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RP: A "Complicity of Agencies" DOUBLES DOWN in Support of HARD-DRUG DISTRIBUTION in Wilmington, North Carolina / Benjamin N. Schachtman FINALLY Clarifies the Nature of His CHARACTER!!!

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The Good Shepherd CenterWilmington, North Carolina

Mr. Steeleman: These comments were too much for your comment section, so I am emailing them to you, Woody White, and two other "local news buddies" -- and SOON this will all be published on my blog:

From    Scott Kenan

To Ben.Steelman, info, andrew, ajames, wwhite

1. The Good Shepherd Center has primarily been a Heroin Distribution Center since I first moved to Wilmington in 2011. That year I caught long-time resident there, “Whitey”, in the men’s room bagging portions of Heroin at Pine Valley Church of God’s monthly “King’s Breakfast” then served at their church, but fearing reprisals, I did NOT report it until the next month – and I reported it to the Pastor and Law Enforcement there on duty.

Me at a "King's Breakfast" February 4, 2012.

2. The Shepherd posted a poster with my photo, “Wanted Dead or Alive”, in the shelter, late winter 2011 – also correctly stating that the Staff at Liberty Hall in Kenansville had SHUT THEIR DOORS TO ALL twice when I tried to pay five dollars to tour it – rather than let me in. The Duplin County Sheriff showed up the second time, and told me they had a “hysterical woman” on staff who had just gone nuts, and to come back in a week or two and I could go in. I waited about three years. But I did NOT blog about it until many months later – so HOW did the Good Shepherd Center KNOW that???

3. My first roommate when I had the apartment on 8th Street near Dock was David Escalante, an undocumented Ecuadorian, who with friends did landscape work for the Good Shepherd Center, which used these people as slaves to make MORE money for the staff. David and two friends finally DEMANDED back pay after a few weeks without pay, and the Shepherd Employee(s) shot David’s two friends in the face and told him they would shoot HIM, if he ever asked to be paid again. He quickly fled to Charlotte in absolute panic, leaving his US Record of Immunizations behind, which I still have if anyone needs documentation of his existence.

4. MANY churches supported the Shepherd at first, but by 2011, ALL had abandoned them or reduced support after staff became known to EMBEZZLE enough from donations (or make it through slavery), to buy cars and boats – EXCEPT D.A. Ben David’s and MANY Judges’ First Presbyterian, Mayor Bill Saffo’s St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox, and First Baptist (the one on Kenan Plaza).

5. Rather recently, New Hanover County Commission Head (and a Republican), Woody White, tried to CUT all county funds to the Shepherd, but the Drug-Trafficking Democrats on County Commission STOPPED HIM from cutting funds.

Scott David Kenan 

"Zakk* Wylde plays all the notes so I don’t have to."

*Edited. Apologies to Zakk Wylde and Scott Kenan.
Scott Kenan You might ask Zakk Wylde for spelling help as well!!!Manage

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Scott Kenan Also, you have FINALLY revealed your TRUE COLORS -- THANK YOU Benjamin N. Schachtman -- I'll be blogging soon . . .

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Benjamin N. Schachtman Oh Lord, Jesus take the wheel...

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Scott Kenan PUL-LEEZE!!! The ONLY other person who ever addressed me as JESUS (which my "potty-mouth" proves I CAN'T be), is Michael Massicott, Sr. Vice President of Pentagon Publishing, Inc, of Snellville, GA, my employer 1990 - 2010, when I was FIRED for discovering he and owner Patrick Lee Stansbury distributed all the hard-drugs flown into Maxwell AFB to the entire East Coast, but through his agent Lee E. Gosney, Jr., to Wilmington Politicians of BOTH Parties and the Christian Churches and Clergy. Wilmington Police MURDERED my friend Evan Fish about September 3, 2011 -- because he knew all about that major supply of illegal drugs that Police and Deputies PROTECT in the name of Jesus Christ!!! And if YOU weren't married, I'd propose we share "The Cum-Union of Saints", which was what the Catholic priest who seduced me in 1978 called it. But BEFORE I blog, I am sending Ben Steeleman of Wilmington Star News a FUN EMAIL, that I will COPY to my recent "News Buds", including you and Andrew James WWAY. It's already written, so you will get it soon!!! And I JUST FOUND JESUS!!!:Manage
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This is actually Ben Schachtman three years ago -- from his Facebook page -- LOL!!!

>>> NOW IN FAIRNESS TO BEN SCHACHTMAN -- my Readers should know that we have been having a serious back-and-forth via Facebook Message for a couple of hours now, so I WON'T pretend to pass "Judgment" on Ben or Port City Daily -- yet: 

And while I posted the SAME comment to PCD and the Wilmington Star News on their separate stories nearly a week ago on the "DOG MAULING" at Sherry Hall Spivey's house next-door to me, PCD got TONS of other comments, while the Star News got NO OTHERS, proving Wilmingtonians DON'T TRUST THEM AT ALL for the TRUTH!!!

Also, PCD's story on the plight of Brad Corpening's Chops Deli: 

That's Brad with the dough.

 . . . has been VERY LIVELY, with the more recent comments CONDEMNING entitled WHITE PEOPLE who think they should get others to PAY FOR THEIR MISTAKESCONDEMNING PCD for HELPING THEM -- but they GOT FUNDING, so if the commenters (which I am in agreement with), are CORRECT, they will be BACK IN TROUBLE within several months.

You can read more of all of that, here: 

>>> NOW:

Although because he was HIGH -- or just lazy -- Mr. Schachtman first misspelled "Zakk" as "Zack", but he obviously LOVES THIS BAND!!! And it is in the style and philosophy of Ozzy Osbourne -- and he PLAYED previously with Ozzy as well.

THIS is music that is NEVER preferred by young women, and ONLY by young men not yet mature enough to use their recently "activated" WANKERS, and is an expression of SEXUAL FRUSTRATION mixed with misplaced ideas of Jesus Christ (a COOL guy)!!!

Anyone over 25 years of age still into it -- in my actual, personal experience, so hardly a scientific study -- is an ADDICT to METH, Heroin, Cocaine/CRACK -- and similar:

Zakk chose the GRIM REAPER as one of his logos. And here he is for the "LOVE OF JESUS CHRIST HIS SAVIOR":

My last words with Ben Schachtman:


That email was fire! Now I might have to ask ol’ Haywood for comment

Too bad these damn heart meds make my wanker less easy to fire!!!
Benjamin N. Schachtman

Ain’t getting old hell?

It has it's advantages too -- like learning to cut through CHRISTIAN BULL SHIT!!!

I actually took a college course in massage -- that I can do without getting into anyone's erogenous zones -- if ya ever need one!!!
Benjamin N. Schachtman

I’m good. But I appreciate the offer.

LOL!!! with YOUR body hair -- it would take a LOT of LUBRICANT!!!
Benjamin N. Schachtman

That’s probably true.

So, for real though. Good Shepherd.

Drug depot?

Let me get back to my blog posting -- in progress. I EXPERIENCED IT -- and it is ALL OVER MY BLOG and the SAME STORY many times going back to 2011. But then I'm not a worshiper of JESUS -- I just like his Teachings, so you had better expose me as a FRAUD.

"Get back to your blog. We’ll take it from there."


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