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RP: An Email of Significance to My Siblings: Jane, Mike, and Julie:

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This is the ONLY photo I have showing all my siblings. My brother, Michael William Kenan is in the blue Wrightsville Beach T-shirt and next to my parents, William Scott Kenan and Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan. I am the tallest, Julie Ruth (Kenan) Duffy is the darker of the two blonds in front of me, and Jane Ann Kenan is two to the right of me, between my nephews Max and Connor.

My first cousin Janet (Meyer) Opperman, later Larsen, is on crutches and was photo-shopped in -- Susan Grant, (in black next to her, had taken her to the Emergency Room after a water-skiing accident). Her two children by her FIRST husband, the Jew, Kim Opperman, BOYCOTTED this Meyer Family Reunion in 2009, because they were SICK of all the HATEFUL Catholic NAZISM of the rest of the Meyers, although ONLY Andrea Opperman went through conversion to Judaism, while her brother, Ian Opperman, has not.

My first cousin Marybeth (Meyer) Lernihan (in bright white top) and her husband Greg Lernihan, (shopped in on far right -- he having taken the photo), hosted it in their luxurious lake house.

Here is my report on the 2009 Meyer Family Reunion in central Indiana:

And here is my ATTEMPTED email to CNN's Drew Griffin  about how my mother killed her brother Robert J. Meyer, DDS with DOUBLE STRENGTH Lithium Carbonate (guaranteed to cause "Chemically-Induced Diabetes", which Bob slowly died of as his extremities were removed one-by-one)because Bob allowed Janet to MARRY A JEW -- and in the Veteran's Hospital in Lower Mississippi that has since been closed, and that email was BLOCKED, but I believe I managed to get it through to him eventually

Everything has changed -- almost: 

Dear Jane, Mike, and Julie,

First of all, I am entirely exhausted. Few people can understand what I've been through; most of it could fairly be called "Psychological Terrorism", but all of that is disappearing -- I believe, but won't know for certain for some time -- because of the extraordinary decision of D.A. Ben David to assign Prosecutor Kimberly Overton to my case two days ago. Ms. Overton is probably the TOP Prosecutor in the state of NC, has a resume so long you can't believe anyone could do so much by her age -- and she just LOVED ME TO DEATH!!! And she got a LOT of info about corruption in Wilmington and NC -- as well as Atlanta and on the national scene from me. If I were straight, I'd go for her like a fly to honey!!!

And I actually -- not easily -- was completely clear to Mom about my point about her hateful campaign against me since she learned I am gay, and that while I DO forgive her and those who fell under her "Fake-Catholic spell". Catholics whom I meet nearly UNIVERSALLY condemn the Catholics in the upper Republican Party, most on the Supreme Court, and the lay people who actually run St. Mary's here told me they are EMBARRASSED when those people's religion is mentioned -- the very ones Mom just ADORES.

NOTHING was normal about our family, but we are still family, and I love you all very much -- and cherish nearly ALL my memories of family.

Mom couldn't handle listening to what I said, but when I called her back, she ACKNOWLEDGED HEARING IT. I doubt she will ever apologize to me or admit a THING about her crimes. That's OK by me -- I only needed to be CLEAR to her, once, and I've achieved that. And as I told Prosecutor Overton who was very interested in Mom and Dad, their relationship to Lou Holtz, John Ehrlichman, Jesse Helms, and of course Christal Presley who worked directly with Sean Hannity and Fox News, Newt Gingrich, etc. -- and of course Dad's SUPER-CLOSE work with Patrick Stansbury and Pentagon Publishing -- one of the BIGGEST Drug-Trafficking orgs in the country, especially to Wilmington and Atlanta. 

I explained that I don't believe Mom is involved in any of that any more. Mom (and Dad, since Mom blackmailed him into marriage after his boyfriend was shot in the head and it was called "Russian Roulette Suicide"), took over from Joe and Rose Kennedy (and both Henry Ford and Prescott Bush can be added to that, although they were not Catholic), as America's top NAZIS, and then Steve Bannon has now taken that ball. If you watch much news, you know it was announced this week that Mr. Bannon is going to build a huge Extreme Right Political Action machine in Europe now, so he'll be elsewhere, thank GOD!!!

And Prosecutor Overton and I agreed, that our immediate family's participation in the destruction of Democracy is interesting HISTORY now, but she and the State of North Carolina are far more interested in the CURRENT corruption here. I seriously doubt they would EVER go after Mom, and I've made clear that when any of you got out of line legally -- or at least morally -- it was because of the TERROR we grew up under, and Mom's exploiting that to manipulate others.

And if anyone DOESN'T want to "hear it" from me, just let me know. I can take you off my email list and I can refrain from bringing up the past when I email you personally. The Truth doesn't care about ANYONE'S opinion -- including yours and mine.

I had a number of One-Time and Once-per-Year bills this month, including $75 for a year of my domain and email, $95 (paid off two doctor's bills and $25 against a $223 bill, setting up monthly $25), and this month with five weeks to split my S.S. income and also a high bill, gave me what was reduced the last two times to $40/week allowance, and probably less than that this coming Monday, the last of July. I managed to pay a lot extra without asking for extra, but it's ended up not all covered. Although I know the meds are a real help, I lived without them for years, and can go a month -- or until I scrape the dough together -- if I must.

So I have eaten down my staples, and been about as frugal as possible. At the moment, I have $21 to my name, and my expensive med ($134/month), runs out after this Friday. I ask for an extra $100 this week, and if you can kick in any beyond that, I will buy some GOOD FOOD takeout -- I was so broke I only had two fast-food meals on coupons for my Birthday -- LOL!!!

If you read my blogging about the BIZARRE BILL from the NHRMC group, I got a mailed bill yesterday that explains it -- partially. I had never been billed by my primary Psychiatrist, Julia Triggs, and she billed me for six half-hour sessions (only two were for 20 minutes, the rest 5 or 10), at $418.00/hour, but after Medicare it all adds up to only $94 more -- but the bill is a MESS, and I will next call them to figure that out.

Anyway, I hope you are all having a GREAT SUMMER, and if any of you get down this way, I hope we can get together. It's been TOO LONG, and now that I have the North Carolina Prosecutors and Legal System ON MY SIDE, I'm not afraid of even a Kenan -- LOL!!! But really, I can now afford to be my old fun self -- the STATE is pursuing my claims and I no longer need to convince anyone else -- including family -- of the Truth.

Jesus is reported to have said, "You will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free." This is the BIGGEST THING literally set in stone on Denison's campus that I passed every day. However, Gloria Steinem completed the thought:

Thank you for your consideration, and for all your continuing generosity.



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