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RP: Happy SUNDAY, Everyone!!! A Little Posting BEFORE I Write the North Carolina Justice Center Concerning Wilmington Criminals Jonathan Deputy, Sheriff Ed McMahon, D.A. Benjamin R. David, Etc.:

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I LOVE the Teachings of Jesus -- but CANNOT trust Christians. They REFUSE to kick the Donald Trump supporters OUT of their churches, thereby ENABLING the complete NAZI takeover of the USA.

My parents were at the CENTER of this, they helping set up the Christian Drug Mafias of Wilmington, NC and Atlanta, GA, especially. I was raised with Swastikas on the dinner plates with Top Republicans like Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, Coach Lou Holtz, Sean Hannity of Fox News, and others in my parents' circle, but NOW my father is dead, and my 95-year-old mother and I are at Peace with each other.

Mom and I BOTH have the same goals, but while I support Liberty, Justice, and Opportunity for all to get there, my mother -- personal friend of more than one Catholic Pope and a TOTAL Republican -- supports jailing, mental-health-hospital committing (or over-medicating) those she disagrees with, has recently come to see MY point of view, and is gradually ABANDONING her NAZI/Catholic view of re-establishing Hitler's Third Reich, so she being 95 years old, I do NOT push for her prosecution, but would still SUPPORT IT with evidence, which I have TONS of, and it is MOST DAMNING of her and Dad.


Given the state of US Politics, I don't BLAME JESUS for turning his sights elsewhere.

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The 2017 inauguration crowd continues to be a wellspring of humor.

Scott Kenan
This is like Wilmington, NC Sheriff's Detective Evan Luther married to Republican Judge Lindsey McKee/Luther who is an ELDER at First Presbyterian and posted many similar things on Facebook, but had to delete them after I blogged about it

And Evan Luther and Lindsey McKee are NOW DIVORCED!!!

Democrat Sheriff Ed McMahon was informed of this by PHYSICAL LETTER from me, and responded by sending THREE Detectives to question me for nearly half an hour -- then they tried to FRAME ME by OFFERING ME MARIJUANA!!!

Evan Luther was neither reprimanded NOR REMOVED!!!

Two show below in comments:

In a Facebook post that has since been deleted, a Republican candidate for Oklahoma governor suggested euthanizing the poor and the disabled in order to cut down on the…

Scott Kenan
Unbelievable -- all done to promote the "CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES" of my devout Episcopalian Kenan Family that controls Exxon-MobilBank of AmericaKenan Advantage Group (, the American Petroleum Institute, the Ku Klux Klan, etc. -- and put Donald Trump onto the Presidency. 

And ALSO PLACED Kenan Family lifelong employee Rex Tillerson who GUTTED the State Department!!!

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Republican leaders passed an amendment to cut educational and other programs in Senate Democrats’ districts after a dispute over late-night legislating.

>>> OH WELL!!!

Scott Kenan
Some of the major cities that have been contacted have outright declined, and others that had expressed interest are now pulling out

Nobody wants the gaggle of alt-righters and deplorables that would come along with a convention, and the GOP is running out of options.

The Republican Party can’t seem to find any big city willing to host their 2020 Presidential convention. Some of the major cities that have been contacted have…
We really tried to ignore that wedding... finally the headline we approve.

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WINDSOR, UK – In an elaborate and lavish spectacle watched by millions around the world today, an irrelevant member of an obsolete class system wedded a…


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