Friday, July 13, 2018

RP: Chad Closes on Sherry Hall Spivey's Former House (and REALLY takes possession!!!) / Whetstone Classmate cum Denisonian Liz Blees (who had an orgasm just from deep kissing me), Has Popped BACK UP in My Life!!! / Sheriff Ed McMahon's BIG BUST:

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Our closest DNA relatives, the Bonobos, like having sex with EVERYONE (like these two males), but females in FULL ESTRUS look a bit daunting to me:

Well, Chad closed on the house this afternoon, then immediately came over to set off flea bombs inside (he'll need stronger than that), met with a roofing contractor, and then drove his riding mower over and mowed all the weeds down.

He's eight years younger than me, wants to move in ASAP, is a PASSIONATE gardener and does landscaping as one of his professions, but there is a list of Code Violations he must deal with first, that includes ALL NEW PLUMBING -- all the way to the sewer line. He's also mentioned hiring me for odd jobs as he renovates, so MAYBE I can afford my domain and email renewals -- if I get workin' soon!!!

After getting the Nut-House bills paid up yesterday, I got my two-years GoDaddy bill today. No rest for the weary!!!

And then, via my Whetstone High School 50th Reunion Group FB page, I got in contact with Liz Blees, who also went to Denison and who after breaking up with now Rev. Jim Buchan, dated me -- until she SHOCKED ME by having a very convulsive orgasm -- just from DEEP KISSING!!!

Here is link to that recent storyhalfway down here -- but she didn't scare me from women, during Christmas Break that year, my then girlfriend, Terry, had a PREGNANCY SCARE, and was 10 days late.

That was that -- but funny that Terry, Liz Blees, and Valarie (Diamond) Wales (whom I took to the high school prom in Columbus), all became Psychologists. And Marlowe Schaeffer-Polk, my high school girlfriend sophomore and junior years at Henderson High in West Chester -- whose prom I flew back to as well (and Marlowe visited me on Denison campus that fall, too), first was a Chester County Prosecutor, also became a Physician, later installed Epic Systems for major hospital chains around the USA -- and today is a top Consultant on Privacy of Medical Records in the USA.

Marlowe, today (6' 1"). Where I lived, then, on Dunsinane Drive near Birnum Wood -- story included in here:

I've sure dated some COOL WOMEN (for a Homo, at least) -- HA!!!

Scott Kenan

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