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RP: My Email Just Sent to Democratic Party Fall Candidates Julia Olson-Boseman, Rob Zapple, Deb Butler, and Harper Peterson (and in the email I called Rob "Ron", embarrassing myself)!!!:

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CONGRATULATIONS Julia (and Rob -- also to Deb and Harper), and a few words about the dangers as we approach fall elections:

May 9, 2018

Dear Julia,

FIRST, I want to congratulate you on your strong win in the primary -- and Rob Zapple as well. I met Rob at your fundraiser about 1.5 years ago and was most impressed by his HONESTY. I've also met Harper and been very impressed with him, as well as Deb, whom I barely spoke with, but loved her energy.

As becomes clearer by the day, while the Republicans are a MESS over this Trump Thing, the Democrats have not yet really had to face the problems in the Democratic Party and will LOSE the current natural advantage if the Democratic Party is not cleaned up. All of you are on my list of email recipients of my blog -- of for varying lengths of time -- so you should all know that Bill and Hillary Clinton have narco-trafficked with my Kenan Family for decades, as well as with the Bush and Cheney Families that the Clintons report to.

While I was living in Puerto Vallarta in Political Exile with Colin Powell's Chief Protocol Officer's help (because I knew too much about my employer in Georgia distributing all the drugs flown into Maxwell AFB -- especially in the Atlanta and Wilmington areas by the person Lee E. Gosney, Jr., who made the deals with so many Wilmington Christian Churches and Politicians of both Parties), I became good friends with Stanley Winborne III, born in Wilmington, his grandmother living in what is now the Graystone Inn, and he on that block -- his family controlling the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, his grandfather equivalent of Ambassador to China, and his son – whom he did NOT get along with and opposes politically – was 2nd in charge of the Hillary Clinton State Department in Afghanistan, and charged with shipping all the Heroin back to the USA on Air Force planes.

I have been debriefed many times by top officers of the US and Mexican Army and Marines, even on July 4, 2015, by an officer of US Special Forces flown from the Middle East – right here in Wilmington. I trust the Military of BOTH countries more than the Politicians, but I believe all I am sending this to are making every effort to be HONEST Politicians. I especially like that Mr. Peterson wants to have ADULT CONVERSATIONS in the statehouse!!!

Two of you, from what I hear – and I – are gay, although I suspect I came out first (1969), and the CRAP gay folks have to put up with makes us TOUGH AS NAILS. I co-founded the first gay group at Denison University with Dean Hansell (we still correspond), who co-founded GLAAD, was Assistant Atty Gen. of Illinois, a Police Commissioner of Los Angeles, and two years ago was appointed Superior Court Judge in Los Angeles in their central Courthouse by Gov. Brown.

I’ve worked for Tennessee Williams, known all of JFK’s sisters, their husbands, and Jackie Kennedy Onassis, best – as well as the Reagans and many other leaders not just of the USA, but of Mexico.

If you have read even a few of my blog postings, to go on would be redundant, so I want to simply warn you of the dangers of being in a bubble of flatterers who are ace manipulators – including in the local Democratic Party -- and the example I will use is particular to Deb Butler. I met Deb when she was driving down S. 4th Street and Jonathan Deputy was helping me move from Gold Walker’s apartment – across the street from her home at 4th and Orange – into Gold’s property here on Spofford Circle, Jon being the property manager where I now live.

He flagged Deb down, who greeted him enthusiastically (as every Politician should do regardless), and later told me that Deb is his TOP MENTOR (despite his being a rock-ribbed Republican, so maybe idle flattery).

I am currently in “Courts Limbo”, because after I began blogging about Jon threatening to beat me up and trying to force me to move out of my new apartment right after I moved in – because I had blogged about some other tenants who sell drugs here – I continued, as the reason I returned to Wilmington is to EXPOSE the many crimes of my Kenan Family. My own parents set up the Christian Drug Mafia here with Fr. Bob Kus now at St. Mary’s Catholic, and Nixon’s Aide John Ehrlichman (I know/knew them both) – as well as others, and my wealthy relatives in the Chapel Hill area are TOTALLY in the thick of it, as Lt. Gen. Russel Honore’ knew ALL about, when I had two meetings with him in 2015.

