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RP: Is YOUR Kentucky Derby Hat Ready for the RACE??? I Bet You'd Like a MINT JULEP from "My Old Kentucky Home":

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When we lived on Stanton Blvd. in Louisville (1957 - 59), my mother's brothers, their wives, and all their children PILED into this three-bedroom home, and all the adults went to the Derby!!!

Our old house, today. To the side is Noe Way -- pronounced "No Way", rather than "No-ey Way" as is NORMAL, was a dead-end street then -- but now it goes through to Hike's Lane.

At this house, our mutt, Gina Lollobrigida -- named for the busty Italian actress:

Ms. Lollobrigida

 . . . had to grow all eight teats HUGE -- because she had NINE PUPPIES on Christmas Eve -- right after my mother had a miscarriagebaptized the two-inch fetus, and Dad buried it in the garden and planted a rose bush atop it.

You could NOT do that today!!!

For first and second grades, I went to St. Barnabas Catholic School on Hike's Lane, and in third grade, we moved half a mile and were in the NEW St. Martha's then being built and studied in shifts with St. Barnabas students there for a year until we moved into our own campus. Just now, I saw on Google Maps that St. Barnabas still has their church and school, but it is labeled "St. John-Paul II Parish", so I called them, and St. Barnabas and another nearby church/school, St. Pius, were COMBINED, but they have two campuses with the original church names.

And I did NOT breath a word about Politics -- and only told them I went there in the mid-50s and got a GREAT EDUCATION.

Well, first thing today, I got another email from "Daughtery Darrell" (legal name: John Daugherty -- see:, and responded: 


Why did you think I had your back -- you never asked -- and then you proved yourself to be a coward.

My writings aren't some kind of BIBLE you can throw at people or hit them over the head with. You have to USE anything you learn from me and put it into your own words and be specific to a situation. You just forwarded my email without explanation, confusing that woman -- as it would ANYONE.

Can you prove YOU have a brain???


-----Original Message-----
From: darrell daughtery <>
To: scottdkenan <>; scott <>
Sent: Fri, May 4, 2018 8:16 am
Subject: Re: contact info

Why did you throw me under the bus? I thought you had my back. I loved your writings and thought you might help me.

>>> THEN SUDDENLY TWO COOL THINGS CAME UP ON FACEBOOK -- first a COOL photo of a dog walking the HOT Puerto Vallarta Beach that I posted four years ago:

"Today I have thrown my blood and red ink on this statue as a part of the continued mission to provide the context that the chancellor refuses to," protester Maya Little said in a statement. 

"Chancellor Folt, if you refuse to remove the statue, then we will continue to contextualize it. Silent Sam is violence; Silent Sam is the genocide of black people; Silent Sam is antithetical to our right to exist. You should see him the way that we do, at the forefront of our campus covered in our blood." 

Despite years of protests by students, the "Silent Sam" Confederate memorial still stands in a prominent place on the campus of UNC's flagship school. This week…
John A. Daniel Make it into the scrap metal it should have been long ago.

EVERYONE in North Carolina knows that it is Thomas S. Kenan III (on right), and Betty (Price) Kenan (center), and their Confederate Episcopal Church who keep Silent Sam in place.

Gov. Roy Moore has already PLEDGED to make an exception to the NC Christian/Republican Law that makes it almost IMPOSSIBLE to move or remove Confederate Monuments in North Carolina.

Can ya TELL whom I will write to NEXT???

Oh LOOK!!! The spirit of Gina Lollobrigida (or is this Jayne Mansfield), has RETURNED to observe the Kentucky Derby!!!

At least she didn't need a WHEEL BARROW like this Donald Trump Supporter!!!

TODAY'S women (and children), are LEADING THE WAY to restoring OUR GREAT LADY!!!


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