Monday, May 14, 2018

RP: Well I HOPE Melania Trump Didn't Get KIDNEY TROUBLE from a-SLEEPIN' with The DONALD!!! (I had NO IDEA of that when I wrote my last posting -- or this EMAIL to Several People):

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My PRECISE FEELING four years ago when I posted this on FACEBOOK with this comment, "Actually this refers to RELIGIOUS women -- certainly not ALL women!!!"

Scott Kenan shared a link.
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SOUTHEAST N.C.—It’s beach season again in the Cape Fear Region and with temperatures heating up, you might be tempted to cool down with a refreshing adult…
Well, I'm especially looking forward to hearing "Machine Gun" perform -- certain to bring out all of Wilmington's REPUBLICANS!!! 

And "Dung Beatles" should draw the Homeless and CRACK WHORES!!!

WILMINGTON—The summer concert series at Airlie Gardens has returned for the season. Concert-goers can enjoy live music between winding live oaks and views of…
MERCY!!! I would NEVER expect such a thing from MY MOTHER -- she loves us ALL (if sometimes "weirdly")!!!

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Dear Jane, Mike, and Julie -- and Connor (and any others), and Bob and Marlowe as well:

Well, I COMPLETED my second Goal in Life and I don't know if I could have done that without EVERYTHING happening the way it did -- so we ALL played our parts well and it's TIME to relax and enjoy each other's company again. I hope as many as possible can make it to Raleigh to visit Mom this summer -- and maybe spend some time at the beach where we might visit, as well.

I think ALL would enjoy my latest blog posting, but know not all have time to read all my diarrhea, so here is the important part I wrote about Mom:

And my REAL GOAL in revisiting MOTHERS DAY 2018, was to ADD that while speaking with my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan (95 years old and still driving to Mass and her Bridge Club), Mom said the ONLY TRULY NICE THING I can recall her ever saying to me: "I just want you to know I am SO HAPPY that you are my child!!!"

I replied, "Yeah, but BOTH you and I have NOT felt that way over too many years of my life -- but we BOTH knew we could work that out over TIME, which I PROMISED you I would do even if I had to do it alone."

And we BOTH got to BELLY-LAUGHING!!!

You see, I KNEW I had completed ONE of my life's tasks when I completed my Memoir of working for Tennessee Williams:

But then Wilmington, NC Democrat District Attorney Ben David with Fox News and others STOLE MY COPYRIGHT and PREVENTED Scott Rudin or the producers of all the Harry Potter movies from making it into a movie (so I published it on Google's Blogger -- with NO PROBLEMS from Google)!!!

My NEXT Life Goal was to heal my mother of her CATHOLIC NAZISM, and now, I know that is COMPLETE!!!

Who KNOWS what is next!!!

And THANKS AGAIN for the financial support that so many gave/are giving. Bob Jones: Your "Memorial Sandals" carry me EVERYWHERE if I'm outside my house, and fit better and WORK BETTER than any that CRAZY Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. of NYC ever bought me -- HA!!!


For most of the time Joseph Faulk was supporting me (over $70,000.00 over 5.5 years -- while I ALSO GOT $1,300.00 per month from Disability, then Social Security), I called him TESTOSTERONI -- and with GOOD REASON!!!



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