Thursday, July 12, 2018

RP: Belly-Laughs with Mom, Nut-House Charges PAID, Fine, Strappin' (sadly straight) Man Buys Sherry Hall Spivey's House -- and We Are TWO Peas from the SAME POLITICAL POD -- HA!!!

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This morning, I was awakened by a text alerting me to my brother sending the usual weekly financial assistance -- which despite my rather obvious hints in blog yesterday that I could use a little extra, none was added, but I figured I could achieve my immediate financial goal even without extra. Then I checked my bank balance, and I had MORE than I expected, and realized I could still proceed without eating "just beans and rice" for the next couple of weeks.

So, I called Mom, and first told her that Jonathan Deputy CLAIMS to already have a lawyer, and to be uninterested in handling my Cyberstalking Charge out of Court. Now if he ACCEPTED my deal and paid the $300 in remaining New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital bills -- and since I left it OPEN to negotiation, likely HALF of my proposed two months of free rent ($800 for one month), that is a TOTAL of $1,100.00 cost to him.

I know that the minimum for a lawyer for a case including Court appearances is about $1,800 -- and the one I hired several years ago while Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. of NYC was sending me a $1,000/month allowance (on top of my Social Security) as well as paying for the lawyer outright, is normally a minimum of $2,400 (due to his experience and record of success).

See how EASY we could have settled -- costing him FAR LESS -- and no risk of having a Conviction on his Record.

Well, maybe his Political MentorDemocrat NC Representative Deb Butler, has taken his case PRO BONO -- we'll see when we get to Court.

Deb Butler working in the North Carolina House.

This was the FIRST thing Mom and I belly-laughed over. The SECOND thing was that it turned out that without asking family for additional help, I'll be OK (and NOT as financially pinched as I had expected). 

Then I asked Mom how bridge club had gone Tuesday, and she said she came in LAST, but had had all the worst hands -- so didn't mind that -- but that her partner (a substitute for the day), was someone who is SLOW and doesn't know the game as well, and Mom was FRUSTRATED all afternoon, waiting for her partner to make plays.

Mom with me, two years ago.

I burst out laughing -- Mom is NINETY-FIVE YEARS OLD, and was bitchin' about her slow, partner. I think it is MIRACULOUS that Mom can play Bridge and has such a KEEN MIND at 95!!!

THIS is how I think of Mom, the photo taken in 2009, but this is Mom's MIND, still.

Next, I called all three entities that are still billing me from when Jonathan Deputy committed me on lies to "The Oaks" -- the day after I first filed charge of Cyberstalking -- and paid off the two small ones for a total of about $60, and made arrangements for and made the first installment on $25.00/month on the one for $223 -- and had the young woman I dealt with at NHRMC Physicians Group HOWLING over stories of what I've had to put up with from Jon Deputy, D.A. Ben David, and Sheriff Ed McMahon over the years -- but that I THINK I have them respecting me now.

What a LOAD off!!!

And I will say nothing much about the guy who expects to close on the house next-door -- until it closes -- but I learned the reason the State (or other official vehicles), Security company truck, and others were here two days ago, is that they had an APPOINTMENT to open up the house and sheds to allow Sherry Hall Spivey to get any belongings -- but she did NOT show.

Then last night -- just before dusk -- I saw Sherry and several of her crowd sitting on the back stoop lamenting their loss. Fortunately, they left ten minutes later. 


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