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RP: GET OVER the Fearful Christian Society that Gave Us BOTH Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as Candidates -- and STOP WORSHIPING Jesus -- but Follow His TEACHINGS (to find God)!!!

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This said it ALL about Hillary Clinton -- and it was SAD to see so many people have to STOOP and endorse Hillary Clinton, when THIS represents how most of us felt:

Anyway, this crazy person posted a big MEME about how Hillary WARNED about Donald Trump's treatment of immigrants -- AS IF THAT MAKES ANY DIFFERENCE NOW!!!

Judith Winfrey,, posted it, and it got THIRTY EIGHT COMMENTS SO FAR -- PLUS many, many secondary comments -- all but about THREE from often RIDICULOUS WOMEN:

Barbara Krasnow Crawley Prayers for the innocentunfriend/block the lunatics, that’s the only thing keeping me sane through this long debacleJudith....

Scott Kenan ONLY fake Christians ever say things like "Prayers for ____"
They know praying is like a shot of Heroin -- it makes the praying person feel better but helps no one else
And there ARE a lot of Lunatics, and I often have to block them because they refuse to accept FACTS -- even though I can prove in Court that my Kenan Family put Trump into power through our Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, Ku Klux Klan, etc., 
ALSO the Kenans have been Drug Trafficking with the Bush, Cheney, and Clinton Families for decades. Lt. Gen. Russel Honore' knew all ABOUT the Kenans running the Drug Mafia in Atlanta with the Clintons (because ATL is Democratic), but the Bush and Cheney Families as well. 
Sadly, I had to vote for Hillary, but she and Trump were the WORST CANDIDATES the two Parties gave us in YEARS!!! Time to get past BOTH of them, but only TRUMP has to be DE-THRONED!!!

I get TONS of emails from Democrat-allied Orgs and Politicians I agree with -- many each PER DAY -- and ALL they want is MONEY, MONEY, MONEY -- but if I write them a NOTE, they NEVER REPLY!!!

Scott Kenan shared a link.
5 hrs

About this article

Artist Domenic Esposito and gallerist Fernando Luis Alvarez plan to drop a large sculpture of a heroin spoon in front of Purdue Pharmaceuticals in Stamford on Friday, June 22, to protest the company's manufacture of opioids, such as OxyContin.

Andrew James, the TOO-YOUNG-looking Newscaster from WWAY TV-3 here in Wilmington, who filmed his station's report on the DOG-BITE-MAULING at Sherry Hall Spivey's house next-door to me (that is NOW a City-Seized and Boarded-Up house, its yard now TOTALLY CLEANED -- except for two derelict vehicles)

Anyway, it was ENTIRELY APPROPRIATE that Port City Daily Assistant Editor Ben Schachtman and I had some FUN this morning on Andrew's TV-3 Facebook:

Andrew James WWAY shared a post.
14 hrs
Oh Lord no.

16 hrs
The building, which holds up to 20,000 barrels, was having a wall repaired when it collapsed
Scott Kenan Andrew James WWAY: I just got a message from Benjamin N. Schachtman of Port City Daily -- and he's been cryin' for HOURS over this!!!

Benjamin N. Schachtman My sadness at this should come as a surprise to no one

Scott Kenan Well, although I didn't read the stories, the one fairly close-up photo I saw looked like few if any barrels had BURST -- and I can also say from the "Trivia Department", that only a week ago, I learned that the abbreviation for barrel is BBL, the first B standing for Blue -- because Standard Oil, controlled since 1913 by my Kenan family, shipped oil in trademark blue barrels.


In 2015, Ben Schachtman actually WAS Jesus Christ -- and other photos on his page PROVE he has IDEAL CHEST-HAIRATION!!!

Lord, PROTECT ME from gettin' a CRUSH on the UNAVAILABLE!!!

And SADLY this photo of him with his wife, Kathy, on their recent 13th Anniversary, shows he is an actual STRAIGHT HUSBAND (so RARE in Wilmington, and unlike local characters Bill Saffo, Ben David, and Thom Goolsby):

Aw man, I do enjoy your sense of humor. I must say, Bill, Ralph, Sterling and others will be pleased to see me lampooned in their place.

Well, as a Journalist, I figure you can handle it -- and your paper is a lot better than Star News.

And I'm completely serious about Kevin Maurer!!!

Your "their place" confuses me a little, but I will guess you mean Bill Saffo, Ralph Evangelous, and Sterling KENAN (called "Squirty"), or her daughter Sterling (Kenan) McCracken.

Anyway, I figured I covered Sherry's house and situation enough so it freed you to report other things -- and it cracked me up how much you got into that axe-throwing bar story.

I actually lived in the next room to a knife-thrower and his wife who got drunk and performed for themselves in their room when we were housed in employee barracks in a dude ranch in the Adirondacks one summer during college (1971). The walls were particle board, so I had to move my bed to a different wall.

And I was reading Gone with the Wind at the time.

Sterling "Squirty" Kenan and her daughter Sterling (Kenan) McCracken.

I've learned that anyone who knows ANYONE in Wilmington knows one or both of them.

Well, in early 2002, Sterling SENIOR likely murdered her VERY WEEK HUSBANDOwen Graham Kenan -- and GOT HIS ESTATE!!! 

Owen DIED in his home of a brief, not normally life-threatening illness

Owen Graham Kenan, full brother of Thomas S. Kenan III

And just LOOK at "Squirty" and Owen's OTHER child:

Frank Hawkins Kenan II

There were RUMORS about Frank H. Kenan II and his buddy Story Cowles!!!

As the AGE-OLD JOKE explains, the answer to the question of what is it that makes a man gay -- is "one six-pack" -- but in UBER-GAY WILMINGTON (where Christian Bitches force gay men into marriages -- or ELSE), it only takes about TWO BEERS, if that.

And THAT is why I am recommending that Benjamin Schachtman JOIN THE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH!!!

They TOO prefer WHISKEY, and while a member of First Presbyterian Church, I learned the FAVORITE Presbyterian "In-Joke":

"Wherever four Presbyterians are gathered together -- there is always a FIFTH!!!"


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