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RP: A LONG Police Visit to Sherry Hall Spivey (for one of TWO reasons that I can think of) -- and a HOPEFULLY Short Letter to Sheriff Ed McMahon!!!

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"Smokey Mountain Layers" is a NICE PLACE TO STARTno???

Because the American South is COMPLICATED!!!

But it takes YANKEE CHRISTIANS who Narco-Traffic with my Kenan Family -- and the Bush, Cheney, and Families -- to REALLY HATE GOD COMPLETELY!!!

This should HELP Cynthia Nixon's campaign -- YAY!!!

The New York governor faces former "Sex and the City" star Cynthia Nixon in the Democratic primary.

I, personally, will only endorse NAZI-FAG-Catholic Chris Cuomo's TITS: 

Chris eats FISH!!!

Sometimes called "Ussy-Pay"

Scott Kenan

My Kenan Family that co-founded UNC The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, controls Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, the Ku Klux Klan, Episcopal Church with their Confederate Mace (the Symbol of the Episcopal Church's Temporal Power kept at the University of the South)

 . . . and Rex Tillerson -- are ALL best friends of Vladimir Putin, so Kenans/Exxon/Bank of America can develop Russia's OIL (as well as DESTROY DEMOCRACY)!!!

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The chess champ and dissident sounds the gong again on Vladimir Putin's manipulation of U.S. democracy.


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Effort includes new prosecutors, including one focused on New Hanover County

Sherry Hall Spivey's house -- BEFORE she inherited it and it went ALL TRASH!!!

Sherry's FACEBOOK profile photo"#PrancingElites"

Sherry's CLOSEST Facebook Friends:

"Christopher Christmas"

Scott "Nipples" Pemberton

So, I awoke from a nap about 4:45 PM today, and in the kitchen, I noticed out the window there was a LARGE VAN -- like a Police Lab or Secure Paddy Wagon -- parked in front of Sherry's house -- but I could NOT make out its markings. I quickly put my dentures in, slipped on sandals, grabbed my camera, and headed out my side door.

The van had just pulled away, but I then saw two Police cars in front of the house, and soon enough a single officer got into one, drove around to the far side of the traffic circle, and then remained in place there. I walked out to see if I could see anyone at all in FRONT of the house -- but did not -- and noticed my male neighbor from across the street out in HIS yard, and walked over to talk to him.

He had just come out too, and missed the earlier action, whatever it was. He is one of the THREE neighbors from across the street, who like John Gray Hunter who lives upstairs from me, all claim they have known for YEARS that landlady Gold Walker PROTECTS both marijuana and hard-drug trafficking in MY building -- but that the trafficking next door is NOW FAR WORSE.

Well, there was no action to see, so I walked back home and by the time I had walked around the front of my building (away from Sherry's house), the other cop car had left. Since then, only ONE car has pulled into Sherry's parking area -- and for a short time. It has ALL been quiet over there with no one coming into their yard since then. Tonight, one light inside has been turned on. 

And just now, 10:52 PM, I stepped out for a smoke. The back-porch light came on at Sherry's and a woman very modestly dressed and with bigger boobs than Sherry, came out and was talking NICELY to the dogs as she fed them. I heard a loud racket from the front of MY HOUSE, and so went out front to see a young man had just loaded some things into the back of a completely unmarked standard white panel van parked in the middle of the street in front of my apartment building. Rob in apartment One's lights were all on and his car there, but it was impossible to know which building the guy had come from -- by then he was just sitting in the driver's seat.

So I walked out farther to see better, and when I came into his view, he pulled off.

And at THIS POINT, I have had to do so much RESEARCH to be certain I got a lot of research-able FACTS correct in my LAST POSTING:, that I have TOO LITTLE CONCENTRATION LEFT to write Sheriff McMahon -- TONIGHT!!!

BUT, since I have NOT heard AN ANSWER from Democratic NC State Representative Deb Butler -- after I wrote THIS SIMPLE QUESTION to her last Wednesday -- and after FIVE DAYS Deb STILL CANNOT ANSWER, I have to ASSUME she is ACTUALLY JONATHAN DEPUTY'S (CRIMINAL) MENTOR -- JUST LIKE JON HAS CLAIMEDno???

Hi Deb : I need clarity on something about Jonathan Deputy before I write Atty. Gen. Josh Stein and the NC Justice Center about this matter:
From   Scott Kenan scottdkenan@aol.comHide
To deb.butler
Cc scott, reservations, harperpetersonncsenate9, kyle

Dear Deb,

First, I have no reason to believe much of what Jonathan Deputy claims, but he HAS CLAIMED that you are his MENTOR, and he being a rock-ribbed Republican, I have to wonder what you mentor him in -- if in fact you do.

He and I are locked in a battle that will soon go to Court if he does not own up to his crimes against me and make a reasonable settlement with me OUT of Court, first.

I had the pleasure of meeting our current Attorney General, Mr. Stein, at a Democratic Party Planning and Strategy meeting in the fall of 2015 -- called by my friend Elizabeth Redenbaugh, then head of the County Democrats, and a former Republican who won the 2011 Kennedy Profile in Courage Award, so we BOTH knew Kennedys, although I got to know a lot MORE of them while working for Tennessee Williams, and have been in direct contact several times with Rep. Joe Kennedy III via his top people in his home Massachusetts office.

Anyway, a DEFINITIVE answer to the question of your relationship with Jonathan Deputy would be very helpful, and if I DON'T get a response from you rather quickly, I will have to assume the worst. Sorry, I have learned I have to be completely DIRECT with people, and mean no insult by my tone.

Thanks for all the GOOD WORK YOU DO, and your recent citation, "Representative of the Year Green Tie Award" from the North Carolina League of Conservation Voters.

And thank you for your help in this!!!

Scott David Kenan

So when I write Sheriff McMahon, I should PROBABLY copy both Jonathan and Deb as well -- as I do NOT "type behind anyone's back".

Lorraine Barnes, Deb Butler, and Susan Lynch at Cape Fear Equality -- that is CONTROLLED by CONVICTED (a few years before I met him in 2011)Narco-Trafficker Ryan Lee Burris -- who until RECENTLY was also 3rd Vice Chair of New Hanover County Democrats -- doing Narco-Business largely with DISGRACED former Republican State Senator Thom Goolsby

Thom Goolsby was ALSO partners with Democratic NC Representative Susi Hamilton, whom Deb Butler was APPOINTED to replace when Susi ADVANCED to Democratic Governor Roy Cooper's Cabinet!!!

Gov. Cooper with Ryan's fianc√© Wes Taylor (who died of either bad drugs or an overdose about a year ago), and Ryan Burris.

Thom Goolsby NOW works DIRECTLY for my wealthy Kenan relatives who placed Mr. Goolsby on the BOARD of the UNC SYSTEM!!!

Ryan Burris with two other Board Members

Ryan with his then (2011) boyfriend James Elks who BEAT RYAN and was a notorious drug dealer.

John Mann was Ryan's OTHER roommate in 2011, who worked the International Drug Trade on his computer (he showed me -- inside Ryan's house), and sold ADDERALL all over Wilmington.

And when I went to the BOGUS TRIAL in Republican Judge Chad Hogston's Court, John Mann PERJURED HIMSELF against me -- and then after ADMITTING he was IGNORING my FREE SPEECH and PRESS RIGHTSHogston CONVICTED ME of the false charge of Cyberstalking that Jennifer Harjo (my Public Defender) FORCED D.A. BEN DAVID to VOID!!!


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