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RP: Broad-Daylight BREAK-IN at Spofford Mills Executives Clubhouse Apartments!!! / There NEVER WAS a COMPLETE BUST at 1206 Spofford Circle Two+ Weeks Ago -- the Police Just Arrested ONE, and Made Them CLEAN THE YARD UP a Little (so I'd stop blogging about the Drug Trafficking there)!!!

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BEFORE Sherry Hall Spivey inherited it from her mother and turned it into one of the LARGEST Narco-Trafficking centers in Wilmington, NC.

Sherry Hall Spivey -- and some of her friends:

Jonathan Deputy, who is Apartments Manager of my building next-door, is MENTORED by NC State Representative Deb Butler, and works with Gold Walker, who harbors not just Sa'ant Samuel Celia, Jr. (his LSD Lab supplies or did Dr. Timothy Leary, Leary's lover Theodore Druch -- who was in my Puerto Vallarta Writers Group 2013 - 15 -- as well as Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead), but also Denise "The Perfect Painter" Renee Wood who has 43 Felony Convictions and 13 Misdemeanors as an International Drug Mule and is a close associate of Mayor Bill Saffo.

Christopher Christmas, another close friend of Sherry Spivey

Sherry's friend Scott Pemberton

Readers know that about a month ago, Sherry Spivey accused me (via Facebook -- we've never spoken in person), of being a CHILD MOLESTER -- on prompting of Jonathan Deputy, whose false claims about that, and that I never even KNEW Tennessee Williams, and that just like D.A. Ben David ILLEGALLY stole copyright to my book ( would steal copyright of any NEW BOOK I write through the Wilmington Christian Drug Mafia as well.

Democratic NC Representative Deb Butler (center), with two friends also from Cape Fear Equality, which until recently was headed by Ryan Lee Burris, who was also 3rd Vice Chair of the New Hanover County Democrats -- even though Ryan was Narco-Trafficking (he was convicted of that BEFORE 2011, when I met Ryan), with former Republican NC State Senator Thom Goolsby

Goolsby quit in DISGRACE, and was hired by Thomas S. Kenan III and Betty (Price) Kenan for the University of North Carolina Board, where he PROMPTLY bullied the Head to LEAVE, so that George W. Bush's TOP Domestic AdviserMargaret Spellings, could be put into place.

Ryan Burris on right, Gov. Roy Cooper on left, and Ryan's now dead-of-a-drug-overdose fiancé, Wes Taylor.

Betty (Price) Kenan, center, and Thomas S. Kenan III -- my EVIL EPISCOPALIAN RELATIVES.

Margaret Spellings with two former Presidents

So today was STRANGELY EVENTFUL, beginning at about 1:30 PM when Rob from apartment One here knocked on my door and very normally (all things considered), asked if I had been around yesterday between 2:00 and 4:00 PM, when while he was at the beach, someone broke into his apartment and stole his giant flat-screen TV.

I had been napping most of that time and had not awakened from anything. Rob said he is soon MOVING OUT of his apartment anyway (as if he'd planned that previously), and I told him I had charged the property manager, Jonathan Deputy, with Cyberstalking me -- a SECOND TIME, after Jon committed me to "The Oaks" a couple of months ago. Rob is the only one here who witnessed the cops capturing me and taking me to The Oaks.

And Rob said "GOOD!!!" about my charging Mr. Deputy -- and also that people have been walking to Sherry's house next-door "ALL CRACKED-UP to buy more", and that the drug sales there NEVER stopped. He then went upstairs to see if anyone in apartment Two had noticed anything (John Gray Hunter and his partner in apartment Three have not been here in at least 2.5 weeks).

Then when I checked mail, I spoke with a couple from across the street whom I've not seen or spoken with in a couple of months -- the people in THREE of the four houses across the street claim that Gold Walker and her tenants here for YEARS have been huge drug-sellers -- both pot and hard drugs -- and only when Sherry's house got so hot did MY building seem quiet. This couple claimed ALSO that they have seen "questionable" people walking up next door to buy drugs without ceasing after Sherry's BROTHER was arrested a few weeks ago.

And then later, I spoke with the guy I frequently speak with, but he said he hadn't seen TOO MANY obviously buying drugs from Sherry.

But HERE is the KICKER!!!:

Then I ran into Rob who was getting into his car, and asked him if they had broken in through a window or door (I had already walked the property to see that there appeared to be no evidence of forced entry at all), so I thought MAYBE it was Aaron Gallimore, his first roommate of two months who DID sell -- beside pot -- LSD and had had the CRACK WHORE Leah over a few times, and supplied HER with CRACK -- he could have saved his key or had one made before leaving -- and KNEW there was an expensive TV there.

Rob, unlike his friendly self just a couple of hours before, SPED UP, and jumped into his car. As I leaned up near his passenger-side window to hear whatever he replied, it was, "LEAVE ME ALONE YOU ASSHOLE -- NEVER, EVER SPEAK TO ME AGAIN!!!"

And he drove off with a big burst of speed -- LOL!!!

Aaron Gallimore: Cell: (910) 218-2116, which STILL WORKS and I just left Aaron a message about what I am blogging about him!!!

Well, I'm SURE that Senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis (Thom is on my email list so gets EVERY posting), will be interestedESPECIALLY here in North Carolina, my KENAN PEDIGREE opens "Doors to Power" like CRAZY!!!

D.A. Ben David (Dem) on far right, D.A. Jon David (Rep) at podium, and between them NC Attorney General Josh Stein (Dem)

And D.A. Benjamin R. David NEVER got back to me about UNDOING his and other's theft of my Tennessee Williams memoir (and making financial amends to me), so I'll go after a PARDON from Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner (Republican):

"Oh Scott??? I bet he's back ROCKIN' ON THE PORCH, again -- LOL!!!"


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