Sunday, May 20, 2018

RP: My 230+ Contacts Who Get Every Blog Posting I Write via Email / FOLLOW UP Sent Tonight to CIA Director Gina Haspel:

RE-PRINTED from here

To Gina Haspel:

In reference to my communication that you received Thursday: Submission Reference ID: Z2ZNJW4Z:

I have decided NOT to mail a paper copy. In my experience with many Federal Officials -- including Secretaries Pompeo, Tillerson, and Sessions, NONE reply by letter or even email, so WHY THE HELL SHOULD I BOTHER WITH YOU???

That said, I DID hear back from Sen. Richard Burr and about eight other Senators split evenly between Parties over the years.

And tonight, I sent my local concerns that are most pressing to the North Carolina Justice Center, getting a received receipt from them like I got from the CIA.

I hope ALL of you take me seriously. I am not God, Jesus returned, or any other such thing -- but I DO LOVE MY COUNTRY (and John McCain is the ONLY Senator who ever sent me a CUSTOM letter).


Scott David Kenan

Your confirmation number is Y8TX37.

FORGOT to send the NC Justice Center the List of my Current Contacts, so here it is. The two high in Security at Mar-a-Lago are the ONLY ONES who are now BLOCKING ME:

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