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RP: The Narco-Trafficking Politicians and Christian Churches (and Law Enforcement and Judges), of Wilmington, North Carolina now in CHECKMATE, Patrick Lee Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing Has RESUMED Harassing Me -- LOL!!!

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TOUCHE'!!! For ONCE the GOP is clever enough to see ABSURDITY!!!

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Well, late this afternoon, I got this email from "Daughtery Darrell", who tried to SCAM ME just a few days ago here:

This new email is so absurd -- and clearly NOT the way to go about what he claims to be going about -- that I called BOTH the phone numbers he sent me for him just one week ago today, and both were answered by women who never heard of him. Then I searched some more, and discovered he is ALSO "Daugherty Darrell" (Lee E. Gosney, Jr. who with my old boss Patrick Stansbury SUPPLIED -- and they still do, if not by Lee), Wilmington Churches and Politicians with HARD DRUGS.

Lee Gosney -- recently -- on right, then his latest wife of a few years now, his son Christopher Gosney, and Patrick Stansbury's BROTHER, Michael Stansbury who is GAY and developmentally challenged, so Patrick had him in a STATE INSTITUTE just DROOLING (probably on RISPERDONE -- LOL!!! -- an IN JOKE for attentive Readers), until Lee had the DECENCY to get LEGAL CUSTODY of him, bring him home, and take him off ALL DRUGS (except marijuana).

Well, Lee Gosney and Patrick Stansbury (under one of Patrick's fake "phone-sales names", Kellsey Anderson) were HARASSING ME back in February 2017 for a while -- including claiming I am a CHILD MOLESTER -- just like Jonathan Deputy and next-door Sherry Hall Spivey have done RECENTLY.

The difference is that I have SLAM DUNK PROOF of Mr. Deputy's Cyberstalking me -- or so said the TWO Magistrates I filed the charge with -- HA!!!

Today's email:

From  darrell daughtery
To scott, Scott Kenan, scottdkenan
Cc Demos'


We are planning a gay night at Demos at Murfreesboro location on Saturday June 9th. This event will be from 7pm to 10pm. We have roughly 30 LGBT community people confirmed and the number is growing. We would like for you to come MC or Event the night before at the Double Tree Hotel In Murfreesboro. We will provide you with a room and meals. we have not started advertising the event to the public yet but will as soon as we have our guest speakers booked. I hope you can join us for the night but we understand if you have prior engagements. Let me know your thoughts.


John (He claims his real name is "John Dougherty")

Patrick Stansbury of and of Snellville, Georgia:

Patrick's METH-caved face from his LINKED-IN profile:

One of Patrick's MUG SHOTS for the THREE TIMES he's been BUSTED for distributing drugs (and he's served TWO terms in JAIL -- less than a year, each -- that I know about):

Patrick's CHRISTIAN MINISTERIAL CREDENTIALS in his online identity as Patrick Christian:

As you saw on his LINKED-IN profile, Patrick's Sr. Vice President is Michael Massicott (misspelled on profile), a HOMO who married a CHRISTIAN BITCH, but who LOVES being sandwiched between two men, dicks up each other's butts -- LOL!!!

Mike in back, his now deceased father-in-law, noted scientist Dr. Edward Warren Price, his floppy-boobed wife Carolyn (Price) Massicott -- and their two EMOTIONAL INFANT children. See halfway down here:

And it was BECAUSE my friend Evan Fish was supplied by Lee Gosney for Patrick Stansbury for TWO YEARS with Cocaine while Evan was the second largest distributor of it in Maine for two years -- and ALSO Evan knew that Lee/Patrick supplied the Christian Ministers and Churches as well as nearly ALL Politicians in Wilmington -- that Wilmington Police MURDERED HIM on September 5, 2011 -- and the Wilmington Star News kept COVERING THOSE GOD-HATING CHRISTIANS' AND POLITICIANS' CRIMES UP:


Scott Kenan
Well isn't THAT nice -- since the New Testament says "Slaves, obey your masters as if they were Christ" -- which White people used to enslave blacks and still use to keep blacks DOWN

I guess these Lutherans are THROWING OUT the New Testament -- LOL!!! 

ALL Christians should REJECT the New Testament!!!

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