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RP: Wilmington, NC's "CLONE OF DONALD TRUMP" (Jonathan Deputy), DIGS IN for a FUN Time in Court -- after I lay the groundwork with NC Atty. Gen. Josh Stein and the NC Justice Center!!!

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My Hibiscus that suffered transplant shock a few days ago, has RESUMED BLOOMING, and this does NOT do it justice -- its throat going a DEEP MAHOGANY that does not show here.

Also, my Sweet 100 Tomato vine is now FOUR vines, three of which are blooming and one of those (the original, whose cuttings made the others), has six tomatoes on it already!!!

>>> THE FIRST THING THIS MORNING, I GOT JONATHAN DEPUTY'S REPLY to my email of last night to JonathanGold Walker, and Gold's Attorney Oliver Carter III, which can be read here:  

The only note I want to make before continuing, is that I have NOT READ THE LAW on this, so Jon would SEEM to be mistaken in his claim that only a Psychiatrist can commit someone. Jon Deputy got a Judge to commit me the DAY AFTER I filed Cyberstalking Charge against Jon (and he DID pull connections and got my Charge of him thrown out while I was in the New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital (formerly "The Oaks") -- for ten days -- JUST LIKE JON CLAIMED he could do)

I was picked up by cops -- Friday March 16, and did NOT see a Psychiatrist until Sunday March 18 -- Julia Triggs, MD.

Also, although the transporting cop and several in the hospital said there was NO WAY they would keep me overnight given how I behaved through my capture, when I was being interviewed in Intake, I was told it is ILLEGAL for the Hospital to even QUESTION how anyone is committed, so realizing I had just been committed for Political Reasons and would NOT get out based on FACTS, I WAS super-stressed and CERTAINLY showed possibly-committable symptoms of that stress -- until a couple of days later -- when I took the Staff's universal advice: 

"Just take the drugs and go to classes and exercises and you will be out in a week or so -- just like EVERYONE ELSE"

So I relaxed and became "sane" again FASTER than the Lithium Carbonate and later Risperdone could have "brought me down".

AND, after a week, I was advised to sign a paper to VOLUNTARILY COMMIT MYSELF -- because the Judge who had committed me (as is CUSTOMARY and was NOT specific to me), would have to RE-COMMIT ME, and if he/she DIDN'T and there was a problem the COURT could be held liable), and that would cause LEGAL COMPLICATIONS and take me FAR LONGER to get out, so it was a JUDGE, not a Psychiatrist.

And that WORKED -- I was out three days later, as promised when I signed.

Jonathan Deputy (


Let's be NC, only a licensed Psychiatrist has the power to have a person involuntarily committed.  So, as I am NOT a licensed Psychiatrist...   

No, I will not pay your medical, you can not have 3 months free rent...and as I've stated before, your lease will not be renewed under any circumstances.  Please do not contact me regarding these matters again.

Jon Deputy

Property Manager, NC Broker # 248342

Sun Coast Vacation Rentals


Jonathan Deputy

From Scott Kenan
To reservations, goldwalker, oliver, deb.butler
Cc scott


Thanks for your prompt reply and clear answer. I see you have decided that we should go to Court and battle it out there with Gold Walker and other witnesses.

Judge J.H. Corpening released the commitment papers which showed that you -- alone -- made false claims that I might shoot you or others with a gun. Gold's tenant Denise Renee Wood is the ONLY person I know who HAS a gun -- despite her 43 Felony Convictions as an International Drug Mule twenty years ago, and her current claim of association with Mayor Bill Saffo and his group. Also in 205 S. 4th Street lives Sa'ant Samuel Celia, Jr., who ADMITS to his major LSD Lab and having supplied not just his friend Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead, but Dr. Timothy Leary, and my friend Theodore Druch who was in my Puerto Vallarta Writers Group and was doing HUGE narco-trafficking with the Gov. of Nayarit State and others -- the people who tried to kill me and chased me BACK to the USA in June of 2015.

