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RP: I Was Compelled to CHURCH Today, and They Looked at Me as if I Were the ENEMY -- UNTIL I Explained that I Am "The KENAN FAMILY'S Biggest Political Adversary"!!!

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"Confusion is a word we have invented for an order which is not understood."

Henry Miller

Beth Kline-Markesino shared a video.

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This paster (sic) is great church of sinners and saints (according to grammar rules, Nadia IS A CHURCHHERSELF!!!)

“My transparency about my failings and all of the things that make me seem not ‘like a pastor’ are what allow me to be certain people's pastor.” Meet Nadia Bolz-Weber, the rebel Pastor of the House for All Sinners and Saints.
Scott Kenan Hey Beth Kline-Markesino: I see that Nadia is with the Evangelical Lutheran Church -- is that what you attend in Wilmington??? You have NOT responded to my message of Thursday, after our phone call, but are you a MEMBER of St. Paul's ELC downtown??? In 1985, I dated the recent ex of Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill, Curtis "Robby" Anderson, who is KNOWN today for blowing his TRUMPET at weddings and Christmas celebrations. We dated while he lived in Kenan-built Carolina Apartments while the movie Blue Velvet was filmed there -- and HE is now in Music Ministry at St. Paul's. Robbie is STILL CUTE (photo attached)!!! Anyway, I wanted you to know that because of my contact with YOU, I decided NOT to volunteer to help Harper Peterson's NC Senate Campaign (to stay non-Partisan)AND I was propelled to go to Unitarian-Universalist Church, where I'm sure I will join. They are NOT just Christian, so not compelled to LIE about God!!!

Beth Kline-Markesino My daughter use to attention the presbyterian school here, now she is in kindergarten.

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Scott Kenan How CHRISTIAN!!! 
My relative William Rand Kenan, Sr. -- an Elder at First Presbyterian -- LED the Wilmington Insurrection killing blacks with his primitive machine gun from the back of a wagon in 1898, and TODAY the Presbyterian Church is KING of White Supremacy and Hard Drug Trafficking!!! 
At least you put your children in GOOD HANDS -- LOL!!!

Robbie Anderson, 2017

And yes -- YOU TOO can view my "Travelogue" of my visit to the ruins of the movie The Night of the Iguana, led by an Assistant to Director John Huston, that the City of Puerto Vallarta (with several others of my blog postings), has USED TO PROMOTE TOURISM THERE!!!

BY CONTRAST, the Christian Drug Mafia Power Structure of Wilmington, North Carolina -- RATHER THAN USE MY KNOWLEDGE (especially of the Kenan Family that put Donald Trump into Power), has only:

1. Arrested me five times on eight FALSE CHARGES, convicting me of TWO -- that were later both erased by D.A. Benjamin R. David, as he had NO EVIDENCE I had committed ANY CRIME.

2. Evicted me (or TRIED to), from ALL FOUR APARTMENTS I'VE RENTED here.

3. D.A. David and Prosecutor Alexandria Palombo REFUSED to prosecute David Alan Young last summer after Dave ASSAULTED ME outside Jackson's Big Oak Barbecue -- and SWORE he would get his gun and shoot me dead on the street -- because the BIBLE DEMANDS that all CHRISTIANS kill all "Liberals and Faggots" like me.

4. Sheriff Ed McMahon -- after over two months now -- still REFUSES to serve Jonathan Deputy my Summons for Cyberstalking me. Jon has claimed and spread that I am a child molester, never even KNEW Tennessee Williams, and that he can STEAL THE COPYRIGHT to any new book I write JUST LIKE BEN DAVID WITH FOX NEWS AND A WELLS FARGO EXECUTIVE did to my book in 2013:

>>> AS I HAVE DEMONSTRATED VERY WELL, WILMINGTON IS JUST A SEWER OF CHRISTIAN SEXUAL INFIDELITIES (of ALL kinds), AND CHRISTIAN NARCO-TRAFFICKING (and the Christians who AREN'T  part of that FEAR retaliation from Mayor Bill SaffoPolice Chief Ralph Evangelous, and District Attorneys Ben and Jon David).

And THIS IS WHY I took Ms. Markesino's advice, and decided to REMAIN NON-PARTISAN I will NOT help ANYONE'S Political Campaign.

So, I attended Wilmington's Unitarian-Universalist services this morning, and learned quite a few things:

The five or so I mentioned District Attorney Benjamin R. David to ALL gave a "limp wrist" or verbalized that they KNOW he has boyfriends while married to Stephanie -- so it is NOT such a well-kept secret. And the same people know about Mayor Bill Saffo's thing for possibly even UNDER-AGED (legally), BOYS -- one of them beating me to stating that!!!

EVERYONE I spoke with about it already KNEW my Kenan Family of Chapel Hill with the ENTIRE Republican Party, the Clinton Democrats, and TOO MANY Christian Churches run the WHITE SUPREMACY and HARD-DRUG TRAFFICKING -- not just in Wilmington, but across the USA and most of the WORLD!!!

I saw only ONE "POLITICIAN" THERE (although I heard several others normally attend):

Deborah Dicks Maxwell, who is HEAD of the New Hanover County NAACP!!!

And in the MIDDLE of my writing the second half of this posting, Beth Markesino READ everything I posted above in this posting and CALLED ME, and for 27 minutes we STRAIGHTENED OUT OUR PERCEIVED DIFFERENCES and made an ALLIANCE that we BOTH being Ohio Buckeyes, between us we will CLEAN UP WILMINGTON'S POLLUTION as well as her GOD-HATING CHRISTIAN POLITICIANS of both parties -- INSPIRED by not only the ONE good Republican who recently ran for President (Ohio Governor John Kasich)Bernie Sanders who ran Democrat, but ALSO my "Co-Cincinnatus Retorno", whose GRANDFATHER emigrated from Cincinnati to MexicoVicente Fox!!!


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