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RP: Mexicans to LOSE Kenan-Family (Exxon-Mobil), CIA, and Hillary Clinton State Department STOOGE Enrique Pena Nieto (election in 6 days)!!! / Other "Like-It-or-Not" Stuff, Too:

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Sandra Beckham
“Time has a wonderful way to show us what really matters.”

― Margaret Peters

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Well WHY has no one else in 16 hours reacted to this GREAT NEWS??? 

"RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina regulators denied on Friday a request from Duke Energy to raise electric rates, ordered the utility to refund $60 million in deferred taxes to customers and fined it $70 million for the way it handled coal ash."
They went in wanting to raise customer rates, but Duke Energy came out having a large invoice to repay customers and fines to pay for coal ash.

Instead of a rate increase, state regulators are demanding the company pay up to customers as well as to the state.

Well, if Wilmington's Port City Daily Assistant Editor Ben Schachtman ACTUALLY does anything about investigating the CORRUPTION at The Good Shepherd Center, it will take some TIME -- because he seemed GENUINELY oblivious to corruption MOST people in Wilmington are TOO AWARE OF, regardless their politics. 

HOW could that BE -- he's supposed to be a NEWS REPORTER!!!

In January of 2015, in the Carl's Jr. right by the Costco in Puerto Vallarta, I met by chance a recently retired top executive of Exxon-Mobil and his buddy, who TOLD ME that Rex Tillerson and others in top management -- with some Kenans who control the company stock -- WITH the CIA and Hillary Clinton State Department had controlled the Mexican Election, thereby putting Kenan-Stooge Pena Nieto into power -- and he soon changed the Mexican Constitution so that Kenans/Exxon and others could again get Mexico's Oil!!!

And also, that the Kenan Family/XOM, CIA, US State Department, Kenan-favored Episcopal Church USA, Clintons and their bosses the Bush and Cheney Families could split the bulk of the HARD-DRUG TRAFFICKING.

It was COMMON KNOWLEDGE in Roman Catholic Mexico (that has no trouble with gays -- since long before then), that Pena Nieto has had MANY boyfriends, and in fact, one of them from while Enrique was Governor of the STATE of Mexico, he had tortured in prison because the guy wouldn't shut up. He escaped to the USA and Barack Obama (ANOTHER closet-case-gay), granted him POLITICAL ASYLUM!!!

Well, the election is coming up and here are TWO PERSPECTIVES on it. The FIRST has a video that is NOT related to the story, but is a HOOT AND A HALF!!!:

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The frontrunner for president of Mexico "often makes big promises while keeping his own advisers guessing as to what he really means."
HUGE election 7/1/18 in Mexico -- not that Americans give a damn

“We are tired of the same people in power, the same dinosaurs — we want them out,” José Sampedro, a 52-year-old builder, said at the Actopan rally. “We want it so Mexican citizens don’t have to go to the United States to work, so they don’t have to be mistreated” by the Trump administration’s policies. 

Mr. Sampedro, like many in this area, has traveled north for work — in his case, construction jobs in Florida.

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The presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador is offering struggling people hope.
Just because I don't like cucumber doesn't mean I don't like zucchini. 

Starting to understand?

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