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RP: My CONVERSATIONS with My Democrat NC Representative Deb Butler, City Councilman Rev. Clifford Barnett, and WWAY TV-3 Ace Reporter Andrew James at Wilmington, NC's BIG PROTEST of Trump's Immigration Policies:

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Something over 300 people showed up -- the great bulk of them White people over 55 years of age. Almost NO Blacks or Latinos were in attendance, although the NAACP had a sign-up booth and offered free water, and the lead-off speaker was Head of the local NAACP, and the ONLY elected official speaking was City Councilman and Christian Minister Clifford D. Barnett, Sr.

Rev. Barnett is Pastor of Warner Temple A.M.E. Zion Church.

Despite Port City Daily Asst. Editor Benjamin N. Schachtman telling me how he poured over MANY of my blog posts in the emails to all City Council-People that are available for the Public to peruse, Councilman Barnett had never even HEARD of me or my blog, so my emails to HIM have ALL been BLOCKED!!! 

AND, just now checking the address of Rev. Barnett's church, it is in the CENTER of where the whole time I've been back in Wilmington since June 2015, that I always bought Marijuana where the Blacks (and some Whites), hang out at convenience stores and such, selling EVERY DRUG -- and where I get hit on the MOST by CRACK WHORES -- LOL!!!

 . . . that was until February 2018, when Seth Wayne George (who soon FLED TOWN and Wilmington Police came to ask me what I knew about him), told them I am a NARCand they stopped selling to me, so now I go elsewhere. 

I'm NOT sure what to make of the Preacher from the great DRUG GHETTO of Wilmington!!!

Through the whole thing, I walked slowly back and forth toward the back -- looking for people I know -- and elected officials. Other than Councilman Barnett on the stage and Deb Butler and Marcia Morgan -- both Democrat Candidates for the NC House -- who did NOT speak, I saw NO ONE, except my bisexual, Valium-Addicted friend from Unitarian church and his wife -- and fortunately, they were both VERY friendly toward me, but he asked me to NO LONGER have him on my email list, then turned his back and cold-shouldered me.

And Andrew James of WWAY TV-3 was there filming. Before things began, I had a five-minute conversation with him -- telling him how often I've mentioned him on blog, just yesterday lauded his writing abilities, and told him I've been PRAISING his reporting on this blog -- and emailed him individually at least onceand that he was on my Email List for ALL blog postings.

He said he'd never HEARD of me or this blog -- and never got an email from me -- but he WILL check out this blog going forward!!!

They went in wanting to raise customer rates, but Duke Energy came out having a large invoice to repay customers and fines to pay for coal ash.

Instead of a rate increase, state regulators are demanding the company pay up to customers as well as to the state.
Scott Kenan Well WHY has no one else in 16 hours reacted to this GREAT NEWS???Manage
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I just grabbed this from Andrew's Facebook page -- and it still only has MY comment -- but Andrew said he never SAW my comment there!!! !!! !!!

THAT'S why -- Facebook is CIA-CHRISTIAN and allied with the Christians Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin -- and my Episcopalian Kenan Family!!!


Deb Butler on right

Deb was SUPER FRIENDLYaddressed me BY NAME and shook my hand -- I only having met her in passing on the side of Gold Walker's house at 4th and Orange Streets about 12/1/2017 (Deb lives two blocks farther south on 4th), when Jonathan Deputy introduced us -- he a RABID REPUBLICAN who disagrees with Deb on Politics, but said she is his MENTOR!!!

Jonathan Deputy

She OFFERED that she has gotten ALL my emails -- both individual ones and mass emailings of blog posts -- as well as my Voice Mail of a couple of weeks ago DEMANDING she explain her relationship with Mr. Deputy -- and at least DENOUNCE his protecting Drug-Traffickers in my apartment building owned by Gold Walker, as well as his CYBERSTALKING ME, claiming I am a CHILD MOLESTERNEVER EVEN KNEW Tennessee Williams, and that he would STEAL THE COPYRIGHT to ANY new book I write -- just like Democrat District Attorney Benjamin R. David had done to my Williams memoir in 2013, with a FOX NEWS Talking Head in Chicago (who worked with Rahm Emanuel and El Chapo Guzman), and a Wells Fargo Advisors Executive.

Deb Butler responded, "Well, you should have LEARNED from that!!!"

These people -- and Deb is NOT a Christian, but knows how to manipulate them -- are TOTALLY CONFIDENT like Donald Trump and my Kenan Family that runs Drug-Trafficking here, that the CHRISTIANS of Wilmington will continue to SUPPORT the Democrat/Republican DRUG MAFIAS that make them SO MUCH MONEY and TO HELL with the children and adults they ADDICT FOR SATAN.

Deb ALSO said that I need to CONDENSE what I write in this blog -- and post FAR LESS FREQUENTLY -- if I expect any CHRISTIANS to read it -- LOL!!!


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