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RP: WHOOPS!!! Sherry Hall Spivey Is BACK, Cussin', Narco-Traffickin', and She Even DISALLOWED Spectrum Cable Access to the Pole in Her Back Yard (until they HIDE some drugs, I suppose)!!!

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Well, I just had to LAUGH!!! I got up this morning -- late, having been up until 2:30 last night -- and right after 9:30 AM, after my Sling TV came in fine for half a minute -- then went out, I checked and my internet was out as well. After a couple of re-bootings of the modem, I called and they came out at 1:30 this afternoon.

The guy was GREAT, and remembered me from having serviced my cable at Gold Walker's 4th Street apartment, and soon enough discovered that the signal to everyone in this building was "trash", and so needed to climb the pole to the back of Sherry Spivey's back yard, but no one was home -- although the dogs were all locked inside the house. But without talking to them, he could not enter a fenced yard.

He found I had two unneeded cable splitters on the line, and with those taken off, I am able to get enough stronger a signal to run the TV and internet, but they are to come back and FIX the problem, which must be new, since those splitters have been ON since I moved here in December, and nothing has changed.

HOWEVER, while he was communicating with his people by phone, a car pulled up next door, and SHERRY SPIVEY appeared cussing at the back door after letting the dogs out -- LOL!!! So he went over and she told him the dogs are her BROTHER'S (that must be the super-hot thug who always wears a guinea-T), and that SHE can't call them into the house -- something I have witnessed Sherry doing many times.

Now, last night about 1:00 AM, I saw the NICE woman go out by flashlight to the shed way behind the house -- NO REASON to do that but to get drugs for a customer -- but I thought I should not worry about that, she was nicer, and the place has been quiet since the cops were all here. See halfway down here: 


And it was GREAT -- as I was reading the directional signs to various offices inside the front of the Old Courthouse, a female Deputy came up asking if she could help. She explained that Ed's office is at the jail, but she could put my Letter into inter-office mail and he would soon get it. She was THRILLED that what I told her about it was so complimentary, but said she wasn't sure Ed was ready to head the FBI or CIA. That Letter:

I told her about the Police Action two days before that, and she was WELL AWARE of all the Narco-Trafficking next door, so was GLAD TO HEAR IT!!!

Then a fine, strappin' young man came in, needing some kind of documentation for his application to West Point, and she told him he had to go to the next building, but I got his attention, learned he's ALREADY been accepted, so I GUSHED about how I had sold ad space in their yearbook, the Howitzer for twenty years -- but my employer, Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc. of Snellville, GA was ALSO distributing all the hard drugs flown into Maxwell AFB from Maine to Florida, but ESPECIALLY in Wilmington and Atlanta -- and when he found out I KNEW that, he fired me.

And THAT was when my good friend Col. Dottie Newman got me to Political Exile in Mexico in 2010, then in 2015, Lt. Gen. Russel Honore' told me he knew ALL ABOUT the Atlanta Drug Mafia -- and that it is run by my wealthy Kenan relatives.

Of course that all went over his head, but I congratulated him and THANKED HIM for going into an Army career in Leadership.

He was built JUST LIKE THIS, but maybe not quite as hairy (he was dressed in business casual), and I did NOT make a pass, kid him, or even LEER at him (18 or so is really TOO YOUNG)!!!

So, I ran into the guy across the street who is ESPECIALLY upset with Gold Walker protecting drug sellers for years -- but more Sherry's house, now -- and he joked that the POLICE must have taken Sherry for a COMPLIMENTARY SPA TREATMENT for making them SO MUCH MONEY on DRUGS!!!

There had ALSO been a tow truck with the cops the other day, but if they towed a vehicle, there are plenty there remaining. NO ONE CAN TELL US WHY Sherry's house is ALLOWED to have a car repair in the front yard that runs most afternoons, and usually until about 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning.

And then ALSO, although they got the big TRUCK full of trash out of the backyard, the HUGE pile of mattresses, tires, but mostly household trash -- now all RAIN-SOAKED so breeding mosquito and rats -- as I have SENT LAW ENFORCEMENT photos of, like this one:

This trash pile is now at least TWICE as large, and the mattresses have been added. That Pontiac Aztec has not moved since I moved in December 2017, and has its doors all open, showing the interior has been largely STRIPPED.

I guess they are protected by Mayor Bill Saffo's and Councilman Charlie Rivenbark's DRUG MAFIA -- HA!!!

And THEN, at 4:45 PM, a late model maroon Lincoln Continental with moon roof, pulled in here and parked, it containing two black guys in their early twenties, and the driver went to Rob's front door of apartment One. The other remaining, and the driver leaving his door open -- so only planning to pick something up -- or similar. After a while, I went out feigning need to get something from my own car, parked next to them. By the time I got there, the driver had returned, and I asked if he was looking for someone and if I could help him. Rob's car was NOT there.

He said no, and I told him that maybe he should know that the Police, Sheriff's Detectives, and FBI have this building and Sherry's house next door ALL under surveillance in suspicion of HARD DRUG SALES -- and ALSO a live audio/video feed in the neighborhood to the Sheriff's Office -- and MAYBE even a camera that captures everyone's licence plate if they drive back here.

Well the GOOD NEWS is that while un-connected to the internet for at least six hours, I managed to do a SERIOUS clean-up and organization of my apartment -- but especially my office, and got my files of PROOF that Jonathan Deputy CYBERSTALKED ME organized for when we GO TO COURT!!! 

Here is a SAMPLING of Mr. Deputy's emails to me:


Here is the body of an email I received yesterday...I thought that in the interest of "full disclosure" you might want to post it to your "blog".  It seems that these accusations of you being a child predator keep popping up.  Hmm.

Hello , 

       I am one of the people that Scott has harassed and posted lies about on his atrocious blog and I want to thank you for going after him . If you go before the court please ask them if what he does is blackmail. He makes up lies and then when people do not "admit" to whatever delusion he has created he continues to make the lies bigger and even more ridiculous and refuses to take it down.

     I am one of his victims from mexico and there is nothing I can do from here but he was literally run out of every town he lived in for his lies and generally crazy and dishonest behavior.  Not to mention his extremely inappropriate sexual advances of minors on the beach .Taking pictures of  them and offering to get them high back at his house. (that happened in Vallarta and is the real reason he fled back to the US) 

     If there is anything I can do to help while remaining anonymous please let me know .  Believe me there are others besides me that are very thankful for what you are doing. Especially the other people who live near him at this moment. 
Jon Deputy
Property Manager, NC Broker # 248342
Sun Coast Vacation Rentals


>>> And HERE is one he sent RIGHT BEFORE COMMITTING ME ON LIES to New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital ("The Oaks"):


So does that mean you're afraid to post it to your blog?  I thought so...

I would recommend the help of a professional specializing in mental illness.  Perhaps with a regular dosage of medication, you can overcome some of your issues.  I get it, you live a life of complete friends, no family that wants to be near you, living alone in an apartment on a dead end street...kind of symbolic.  You're not even a good writer.  This entire story about working with an "FBI task force" is your minds way of compensating with the fact that nobody believes anything you say.  You create scenarios in your head that make you feel important...the problem is, that's the only place they exist, in your head.  Hell, I bet you never even met Tennessee Williams...

BTW, this new "working" relationship that you have with DA Ben David...did that come to you in your recent dream about him?  lol 

My advise to you is to NOT have any more contact with your fellow tenants at Spofford Circle...they've had enough of your behavior.  And...stop harassing your mother, haven't you been enough of a disappointment to her already?

Jon Deputy

Property Manager, NC Broker # 248342
Sun Coast Vacation Rentals


Jonathan Deputy


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