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RP: Having JUST VOTED near the Junction of Colonial and Confederate Drives in Wilmington, North Carolina, I Encourage ALL Who Have Elections Today to VOTE INTELLIGENTLY!!! Polls Close in NC at 7:30 PM.

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Wasn't this nearly EVERYONE'S experience when having the choice of my Kenan Family and our Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, www.theKAG.com, Episcopal Church, and Ku Klux Klan candidate Donald Trump -- and Hillary Clintonwho with her husband Bill are (or were), the BIGGEST Hard-Drug Traffickers to enrich their CIA, Bush, and Cheney Allies???

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Sandra Beckham
Time is heavy sometimes; imagine how heavy eternity must be.

Emile M. Cioran

This morning, I woke up with one goal in mind -- other than voting -- to write to the Head of the Republican Party in New Hanover County, Michael Franklin, whom I've known ELECTRONICALLY since we got into correspondence right after Democrat D.A. Ben David FORCED me to flee back to Mexico in 2012. I will do that after I complete this posting.

I want to THANK New Hanover County Commissioner Rob Zapple, who sent me a robo-call last night to be certain to vote. The articles in BOTH the Wilmington Star News's and Port City Daily's twice-daily emails were CONFUSING, and I'd forgotten that the Commissioners' Race was one of the two on the Democratic Primary Ballot.

County Commissioner Rob Zapple, whom I met at Julia Boseman's Fundraiser a year and a half ago -- and discovered he is HONEST about the corruption of TOO MANY DEMOCRATS.


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The Flagler Museum is mostly supported by my Kenan Family that inherited ALL of Flagler's Estate -- including control of Standard Oil, now Exxon-Mobil

The Kenans ALSO inherited all of Frank Hawkins's Estate -- Hawkins having "put the Phoenix in Atlanta" after the Civil War, and THAT was how Kenans came to control one of the BIGGEST blocks of Coca-Cola stock.
On this date in 1886, Jacob’s Pharmacy in Atlanta sold, for the first time, a new soft drink by the name of Coca-Cola.

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Scott Kenan

First, Bank of America -- which is controlled by my Kenan Family and secondly by my friends, Frank Sinatra's heirs --  promised to MOVE from Charlotte to New York if NC passed a state Constitutional Amendment against gay marriage

The State did that, but BoA didn't do a THING. Then in 2014, Bank of America was the ONLY party to honor the false conviction of me of LIBEL in Chicago Courts (Google/Blogger and Amazon REFUSED to obey that order), gotten by Wilmington, NC D.A. Benjamin R. David, a Fox News Talking Head/Lawyer, and a Wells Fargo exec, and not only that, BoA emptied my accounts of Disability Money that is by Law protected from such Judgments

And when I called the lawyer that BoA told me served them, the number they gave me THREE TIMES was to an abandoned building in Chicago but forwarded to a lawyer there who said he gets MANY calls forwarded through that number and none of them have anything to so with his business and he assumes it is used by SCAMMERS

ALL of this I documented in my blog and in comments below, I will publish link to my Letter to Moynihan.

Neither BoA's CEO Brian T. Moynihan nor anyone on his Legal staff replied to my letter asking about all of that. As has been reported in the Press, Bank of America has profited BY FAR THE MOST from Trump's new Tax Plan, and now there is this about them financing Remington

Moynihan is a DEVOUT ROMAN CATHOLIC and my SWASTIKAS-DISPLAYING mother got all her orders from Catholic Popes to promote the Catholic Swastika

Also, only a few months ago, BoA raised all their fees ONLY for small account owners, which led me to take my accounts to Wells Fargo. WF actually DOES listen to me -- although they are FAR from "saintly".

About this article

The bank pledged in April to stop financing companies that sell military-style firearms to civilians. Remington made the Bushmaster rifle used in the San...

