Thursday, June 14, 2018

RP: TV-3 Showed Up to Film and Interview Neighbors in Front of Sherry Hall Spivey's House about 4:00 PM -- and the Neighbors Who Had Gathered Called Me "The Mayor of Spofford" -- LOL!!!

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So I googled "Mayor of Spofford" and this came up first

Plans for Spofford Juvenile Detention Center

The city (South Bronx) and developers plan to transform the Spofford Juvenile Detention Center into an affordable housing complex called The Peninsula.

(He had a SERIOUS Floridian Peninsula that shot out gobs of Keys.)

Yes, Intrepid Readers, your GONZO BLOGGER spotted legs and a tripod in the grassy Circle of Spofford -- the rest blocked by foliage -- so decided: It must be time to check the MAIL!!! 

It was only junk, but a vehicle logo-ed "TV-3" with equal-sized ABC logo and CBS "Eye", was parked, and a young man had his camera trained on the abandoned-looking house, with no one anywhere near it, the woman and her Nissan vehicle gone -- in the sprinkling rain. Three neighbors were gathered in front of the house where I'd met the woman who's lived here since the mid-1950s, and I asked them what had happened in this "dog-bite" incident.

They piped right up that it had not been just a biting, but a MAULING and the girl's LIFE had been saved by one of them -- the guy I speak with the most -- and they pointed to his HUGE new bandage of one of his entire lower arms!!!

The girl is in the hospital still, but they did not know her condition.

They said that TV-3 had been interviewing neighbors, but I needed to talk with him as he had not spoken with "The Mayor of Spofford" -- which cracked me up, and I said, well I don't know about THAT, but I'm not afraid to stand up for Truth and Justice!!! 

And then I explained that in summer of 2015, a top producer from TV-6 told me all the Media of Wilmington had met, and decided that NONE OF THEM was allowed to mention my name or report on my ideas in the Wilmington Press -- and no matter how many of them I have spoken with (about a dozen since then)they all either just walk away, or give me lip service but don't report a thing I say. 

So TUNE IN to TV-3 tonight -- to see WHAT they report!!!

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