."
At least my mother and I are now BOTH past the Catholic NAZI Swastikas that she THRUST upon the USA through MOST of her now 95 years -- and for THAT, I . . . 


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