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RP: As Jonathan Deputy and Wilmington's Drug Mafia Try to Figure Out How to SCREW ME IN COURT -- Life Continues to GET BETTER!!! / Morning Meeting with Sherry Hall Spivey:

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"The Pew Research Center asked Americans who they thought did the best job as president in their lifetime. The top pick: former President Barack Obama. 
"Obama was the choice of 44 percent of the respondents in the poll, which was published WednesdayBill Clinton came in second with 33 percent and Ronald Reagan was third with 32 percent. Although not yet even halfway through his first term, President Donald Trump got 19 percent to place him in fourth place, ahead of both Bushes, John F. Kennedy and Franklin Delano Roosevelt." 

As a reminder to my Readers, while my wealthy Kenan relatives have controlled Standard Oil/Exxon-Mobil since 1913, both my father, William Scott Kenan, and brother Mike worked for Sun Oil (now SUNOCO, and ONLY a marketing company), nearly their entire careers. J. Howard Pew controlled Sun Oil (never part of Standard Oil), and I knew a Pew who went to Denison University with me. He told me that J. Howard would turn over in his grave if he knew that his heirs had made an HONEST thing of the Pew Charities -- J. Howard was a ROCK-RIBBED REPUBLICAN and a very STAUNCH PRESBYTERIAN, who HATED Democracy with his whole heart and soul.

J. Howard Pew 1882 - 1971

Although I don't think my brother Mike knew anything about this, when my father lived with me in Stone Mountain, Georgia for half a year in 1990, Dad met often with Patrick Stansbury (then Sales Manager of Collegiate Concepts, Inc., in Tucker, GA), Walter Moore, who was Executive Vice President of the company, and Lee E. Gosney, Jr., a sales associate there.

Patrick Stansbury with Walter Moore actually STOLE the company from owner Eileen Smith, who was JEWISH, and they ALL HATED JEWS!!! More on Patrick:

Walter Moore was from Cherry Hill, NJ -- and knew all the Board Members of Sun Oil and worked with them. His only son was serving many years in prison for Embezzlement and other white-collar crimes.

A recent photo of Lee Gosney, on right with his latest wife, son Chris, and Patrick Stansbury's brother Michael, whom Lee got custody of after his brother had him locked away in a Georgia Mental Hospital and drugged so bad he only DROOLED!!!

Lee Gosney, a trained A.A. and N.A. counselor, also traveled the East Coast making the deals to distribute the hard-drugs flown into Maxwell AFB -- and ESPECIALLY around Atlanta and Wilmington, NC -- to Elected Officials and Christian Churches and Clergy.

Evan Fish

Evan Fish had been the second largest distributor of powder Cocaine in Maine for two years -- always supplied by Lee Gosney/Pentagon Publishing there, decided to get OUT, and foolishly moved to Wilmington where he OFTEN saw Lee Gosney doing DRUG BUSINESS here.

Because of what he knew, Wilmington Police FORCED him to jump to his death from the top of the parking deck by the downtown Library September 3, 2011. This was VERIFIED to me by Sheriff's Deputies also on the scene, and Sheriff's Negotiator, who told me how Police released Evan's HATED ex-girlfriend, Eleanor "Ellie" Schwaner, after the crisis had passed from a floor below, she ran up to him and whispered something in his ear, and Evan immediately jumped to his death yelling "There's NO WAY OUT!!!"

The Wilmington Star News -- then still controlled by the New York Times, which in turn was controlled mostly via debt by Carlos Salim "Slim" Helu -- the richest man on earth during the years he was Bill and Hillary's top HARD-DRUG SUPPLIER especially while Hillary was Secretary of State.

Well, the Wilmington paper, an organ of the Christian CIA, kept covering the murder up.

But then the New York Times sent an emissary to find me at the 2012 Wilmington Azalea Festival, to tell me the NYTimes was BUYING OUT Carlos Slim, but the check had not yet cleared, so no public news on it -- and about that time, the Star News was sold as well.

