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RP: MUST Every Day's News Be an ACCELERATION??? YES -- until This HOUSE NOT MEANT TO STAND Collapses on the "Christian" HATE-MONGERS Who Constructed It!!!

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To begin with, first thing this morning, Landlady Gold Walker's Maintenance Supervisor, Thomas, and a helper called "Little Hercules", arrived to repair my laundry light, which took a while, and I learned a few things from them.

Jonathan Deputy STILL controls the leases to all of Gold's apartments here on Spofford Circle -- except that of John Gray Hunter, above me in number Three -- DESPITE Mr. Deputy's CRIME of Cyberstalking ME!!! So Gold Walker is PROTECTING A CRIMINAL. Since his purpose in cyberstalking me was to ILLEGALLY get me to leave despite my lease, the owner who ALLOWS THIS is also CRIMINALLY CULPABLE.

Also, I learned that Rob in apartment One, might STILL move out -- breaking his lease, but allowed to since he suffered so much from the Drug Trafficking at Sherry Hall Spivey's house next-door -- they even breaking in and STEALING his new, HUGE HDTV. But Tom said that Gold has someone ELSE who would like to move in there ASAP, and he told "Hercules" that Gold can just tell Jon Deputy to ALLOW her person to rent it and FORGET his contractual right to decide on all tenants.

So the GOOD NEWS is that Gold has not lined anyone up to move into MY apartment, and Gold CAN overrule Mr. Deputy in these things.

Back when I was moving in December 1, 2017, Jon Deputy told me he had someone who had SIGNED A CONTRACT and was moving in at that same time. When they didn't, Jon said it would be the 15th of the month. When they didn't, he said January 1 -- and then when Rob and Aaron Gallimore moved in THEN, they both said they only first KNEW OF the apartment less than a week before, and that they didn't even KNOW each other, but first met right when Rob, alone, signed the lease.

Aaron Gallimore lived here two months only, brought the CRACK WHORE Leah here several times, and unlike all OTHER tenants here, not only smoked (and Aaron also sold) marijuana, he was also into LSD and CRACK. Eventually, he left after I wrote his FATHER, a business executive living near Raleigh:

I will SOON mail Gold Walker a Letter, asking how she intends to handle all of this, or would she prefer I call HER to Court for complicity in Mr. Deputy's crimes (which I WILL be able to do soon enough). 

After that, I somewhat revised my last posting:, because my friend whom I referred to who takes a lot of Valium, was concerned about his privacy -- AND that in using Kevin Sessum's photo to rep him, I had chosen someone not looking like him (the whole POINT, when you disguise identity), but that he is UGLY, so I swapped out that for one of my personal friend and best-selling author Aiden Shaw:

Aiden was a HUGE porn star who is now a fashion model in International big demand. His books are extremely well respected. I met him at a book signing in 2009, and Mark Beard hosted his book-launch party in 2008, for this book:

And this morning, I ALSO wrote Elizabeth Cooper, head of East Coast Regional Sales for Fess Parker Winery and Vineyard in Los Olivos, California: -- who CLEARLY lives and has lived in Wilmington as well as Raleigh for many years: 

Elizabeth ALSO having THIS business in Wilmington

Hi Elizabeth,

When I sent this to you a week ago at your request, you replied that you would read it the next day, and given everything, I assumed you meant you would respond in some way, but I've heard nothing back from you.

First, I want to THANK YOU, again, for being the third person in one month who claimed to know my wealthy Kenan relatives based around Chapel Hill WELL, and that even todaythey HATE black folk -- but Jews even MORE!!!

And yes, we had a bit of a kerfuffle, because I QUOTED Gregg Loomis, nephew of the late James Graham Kenan who is the uncle to Thomas S. Kenan III), in HIS original words in 1990, which included "Nigger" -- something I ALWAYS DO, never getting flack from black people, they understanding the context and frequently using that word as well, among themselves. Only some White People claim umbrage when the word is used in an honest quote, and that is why I say it is ABSURD for people to act like the world is coming to an end due to the use of ANY word, but especially in such a context. 

I have been called a "Faggot" many, many times by White Christians here in Wilmington, but NO ONE gives a damn about THAT -- and neither do I let it get me upset -- but it clues me to what their own fears and hatreds are. I don't believe a black person has EVER called me that. 

And two weeks ago, I told that story to Rev. Cheryl Walker of Unitarian Universalist church -- she both black and a Lesbian -- and she did not have a problem or change her tone with me as we continued speaking -- BUT I could sense a shock go up her spinejust like I felt the shock go up Jackie Kennedy Onassis's spine on January 11, 1982, when Truman Capote insulted her most vulgarly at Jean Stein and George Plimpton's party -- this where Jackie told Tennessee Williams that the Episcopal Church/Sewanee (with my rich Kenan relatives), Republican Party, and corrupted elements in the CIA and FBI would murder him and then steal his estate (then $10 million, now grown to over $1/2 billion), from Harvard University -- which I can STILL pretty much prove in Court.

Let me know what you think, please.


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Subject: Great meeting you -- and THANKS for the cigs!!!


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Properties owned by the families of President Donald Trump and Jared Kushner rank among the biggest contributors to the city's carbon footprint.
Republican Party forced to withdraw support for their nominee in a Southeast North Carolina district.

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