Anyway, Mr. Deputy began cyberstalking me with outrageous claims, including that he has evidence I am a child molester – like Republican Mayoral Candidate Justin LaNasa’s friends had claimed in 2011 and shouted to crowds on downtown streets, and I had to HIDE OUT in a dry out tank just to settle my nerves, by help of an actual GOOD Republican, Chief Public Defender Jennifer Harjo. I will not here go into how D.A. Ben David with a Fox News Talking Head/Lawyer and others stole copyright to my memoir of working for Tennessee Williams that Scott Rudin and the producers of all the Harry Potter films were looking to possibly buy movie rights to. And all Mr. David’s many charges and convictions he got against me he had to VOID, after he was forced to admit he never had ANY evidence I had committed a single crime – but I HAD blogged about all the large and small Drug Trafficking I had witnessed in his buddy Lawyer David Nash’s bar, Costello’s Piano Bar.

Of course, I knew Ben David’s boyfriend Lee quite well, and everyone knows his brother is a Republican, and his wife, Stephanie, was one of both Lamar Alexander’s and Mitt Romney’s top Fundraisers and Strategists. Stephanie’s LINKED-IN profile is very clear about this – although after I first blogged about that, she either deleted it or forbid me access to it.

In any case, nearly two months ago, I filed Cyberstalking charges against Mr. Deputy, and the next day he lied to a Judge and got me committed to the New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital – which actually does a GREAT JOB, although I neither needed nor wanted it, so after getting out, I discovered that Jon had pulled strings and TRASHED my charge, so I refiled it, and it is still waiting after 1.5 months to be served by Sheriff Ed McMahon’s Deputies. As most people around here know, Ed protects the biggest hard-drug trafficking, so let’s HOPE the Republicans field an HONEST candidate this fall!!!

And NO ONE wants me in local Court, as EVERY Republican Judge and all but three Democrat Judges have previously violated my Civil Rights – only half a year ago, Judge Lindsey McKee had a Deputy GUARD ME while I sat with the public, she being afraid I was going to jump over the bar and beat her up for what she did to me, I suppose. The Court matter was super simple and she had no choice but to dismiss a false charge against me.

Since Ben David’s crimes were committed across state lines, it might be best that I forget this local matter and get the FBI involved in prosecuting him for his help in stealing copyright to

And while on that bunch, several Wilmington Police Officers verified to me that Gold Walker’s son Allen’s is suspected of being one to the largest drug importation ports in the region. And Gold smokes pot throughout the day and is so stoned she is still PROUD to have voted for Trump, “because Barack Obama RAISED (her) Property Taxes” (which I believe is a more local matter).

Anyway, Maddy, who lives in one of Gold’s apartments on 4th Street was Roy Cooper’s top paid campaign staffer in Wilmington, and as she and so many others know, Roy Cooper protected the Republican Party’s/my Kenan Family’s Drug Trafficking for ten years as our Atty. Gen. – but at least he’s not an abject Racist!!!

Susi Hamilton’s (our former NC Representative, now on Gov. Cooper's Cabinet) – at least former – house on Nun Street was only a block from the William Rand Kenan house at 110, and while Susi lived on Nun Street, Kenan house was a HUGE hard drug distribution center, but is now abandoned. Susi should have done something to clean it out so close to her, but she chose not to. Although I’m not certain, I think Susi’s commercial development on Military Cut-Off is one of the two that recently were approved despite the road being already past capacity – so I would NEVER associate with her!!! Just getting her job does not reflect negatively on a person.

I have resisted attending City Council, County Commission, and similar meetings because I had not found the patience to put up with Christians of both Parties and other Drug-Trafficking Protectors trashing me in public, calling me a child molester, etc., but yesterday when I voted, I had a GREAT discussion with the poll workers and did NOT get angry even once, so I hope to become more public in my “speaking truth to power”.

I wish all four of you the BEST in this fall’s campaign and may the TRUE CHRISTIANS and those who are non-Christian Patriots, CLEAN OUT all the Narco-Traffickers from the Democratic Party (and the Republican Party as well)!!!


Scott David Kenan

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