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RP: Swim Season Is Now OFFICIALLY OPEN -- but I Went to Wilmington, North Carolina's Orange Street Art Fest, Instead of the Beach!!!

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And as it was -- or turned out to be -- I parked on Orange Street just two houses east of 4th Street, in front of the house that had been under renovation the WHOLE TWO YEARS PLUS that I lived in Gold Walker's property at 205 S. 4th Street, just around the corner. And the owners, a straight couple near my 66 years of age, were rocking on their front porch, so we spoke for about ten minutes.

I told them ALL ABOUT how Gold protects the big LSD producer, Sa'ant Samuel Celia, as well as the former International Drug Mule, Denise Renee Wood:

Contact Information
The Perfect Painter
205 S 4th St
WilmingtonNC 28401
Contact:Denise Wood
Phone:(910) 226-7139

The Perfect Painter is the only company located at 205 S 4th St, Wilmington, NC 28401

And ALSO, how when Philip Rosario, then a "dishwasher" at Drug-Distributing Betsy's Crepes on Front Street -- whose space Shuckin' Shack just moved into -- the guy who was their contracted TILE installer -- who appears STRAIGHT AS AN ARROW (businesswise -- he did seem sort of gay), I caught in my apartment with Phil, and a young guy who sold every kind of drug, but to me, only pot, all smoking CRACK, dividing up a throw-pillow-sized bag of marijuana, and trading large rolls of $100.00 bills -- then I KICKED PHIL OUT!!! 

Phil Rosario was older than he here appears to be, and many times told me that he has run HARD DRUGS as well as WHORE HOUSES for Father Robert J. Kus of St. Mary's Catholic for THIRTY YEARS -- and has all the goods on District Attorney Benjamin R. David so he can NEVER be prosecuted.

Phil was a very close friend of "Yah-Yah" of the Village Market at Second and Dock Streets, and has since split town. He is originally from New York City and of Puerto Rican stock. 

We also discussed "Psychologist Ben" and his wife, who live next door to these new residents -- they TOO think Ben and his wife are really TERRIFIC people, and I told him how I used to talk to Ben -- who was NEVER my psychologist -- about things going on, the nature of male sexuality (fluid -- but partner with female or male and then STICK TO YOUR COMMITMENT), and I asked them to tell Ben and his wife I said hello.

I walked right past the front of Gold Walker's big house on the corner that has been featured in eight films and two TV series, but did not see Gold or her car. Continuing down Orange Street, I was looking into the back yard of the Kenan mansion at 3rd and Orange that is now 12 apartments, and some residents smoking on the patio and I talked for a few minutes about the Kenans who lived there and whose descendants now put Trump into power and control the Christian Drug Mafias of Wilmington and Atlanta.

Then, I passed Harper Peterson's house next to that -- hoping he might be about so I could ask him if it would be a problem when I come to his pool party in about a week for volunteers for his NC Senate Campaign (Democrat), but he was not about. 

Now, jumping 2.5 hours to my return to my car, I turned onto 4th Street, and right in front of their apartment in Gold's next-door building (where Gold maintains her "hideaway" apartment on the first floor next to Maddy and Steven), Maddy and Steven were perched on the tailgate of a pick-up truck parked in their drive with two other men. So I rolled down my window to talk with them for a few minutes, telling them ALL ABOUT the drug sales that had been going on here at Gold's Spofford Circle apartments, how Gold's property manager Jonathan Deputy has threatened to BEAT ME UP and/or evict me -- even getting witnesses to LIE about me in Court -- and then had CYBERSTALKED ME calling me a Child Molester, claiming I NEVER even met Tennessee Williams, and that he -- Jon Deputy -- would STEAL the copyright to ANY books I write -- just like D.A. Ben David had done to my Williams memoir: 

But Steven soon got nervous, although Maddy and the two guys were ALL EARS, interrupted me saying very loudly, "It was NICE SEEING YOU!!!" to give me the "Bum's Rush".

You see, Steven -- and all this is documented in this blog at the time -- had once told his younger brother to WATCH how to deal with people like me, and already shirtless, he came over to the edge of my front porch, pulled his shorts down to expose his entire happy trail, raised his arms to spray pheromones toward me, did a little jig, then retreated. Later, one evening with his blinds up, he stripped naked in front of the window then bent over to expose his little butt-hole.

Maddy has NO IDEA of this, and I used to tease Steven, talking like I was just about to tell her about it when they were together -- then NOT do that. He and I had a few laughs together privately about THAT.

What I am driving at, is that I suspect Steven is IN the Drug Trade unbeknownst to Maddy -- why ELSE would they stay in an apartment when EVERY OTHER of Gold's apartments in those two buildings have had MAJOR Drug manufacturers or sellers???

This is Steven on right, with the guy who lived on the 6th floor of Carolina Apartments when I did in 2015 -- that floor MOSTLY Drug Dealers -- including Jennifer McCracken -- and a few CRACK Whores. And THESE TWO actually shook Bill Clinton's hand FIRST when he completed his address.

This is then Democrat NC State Representative Susi Hamilton (now on Gov. Cooper's Cabinet and replaced by Deb Butler), giving a warm-up address. You can see the same two guys to the back on far left -- Steven having taken his shades off.

When Clinton came out, Security cleared people back some, so that Steven and his buddy were CLOSEST to Bill during his address. My photos of Bill Clinton used zoom and do NOT show who was near him.


It is still continuing tomorrow, Sunday 

I talked to dozens of people, including many exhibitors whom I always talk to there, about what D.A. Ben David, many Judges, and Jonathan Deputy have done to me over the years -- but Jon only the last half year. I collected a number of business cards of people who wanted link to this blog to read it all themselves, although many just got how to find it (google "Kenan blog"), and I have already sent links to MANY.

This building is at the base of Orange Street at the river, and it was J.W. Brooks who took Legal Action to take OWNERSHIP of the house my grandfather, Joseph Emerson Kenan, Sr., built HIMSELF near the N.E. Cape Fear River near Rocky Point -- they having a grocery store in it and unable to pay the bills during the Great Depression.

And from THEN ON, my father was nearly HOMELESS, moving 11 times before completing high school at New Hanover High. Dad sometimes had to go SHOELESS, and Wilmingtonians RIDICULED DAD all over town -- the wealthy Kenans having gotten control of Standard Oil, and by then lived in mansions and rode around town in chauffeured limousines.

Well, my OWN introduction to Wilmington -- or at least New Hanover County District Court -- was SIMILAR, because when Lawyer David Nash charged me falsely of Cyberstalking because I had blogged about all the large and small drug-dealing I'd witnessed in his Costello's (gay) Piano Bar (and got a conviction from Republican Judge Chad Hogston that D.A. Ben David was FORCED to later erase), my FIRST appearance was before the Democrat Judge everyone called "The Hanging Judge"Rebecca W. Blackmore -- who was known to sometimes be DRUNK on the bench and have NO MERCY for drinking or drug charges AT ALL!!!

Judge Blackmore

Anyway, when I asked for a Public Defender -- I was all but homeless, then -- she bellowed to a PACKED large Courtroom, "I've never HEARD of a Kenan who didn't have at least four or five TRUST FUNDS in his back pocket!!!" -- which got the whole ROOM laughing at me as well in a big UPROAR -- but she had an assistant research me, and then assigned me one.

Rebecca Blackmore -- facing challenges like this one from Facebook rather than face re-election -- and Republican Lindsey McKee/Luther (seen above), was voted into her slot:


This should HELP Cynthia Nixon's campaign -- YAY!!!

The New York governor faces former "Sex and the City" star Cynthia Nixon in the Democratic primary.


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