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RP: Taking Stock on a FRIDAY (and of a Frida):

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FIRST, I want to THANK all my Readers for hitting my last posting so much that when I got up this morning, hits to BOTH BLOGS were higher than yesterday's elevated hitsalready!!!

And while hits from the USA went up (mostly in Wilmington, NC I bet -- due to my subject matter), ITALY beat US Hits by 10% or more on both blogs. As everyone of much age knows, TRADITIONALLY Vatican Intelligence and Israeli Intelligence for as long as those two entities have existed, were the BEST IN THE WORLD.

Before going on, I want to share a Facebook posting of a Denison University classmate of mine's MOTHER, that I find arresting:

Happy Mother's Day Mom! 

I am picturing you in heaven celebrating in style! Love you and miss you every single day!

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Elizabeth Juergens Absolutely love this picture of Gma!! Such a beauty she was!! 💕💕💕

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Scott Kenan How cool is this photo!!! My own mother is 95, still drives to church and her bridge club -- and lives only a two hour drive from me.


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Debbie Walter Joslin thanks! My mom made it to 92..drove and lived on her own until 2 months before she died..was a blessing!


And remaining in the "Parental Mode" for a moment, THIS was just posted on Facebook by my friend Mary Wyatt:
25 years RIP

Schuyler "Skye" Wyatt was one of the people I had to deal with who lived in Tennessee Williams's compound while I worked for Tenn, and he had sex with Mr. Williams. As things developed, he and his actual lover/business partner Gary Tucker worked for the Episcopal Church to prepare for that Church's (with the Republican Party, CIA, and FBI) MURDER of Mr. Williams.

I was fortunate enough to have run into them both after they moved to Atlanta where I also lived, soon after that, and Gary died of AIDS in late 1989, Skye following him exactly 25 years ago today, but BEFORE that, Skye admitted to me that it was a "High-Placed Republican Tennessee State Legislator" (just like Jackie Kennedy Onassis warned Tennessee at a party on January 11, 1982) who had kept him and Gary living in HIGH STYLE after they did that dirty work -- and then the Episcopal Church STOLE Tennessee Williams's Estate from Harvard University (with the help of Frank Hawkins Kenan, of course!!!).

And in 2009, when I got back in touch with John Uecker -- who likely smothered Tennessee Williams with a pillow -- Mr. Uecker VERIFIED that Skye and Gary had been paid for their crimes by a Tennessee State Republican Legislator -- and that Thomas Elliot Keith and the Episcopal Church had ALL THE EVIDENCE to blackmail John Lahr over his affairs with young men to NOT write the whole truth in HIS book:

Both Skye and Gary figure THROUGHOUT my memoir, but in Epilogue, I detail much of this:


As of now, he STILL hasn't been SERVED his Summons to Court.

As EVERYONE should have noticed by now, I am TENACIOUS and will BLOG more and more DEEPLY about the CRIMES of everyone associated with this situation -- until I get JUSTICE.

And still this morning, Pete from upstairs AGAIN loaded his dealer-plates van with back-packs and duffles likely full of his girlfriend Allie's "Marijuana Edibles" to distribute. Allie's roommate Kelsey Holmes and her girlfriend Mary have TOLD ME they do NOT participate in Pete and Allie's business -- and REALLY, it is only POT, so WHO CARES???

The "black kid" who has lived with Rob in apartment One still lives here, and I sometimes see him walk out to just around the privacy fence along the old Streetcar tracks that is now a walking trail -- and immediately returning. I ASSUME the only reason to do that is to make a DRUG SALE.


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He's here to make a "strong case" for the president.

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I qualify under ALL OF THESE -- except I only RARELY talk to myself -- but I DO DANCE by myself (usually less than half a minute at a time):

Are you a night owl? The oldest sibling? Messy and disorganized? If so, you probably have a higher-than-average IQ.

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Dan KEENAN Savage -- my distant Irish Catholic cousin:

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