Perhaps FUNNIEST, my father -- who KNEW J. Howard Pew well -- had gotten a wooden Board Room chair from Sun Oil HQ on Walnut Street in Philadelphia when they were being replaced, and I wrote the six first (of 12 major) drafts of my memoir sitting in that chair -- LOL!!!

But then Democrat District Attorney Benjamin R. David -- with a Talking Head of Fox News, Chicago, and an Exec of Wells Fargo Advisors, Chicago falsely accused me of Libel, never legally served me, then convicted me IN ABSENTIA in Cook County Courts -- and DESPITE Ben promising me TWICE he would get that VOIDED, Ben has NOT achieved that yet!!!

And since Ben David's wife, Stephanie David, is a TOP Fundraiser and Strategist for Sen. Lamar Alexander of TN -- and Mitt Romney -- I don't see why the local Democrats have NOT KICKED BEN OUT OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY!!!

Ben, until recently, was an ELDER at First Presbyterian -- and I knew his boyfriend Lee very well in 2011:

Lee looked much like this (and I was a little envious), but after I blogged about it, I soon saw Lee driving the nearly new pick-up truck that he said Ben had given him -- after paying CASH for it -- and giving Lee a pile of cash as well -- and then telling Lee to LEAVE TOWN and NEVER contact him again:


I saw the City vehicle and others next door, and wanting to know if the house had CLOSED in sale, so walked over ONLY to ask the Officer that. SOON, Sherry, who with others was emptying her former house of belongings, saw me and started yelling CURSES at me, so I told her and the Officer that I have a LOT of empathy for Sherry's current situation (3rd stage cancer, drug addiction, just lost her house, and broke financially), but I had NOT come over to cause a disturbance, and left.

He didn't know if there had been a closing yet, but was actually SURPRISED to hear all about Ben David's male lover -- a WELL-KEPT SECRET in Wilmington -- and how Mr. David is STILL BLACKMAILED into protecting the Christian Drug Mafia, which I HONESTLY don't believe Ben would dootherwise.

And I should add here, that it was Aaron Gallimore, the first roommate of Rob of apartment One where I now live, next-door to Sherry, who told me that Allie of apartment TWO's boyfriend (still here), Pete's car OFTEN parked then at Sherry's house as Pete did DRUG BUSINESS with them.

Because I had never met Sherry at the time she accused me of being a CHILD MOLESTER a few months ago via Facebook, I ASSUME that either Jonathan Deputy told that lie to her directly -- or through Pete.

The guy trying to buy the property has lived in my neighborhood for many years, and he told me he was AWARE of Gold Walker's having rented mostly to DRUG DEALERS. I'm not so sure that her all-day-long herbal habit hasn't just kept her CONFUSED, and that Jonathan Deputy and Gold's only child Allen Walker of have NOT just PULLED THE WOOL OVER GOLD'S EYES -- and recently Gold's Maintenance Supervisor, Thomas, told me he AGREES WITH THAT!!!


The story at the top of my last posting,, about my 4th Kenan cousin Allan Gurganus, which I copied in from Facebook, has gotten many tens of LIKES and LOVES -- far more than anything else I ever published on Facebook before -- that over more than ten years.

And the part that I transferred from John Lahr's Facebook page -- REMAINS on John's page -- despite it really being about my knowing he was BLACKMAILED by Sewanee/Episcopal Church/Thomas Elliot Keith into NOT writing the whole story in his book: -- over Lahr's dalliances with young men:

In 2015, with help of John Lahr's Literary Agency, movie rights were SOLD to Broad Green Productions -- but then less than a year agoBroad Green seems to have gone into COLLAPSE!!!

Since his agency, Georges BorchardtALSO handles ALL THE RIGHTS to Tennessee Williams's PLAYS (stolen by Sewanee/Episcopal Church from Harvard), for Sewanee/Episcopal Church -- John Lahr is just another JEW -- who got CAUGHT in a WEB OF CHRISTIAN HATE!!!


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