I am SURPRISED you did NOT include Gold Walker in this reply -- or her lawyer, Oliver Carter III -- and Deb Butler-- so I will include them in MY reply to you and also publish this on blog before calling the Deputies to serve you. As I blogged within the last two days, I will also write NC Atty. Gen. Josh Stein and a favorite organization,, which has been asking North Carolinians to send them true stories of problems with Justice in this state. It really will be FUN when we get into Court -- and I KNOW you claim you have CONNECTIONS to keep you from ever being served -- which suggests you (and they), are more corrupted than I had imagined.

I trust you have kept Gold Walker apprised of what YOU are dragging her into, unnecessarily.

Anyway, I like that this is taking so much time to play out -- the Summons of Cyberstalking has at least a year before it expires (which I know from past experience). Yesterday, I decided my NEXT letter will be to Gina Haspel, who looks likely to be confirmed, to let her know of MY experience dealing with the CIA going back to 1988 -- much like I sent this Letter to Mike Pompeo (who looks to have been made a fool by Kim Jong Un -- or Donald Trump -- depending on one's perspective):

In the future, I will communicate only with Gold Walker -- and I DID text her right after I sent the email to you all, knowing she is NOT a big computer person, but DOES go to immediately read my emails if I text her a notice to do so.

You might claim NOT to have voted for Donald Trump and that ONLY the stupidest people did (like Gold), and you ALSO have claimed that NO ONE living at Gold's son Allen's, is Christian AT ALL -- which includes both Allen Walker and Gold's Maintenance Supervisor, Thomas. Gold told me that ANYONE who criticizes Christianity or Christians should be PERMANENTLY LOCKED UP, so according to YOUR CLAIMS TO ME, that would include Allen Walker and Thomas!!!

You Republicans are a TRIP!!! You tear each other up behind each other's backs MERCILESSLY

So, is NC Rep. Deb Butler (a Democrat)STILL YOUR MENTOR, and does she even DIRECT this campaign against me???

I don't expect another answer from you, and will see you in Court when we get there.




Deb working in the NC Legislature (is likely BUSY today, for reasons ALL OVER THE NATIONAL NEWS)!!!

So I don't expect an IMMEDIATE answer from her:

Hi Deb : I need clarity on something about Jonathan Deputy before I write Atty. Gen. Josh Stein and the NC Justice Center about this matter: 

From Scott Kenan
To deb.butler
Cc scott, reservations, harperpetersonncsenate9, kyle

Dear Deb,

First, I have no reason to believe much of what Jonathan Deputy claims, but he HAS CLAIMED that you are his MENTOR, and he being a rock-ribbed Republican, I have to wonder what you mentor him in -- if in fact you do.

He and I are locked in a battle that will soon go to Court if he does not own up to his crimes against me and make a reasonable settlement with me OUT of Court, first.

I had the pleasure of meeting our current Attorney General, Mr. Stein, at a Democratic Party Planning and Strategy meeting in the fall of 2015 -- called by my friend Elizabeth Redenbaugh, then head of the County Democrats, and a former Republican who won the 2011 Kennedy Profile in Courage Award, so we BOTH knew Kennedys, although I got to know a lot MORE of them while working for Tennessee Williams, and have been in direct contact several times with Rep. Joe Kennedy III via his top people in his home Massachusetts office.

Anyway, a DEFINITIVE answer to the question of your relationship with Jonathan Deputy would be very helpful, and if I DON'T get a response from you rather quickly, I will have to assume the worst. Sorry, I have learned I have to be completely DIRECT with people, and mean no insult by my tone.

Thanks for all the GOOD WORK YOU DO, and your recent citation, "Representative of the Year Green Tie Award" from the North Carolina League of Conservation Voters.

And thank you for your help in this!!!

Scott David Kenan


While YESTERDAY I was ATTACKED by IDIOT BOTS at least 100 times on Facebook as documented halfway down here -- I have had NO FURTHER FACEBOOK ATTACKS since I STOPPED it by publishing this from Sonny and Cher:

But NOW I am getting TONS OF SPAM to my email (which, normally I get next to NONE of there), especially from Insurance Companies, Viagra substitutes, and other senders that actually prove to be FAKE and NOT from what they claim.

These two are the BIGGEST OFFENDERSeach sending me five to ten bogus emails PER DAY!!!:

Renewal By Andersen (

͏g͏l͏o͏b͏e ͏l͏i͏f͏e ͏p͏a͏r͏t͏n͏e͏r (


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