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RP: It Has Rained CATS AND DOGS All Day in Wilmington, North Carolina -- It's so DARK, I Thought It Must Be 4:20!!! (But the Monica Fairy did NOT visit -- someone ELSE did -- and I was FORCED to destroy the evidence by FIRE!!!):

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My friend Kathleen Kincade, who lives in Carolina Apartments here in Wilmington, NC -- or did until she saw what I blogged about her and had to move on -- is an old friend of Monica Lewinsky (their grandfathers did business together), and Kathleen's parents, while living in El Salvador, set up Bain Capital as a criminal enterprise that narco-traffics, but Mitt Romney took it away from them years ago, and NOW they are in prison in El Salvador for Financial Frauds and Drug Trafficking!!!

Kathleen Kincade "patented" a form of what she told me is "needleless acupuncture", and failing with that, became a personal chef around Wilmington.

But don't worry, Monica Lewinsky -- once fully APPRECIATED -- will be a RISING POLITICAL STAR (or at least service them)!!!

My OWN personal experience with Mitt and Ann Romney, was caused by Mitt's cousin-by-gay-marriage, Bill Romney, who wanted to DATE me, then HARASSED me, but once I emailed Mitt and Ann, that stopped IMMEDIATELY!!!

Douglas Wayne Romney and William Wilhelm at their wedding, when Bill took the Romney surname.


My mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, is now 95, and still driving to Catholic Mass on Sundays -- and to play bridge in her club every Tuesday!!!

And DESPITE my near lifelong philosophical/spiritual differences with Mom (she raised us with Swastikas on the dinner plates and was closely connected to several Catholic Popes, Sen. Jesse Helms, Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, Coach Lou Holtz, Newt Gingrich, Sean Hannity, etc.)we NOW get along FAMOUSLY -- in fact I prefer talking with Mom than with nearly anyone elseTODAY!!!

You see, Mom has GIVEN UP the Roman Catholic love of Authoritarianism and now is trusting that the GOOD (God) in Humankind will TRIUMPH OVER EVIL -- absolute HERESY to the Catholic Church (but NOT most Catholics)!!!


To begin with, you should know that Political Alliances in Wilmington do NOT have to do with Political Parties -- but with WHO is Narco-Trafficking with WHOM (and with WHICH Christian Churches)!!! 

Former Democratic Mayor Harper Peterson: is running as a Democrat for NC Senate:

A little "Dreamy" -- as MEMES go -- but a GOOD ONE

According to the Wilmington Star News this week, Harper has raised $75,761.00 so far, while his Republican Incumbent opponent, Michael Lee, has raised $188,638.00 -- BUT Harper has more and smaller donors, while Michael's FEW donors are from OUTSIDE HIS JURISDICTION!!!

Also according to our only daily paper newspaper, Incumbent Democrat Deb Butler has been CLEANING UP in her FUNDRAISING!!!

Deb Butler (center), with two friends from Cape Fear Equality

"Incumbent Rep. Deb Butler, D-New Hanover, has raised the most of any of the region’s members of the N.C. House, at $91,518.00. Her challengers haven’t kept up. 

Libertarian candidate Joseph Sharp has raised $207.00, while Republican Louis Harmati filed an affidavit making his campaign inactive because he planned to raise no money for the race."

What the HELL is Deb Butler doing BEGGING FOR MONEY -- and in a District that is GUARANTEED to vote Democratic???

MY suggestion is that Deb Butler should USE her campaign chest to not only get HER ideas out to the Public, but to ENCOURAGE voters to vote for all the OTHER Democrats in the Wilmington area!!!

Although Republican Cyberstalker (of me), and FALSE-COMMITTER to Mental Hospitals (of me)Jonathan Deputy CLAIMS Deb Butler is his POLITICAL MENTOR (he was PROTECTING Drug-Sellers who live in my building, owned by Gold Walker), it has now been TWO DAYS SHORT OF TWO WEEKS since I first emailed Deb ASKING for clarity on their relationship -- which she STILL REFUSES TO DO!!!

Now, as I've stated before, Deb does a GREAT JOB in things other than fighting the Wilmington Christian Drug Mafia, so I will VOTE for her -- and all the other Democrats -- so she does NOT have to disavow or even SHED her ally Jon Deputy!!! 

And HERE is a little funny incident from "Scott Kenan's Weird-Arse History":

The now-closed Mixto restaurant in Wilmington, NC -- where I LOVED to eat or get a drink at the bar while I was HOMELESS, living under the 4th Street Bridge (actually a viaduct), in 2011 -- I was GREAT AT PANHANDLING -- without a sign, was OWNED by Harper Peterson -- whom I had never even HEARD OF THEN!!!

But I was afraid I had to STOP eating/drinking at Mixto -- after THIS happened:

That's right -- as I was finishing lunch  one day, District Attorney Benjamin R. David and his Assistant D.A. Minions walked in and FILLED a very long table that had been set up for them to have a WORKING LUNCH:

"Today, Deb Barratta seemed drugged, but moderately (which she said she was), and she had absolutely no memory of having, while walking across Snow’s Cut Bridge, inadvertently witnessed something (drugs) being unloaded from a mini-sub under the bridge (or nearby it). When she was involuntarily committed (which judge, I wonder: Criner? Noecker?), she claimed she had been followed by New Hanover County Sheriff’s Deputies’ cars with dark windows and unmarked, stopped by them, beat up – she had dark purple bruises all up and down her inner thighs when she arrived – DRUGGEDand then committed.

She did not vary from this story the whole week she and I shared there. (I had made a deal with my then-public defender and her boss to check in for my personal safety after I was confronted aggressively FIVE times in ONE day, including once at knife-point, after confronting District Attorney Ben David in Mixto restaurant about Ben’s control of the heroin and cocaine trafficking in Wilmington)."



For AT LEAST the last three Election Cycles, the Republican Party of New Hanover County has NOT LISTED their Candidates -- nor much of ANYTHING ELSE AT ALL!!!

Just LOOK at the Democratic Party's Candidates Page -- and they have CONTACT INFO for EVERYBODY!!!:


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