Now I KNEW I might run into D.A. Ben David at the polling place -- and PREPARED myself to calmly and "professionally" ask him if HE was the person in his office who TRASHED my first Charge against the DRUG-SALES-PROTECTING Republican Jonathan Deputy who then FALSELY committed me to the New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital the day after I took out the Cyberstalking Charge against him for his spreading that I am a child molester, had never even KNOWN playwright Tennessee Williams, and that he might STEAL COPYRIGHT to any books I write -- JUST LIKE BEN DAVID WITH FOX NEWS AND A WELLS FARGO ADVISOR'S EXEC had done to me in Chicago Courts in 2013!!! 


Well, at least I knew that Republican Judge Lindsey McKee/Luther -- one of Ben David's PRIME ALLIES -- votes somewhere else:

Lindsey was married to Sheriff's Detective Evan Luther when she was first elected -- then PROMPTLY divorced him (although they are of the same POLITICAL MIND), Lindsey being a LESBIAN, according to Jennifer McCracken, who sold all manner of drugs in Carolina Apartments when I lived there and was IN LOVE with Judge Luther, Jenny the MOR(M)ON sister of a TOP CIA AGENT on Sheriff Ed McMahon's Deputies who protects Narco-Trafficking

Jennifer McCracken had FIVE ONLINE ALIASES that I found -- but since I knew her in 2015, she's been WAY OVER-MEDICATED, her face is totally bloated, and she does the "THORAZINE SHUFFLE" when she walks.

But Jenny ALSO knew ALL ABOUT the CIA MURDER of my friend retired BBC star of radio and TV Colin Stuart Hamilton in Puerto Vallarta -- even that the murderer led authorities to the body, buried five hours away, and then the CIA FORCED MEXICAN AUTHORITIES to RELEASE the murderer.

Evan Luther posted this on Facebook to PROMOTE WILMINGTON CHRISTIANITY:

Previous to that (2015), Evan had posted this:

So don't tell ME that Thomas S. Kenan III (on right), and Betty (Price) Kenan (center), do NOT control EVERY REPUBLICAN POLITICIAN and most of the Democrats in North Carolina -- and NARCO-TRAFFIC with ALL of them -- and MOST Christian Churches!!!

Attorney Bruce A. Mason

REMEMBER: It was attorney Bruce A. Mason -- when he fired me so that Kenan Family Attorneys in Raleigh could SCREW ME after a Time Warner Truck knocked me 12 feet out of the crosswalk in front of the Court House in February of 2017, after I warned Mayor Bill Saffo I was WALKING to his office to DEMAND the full Police Report on the murder of my friend Evan Fish by Wilmington Police (as verified by Sheriff's Deputies):

And AFTER Mr. Mason told me that EVERY REPUBLICAN and MOST DEMOCRATS are controlled by my NAZI/KLANSMEN Kenan FamilyTWO Magistrates I had business with VERIFIED THIS!!!

Democrat Charlie Rivenbark has been on City Council the longest -- and is part of the SAFFO DRUG MAFIA run in Wilmington by Mayor Bill Saffo, who gets his orders from his UNCLE in New York City.

And YES, when I finally met Charlie Rivenbark in Mayor Saffo's Office, Charlie -- knowing that only a few months before that, I was hit by that truck -- told me he HOPES I get a DOG, and IT TOO is hit by a vehicle!!!

Just ask DAWN GRANTS (Saffo's Secretary) -- she witnessed it ALL!!!

All I will say about my voting experience is that there was NO ONE BUT ME voting while I was there, and I very NICELY told everyone there that I am a KENAN, and my family with most Christian Churches and BOTH PARTIES (excepting a few Democrats), runs all the WHITE SUPREMACY and DRUG-TRAFFICKING in the USA.

MOST looked like they wanted to THANK ME for saying that, except one older, White, presumed Republican woman, who began to laugh DERISIVELY.

I looked right at her and said I didn't work for Tennessee Williams, know all of JFK's sisters, their husbands, and Jackie Kennedy Onassis -- as WELL as President and Mrs. Reagan -- and many other national and international Leaders as well, and learn NOTHING!!! 





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