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RP: And the Christian Democrat/Republican HATE BOTS Keep FUMING like Outer-Space Numb-Skulls -- DETERMINED to Sell More ADDICTIVE DRUGS for JESUS!!! -- I Can ONLY Say, "HOLY HAIRSPRAY!!!"

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>>> WELL, WE GOT JUST A FEW OVER 1,000 REGISTERED HITS TO THIS BLOG YESTERDAY -- The RECORD is 7,200 in a day, and except for one other day at about 7,000 hitsONLY five other days broke a grand -- but today is NOT finished!!! 

So let's settle down, and read the handwriting on the wall:

>>> HOLY "HAIRSPRAY" (1988):

UNBELIEVABLY TO ME: Lawrence Buchthal (Valley of Books = Library), just Facebook-Followed me -- Larry was my employer in Stone Mountain, GA in the late 1980s, whose brother Stanley PRODUCED John Waters' HAIRSPRAY -- and  Lawrence APPEARED to be one of my chief nemeses. He had me arrested when I tried to collect promised severance pay (but I had walked out without warning) -- and THAT was how I was arrested and soon held for a total of 15 weeks weeks without any movement to trial for simple Trespass, until I SUED Sheriff Jarvis of Dekalb County Writ of Habeus Corpus.

I'm so excited, I have no time for my JELLYBEAN COLORATIONS!!!

Anyway, I had tracked my parents with the wealthy Kenans of Chapel Hill running all the hard drugs through Stone Mountain Park -- and delivered typed-up summaries (I still possess some of them), about five times to both Newt Gingrich's Congressional Office and CNN HQ -- not knowing that Gingrich was PART of it, and CNN protected it (like the Atlanta Journal Constitution also did).

And it was Democrat Judge Linda Warren Hunter -- now on SUPERIOR Court, and who was supported by those who ALSO supported the Narco-Trafficking Bill and Hillary Clinton over the years who worked out a DEAL with my parents in her chambers that FORCED ME to take SOFT-LOBOTOMIZING Lithium Carbonate from 1990 - 2009 -- because I would NOT shut up about my parents being AMERICA'S TOP NAZIS!!!

I remember the day that Lawrence and I went to the next-door storefront -- it's huge windows FILTHY and the owner a REAL NAZI. Lawrence wiped either a giant Swastika or Star of David on his window with a fist. And I have had my ONLY Passover Seder with Larry and his wife Robin Meltzer -- and his very cool parents.

But WORSE, I have NEVER been able to find a wine as good as Robin's father makes in California -- and I guess I never will taste that again -- Robin and Larry are divorced.

And then it was a nice Psychiatrist, Dr. Meltzer in Lumberton, NC, who examined me for Disability in 2012 -- at my sister Jane's INSISTENCE -- and when he heard about my upbringing and the crimes of my NAZI parents, he told me he totally got it. I THOUGHT that meant he saw my sanity and I would NOT be approved, but using Freedom of Information, I saw his ENTIRE WRITE UP on me (very brief), in which he said in NEARLY these exact words, "Scott Kenan was perfectly sane and logical -- and then he went somewhere I could not go. I recommend FULL DISABLITY, with a guardian payee." And that was how I got on with Benefits Management, Inc.

Unlike what is usual, he gave me NO MENTAL ILLNESS DIAGNOSIS!!! Them there JEWS can be RIGHT SMART and STRATEGICno???

So, Larry has NOT picked up my Facebook message to him of a couple of years ago, so I HOPE he reads this and messages me. D.A. Ben David with Fox News and an ally of Rahm Emanuel STOLE my Williams memoir's copyright -- but they CAN'T steal my story. I bet if Larry took my MS to his brother -- it's the kind of sort of documentary Stanley usually produces -- Larry could get a fat FINDER'S FEE.

But maybe I DREAM too much . . . 

And JUST THINKTomorrow is SUNDAY!!!


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