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RP: In the AFTERMATH of Mother's Day 2018, MUCH Is Clarifying -- LOL!!!

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“So much of what I’ve done and so much of what I’ve become is because of my mother. I miss her a lot,” he said.

Mary Trump has MUCH the same NAZI spirit as Rose Kennedy, who became Countess of the Roman Catholic Church for her and hubby Joe Kennedy the First's VALIANT EFFORTS to get FDR to side with Adoph Hitler in WWII.

Roman Catholic Countess Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy

Today, in the SAME SPIRIT Joe Kennedy III takes FAR MORE MONEY from the Pharmaceuticals Industry than any other Democrat, is AGAINST legalizing marijuana (which IS now legal in his Massachusetts), and is TOTALLY BELOVED BY and NEVER CRITICIZED BY Fox News.

REMEMBERBank of America is controlled by my Kenan Family that also controls Exxon-Mobil!!!

I have talked to more than one person in Congressman Kennedy's Home Office, and the ONLY Kennedy today who is NOT fundamentally a NAZI is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. -- the grandfather of Joe III. Also, Joe Kennedy III's Office wrote me that NO KENNEDY HAS EVER BEEN GAY (but they support Gay Rights).

More than HALF of the males in my Kenan Family are either gay or bisexual -- WHAT GIVES???

Remember how I SALUTED the mother of Debbie Walter Joslin of my 1973 Class at Denison University???:

Well, yesterday I saluted ANOTHER BRAVE MOTHER on Facebook, who was FEARLESS in traveling to the MOST DANGEROUS PLACES IN THE WORLD, including the Berlin Wall, Beirut, etc.:

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Jay Randall
My Mother the badass -- Berlin early 1960s#oldschoolcool #berlinwall

And just now, I posted this on Debbie Walter Joslin's Facebook Page for our 45th reunion -- after Libby White LIKED the first of these comments:

Scott Kenan I've been busy TOO, working with Colin Powell and others to get Trump out of power. My Kenan Family (that gave Denison over $1,000,000.00 in 1974), and controls Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, etc., put Trump into power to destroy Democracy:


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Scott Kenan Thank you Libby White -- and for your efforts for GUN SAFETY!!! Denison is so bad they BLOCKED ME from commenting on Denison's actual Facebook pages five years ago, and STOPPED mailing me DENISON magazines over a year ago. My ONLY Denison friend who TODAY is friendly with me (Steve Fretwell is NOT friendly to me AT ALL), is Dean Hansell of the 1974 class -- Dean my roommate for a month on an anti-poverty DCA program in West Tennessee, who as HEAD of DCA our senior year SET UP the first Gay Group at Denison in 1972 that I headed and did a call-in radio show on WDUB that got us NO CRITICISM. Dean soon co-founded GLAAD, was Asst. Atty. General of Illinois, won Michael Jackson's mother her LARGEST award against the record companies, was Police Commissioner of Los Angeles, and recently appointed to Superior Court in Los Angeles by Gov. Brown (and ALSO served a while as a Denison Trustee). But FUNNIEST, perhaps, is that when Steve Fretwell and I were Head Residents of Huffman Hall, we used to LAUGH OUR BUTTS OFF because once I walked into the Columbus, Ohio gay disco, The Kismet, and THREE Denison Fraternity Presidents FLED OUT THE BACK DOOR!!! Today, I send my college donations to the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University -- the school I was PROMISED a basketball scholarship to in the original 1967 Kenan Family Genealogy -- but I got a BRAINS scholarship to Denison. See my blog for my latest:
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And my REAL GOAL in revisiting MOTHERS DAY 2018, was to ADD that while speaking with my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan (95 years old and still driving to Mass and her Bridge Club), Mom said the ONLY TRULY NICE THING I can recall her ever saying to me: "I just want you to know I am SO HAPPY that you are my child!!!"

I replied, "Yeah, but BOTH you and I have NOT felt that way over too many years of my life -- but we BOTH knew we could work that out over TIME, which I PROMISED you I would do even if I had to do it alone."

And we BOTH got to BELLY-LAUGHING!!!

You see, I KNEW I had completed ONE of my life's tasks when I completed my Memoir of working for Tennessee Williams

But then Wilmington, NC Democrat District Attorney Ben David with Fox News and others STOLE MY COPYRIGHT and PREVENTED Scott Rudin or the producers of all the Harry Potter movies from making it into a movie (so I published it on Google's Blogger -- with NO PROBLEMS from Google)!!!

My NEXT Life Goal was to heal my mother of her CATHOLIC NAZISM, and now, I know that is COMPLETE!!!

Who KNOWS what is next!!!

PROBABLY (this week), it is try to FORCE Democrat Sheriff and MEGA Narco-Trafficker Ed McMahon to SERVE JONATHAN DEPUTY my SUMMONS TO COURT for Charge of CYBERSTALKING MEno???

I got a LOT of gardening in yesterday -- and a THIRD half-hour or longer discussion of this weekend with my just upstairs neighbor, John Gray HunterGray has lived here ten years now (he finally clarified), and has ALWAYS known that Landlady Gold Walker is a HUGE DRUG SELLER. And like ME, he also has FULL RESPECT for Gold's Maintenance Supervisor and sometimes Property Manager Thomas (who addresses me as "Chief" or "Boss").

First, here is the bicycle under the stairs outside my front door that has been there for at least 1.5 weeks, and I THOUGHT belonged to Devout Catholic and Convicted Child Molester (he spent 18 years in prison for that), Robert, who works at Ping's Tibet gift shop, but NO ONE HERE knows whose it is!!! The wild grape vine has found a good TRELLIS, no???

Anyway, I planted a lot of Moon Vine seeds, yesterday, to grow up my deck and then up to the lattice of Gray's deck, and in the PROCESS of that, all three of Sheree Hall Spivey's dogs from next door came over and THREATENED ME very aggressively, but I CHASED THEM OFF three times with my shovel. ONE was actually shy and came up for a petting, but the one who appears to have a BADLY SET compound fracture of one of her front legs (the wound is still OPEN), was the worst.

Sheree has posted this photo of one of her dogs on her Facebook Page many times!!!

Then just as I was about to CALL THE COPS, one of Sheree's HOT DRUG THUGS came out and began calling for them -- and I SURE GAVE HIM a "PIECE OF MY MIND"!!!

This is the Duranta "Sapphire Showers" (Duranta erecta), that I bought this weekend -- like the one I had to put into the GROUND in Puerto Vallarta because it grew so HUGE, blooming year-round.

I'll post more photos from this year's garden soon -- but my NEXT favorite plant lost it's ready-to-open blossoms due to transplant shock, so it might be a FEW DAYS.

And I JUST POSTED THIS to my old buddy Russel Honore's GREEN ARMY Facebook Page -- and it is already getting LIKES!!!

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The state's economy contracted by 0.2 percent, getting smaller for the second straight year.

Scott Kenan Sorry to see this, and I advise my personal friend Lt. Gen. Russel Honore' (we had two meetings at The Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival in 2015), to read my LATEST blog posting of TAKING DOWN my Kenan Family that controls Exxon-Mobil/Rex Tillerson, and put Donald Trump into the Presidency to DESTROY DEMOCRACY in the name of Jesus Christ!!! My own mother -- PERSONAL FRIEND of more than just Pope John-Paul II -- got ALL her NAZI orders from Catholic Popes -- but the BEST ALLIES of Democracy I know are all Roman Catholics (like Russel Honore', I believe) -- HA!!!:

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