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RP: Email to Prosecutor and Justice Leader Kimberly Overton (including much information)!!!

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July 25, 2018

Dear Prosecutor Overton,

First, I thank you and D.A. Benjamin R. David for your working with me this past Monday concerning my charging Jonathan Deputy with Cyberstalking. I KNOW that was far out of the norm, and to have assigned a person of your caliber, says many things to me – including that regardless all the difficulties that Mr. David and I have had (I told him when I first returned to Wilmington from Mexico in mid-2015, that I should work for HIM, given all I know – and he liked that), he sees my value as a Patriot exposing the Crimes of my Family (as well as my original Church).

The best thing about how it all went is that I was NOT required to be tried in front of Judge Chad Hogston, who had very seriously violated my Civil Rights and convicted me of Cyberstalking in 2011 without a BIT of evidence presented having anything to do with that charge – why I was so tickled that you researched thoroughly about my OWN claims of threats. My getting no Justice from Mr. Deputy is NOTHING compared to most of what I’ve had to deal with, and my point is to EXPOSE all the Treasonous, Drug-Trafficking -- often paired with White Supremacy -- Crimes of my Kenan Family, both immediate and distant, who are centered around Chapel Hill.

I have assured my siblings that the State is not interested in prosecuting my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan (she now being RETIRED from active NAZI activites), for in the 1980s and 90s helping set up the Drug Mafia here with Father Robert J. Kus of St. Mary’s Catholic, Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, and later including PPD Pharmaceuticals, originally owned by the Bush, Cheney, Bin Laden, and Saudi Royal Families – but if it gets to that, I will testify against my mother. I’m convinced that she only gives them her ENCOURAGEMENT now to replace the US Constitution with Catholic Swastikas and Protestant Klan Robes.

I know I asked you if you had good contacts high in the FBI, and you said no, you work for the State, so I will concentrate on a few points about problems here in North Carolina.

Lee E. Gosney, Jr., then working with Patrick Lee Stansbury (my employer 1990 – 2010 of Pentagon Publishing, Inc., of Snellville, GA), was the key person supplying Politicians of both Parties and Christian Churches and Clergy in Wilmington (and elsewhere), with bulk Hard Drugs. Lee: (404) 372-XXXX cell, Patrick (770) 979-XXXX home landline with his wife Gloria’s voicemail, although they DO sometimes answer. Also, the Sr. Vice President who probably runs it more than Patrick is Michael Massicott (404) 843-XXXX cell, and Geraldine “Gerry” Flynn-Miller, a sales associate, is who told me that Patrick, working with my parents, intended to murder me, since they with my sisters were unable to Commit me in Georgia after five tries in one month, and then Col. Dottie Newman, retired Chief Protocol Officer to Secretary of State Colin Powell, helped get me to Political Exile in Mexico in 2010. Gerry lives with her husband, Joel Miller, another Pentagon Publishing sales associate, in Bethlehem, GA, and one number there is (678) 425-XXXX.

On September 3, 2011, Wilmington Police forced my friend Evan Fish to jump to his death from the top of the parking deck by the Library downtown, and Sheriff’s Deputies – including the Negotiator – told me how they did that and that some Police on the ground were leading the crowd to chant, “Jump! Jump!!! JUMP!!!” The Star News covered it up – as well as harbored CIA Agent Kevin Maurer who wrote No Easy Day about the assassination of Bin Laden, when he interviewed me by phone for the CIA in summer 2012, while I was in Puerto Vallarta.

Then, on February 13, 2017, I gave Mayor Bill Saffo email warning I was walking to his office to demand to see the FULL police report on Evan’s Death – both Police and Deputies claiming that the OTHER had it, not they – and I was knocked 12 feet out of the crosswalk by a Time-Warner truck (near the time they became Spectrum), in front of the Courthouse, and local Lawyer Bruce Mason took my case long enough to tell me I should get $20,000.00 - $40,000.00 (many other lawyers have told me that as well), but soon FIRED ME, claiming I could get more if I represented myself. He also told me that my Kenan relatives control ALL Republicans and most Democrats in this state (how they get away with running all the Hard-Drug Trafficking), and that was verified to me by two Magistrates working out of the jail. After Mr. Mason fired me, his assistant then, Hannah, quit – fearing SHE could be arrested for crimes – she and I heard Bruce holler back to us, “I have no conscience!!!”, when he fled his office rather than give me the pointers on how to proceed that he had promised.

Time-Warner ended up being represented by Brian Williams of the lily-white large Raleigh Law Firm Yates, McLamb, & Weyher, LLP, and principal Barbara "Bonny" Weyher, is a blood Kenan related to me and listed in the Kenan Genealogy. As I told you, Atlanta lawyer and author Gregg Loomis, nephew of James Graham Kenan, told me in 1990, that the wealthy Kenans hate only JEWS more than they hate “Niggers”, and in recent months a few I’ve spoken with who now know my relatives in Chapel Hill say they are all STILL Ku Klux Klan members – or at least hate both Jews and Blacks (why “Silent Sam” is still on UNC campus). Thomas S. Kenan III – whom I spoke with in 1990 about the lover he and I shared – has REFUSED to answer any of the approximately seven letters I have sent him since 2011.

I was forced to accept a $2,500.00 settlement while financially desperate and Brian Williams REFUSED to look at most of the medical bills sent by my medical providers – he did not even ASK for them until the last minute – but I had them sent before he asked. Bruce Mason had made certain I had no representation. I’d sure like to get Bruce’s license REVOKED!!!

My second cousin Robert C. Kenan, Jr. of Burgaw’s recept told me that since I had “pissed off” Lawyer David Nash of Wilmington by blogging about all the Drug Trafficking I witnessed in his Costello’s gay bar (now closed), that I would NEVER be able to hire a lawyer at least this side of Charlotte and would probably have to go to Asheville to do so. Mr. Nash made the false charge of Cyberstalking that Judge Hogston convicted me of in 2011.

If YOU know of a lawyer or organization that can help me REVISIT that Time-Warner result, I would be grateful!!!

As to CURRENT Drug Operations in Wilmington, now that Sherry Hall Spivey’s HUGE operation next-door to me now was shut down, the only other POSSIBLE operation I can tell you about is that run out of the two apartments downstairs at Gold Walker’s 205 S. 4th Street property, by Sa’ant Samuel “Sam” Celia and the 6’ 3” Denise Renee Wood. More details here:

And as I have told you, I think Gold Walker simply smokes so much she is confused and others use her. Her maintenance supervisor, Thomas, agreed with me on this about a month ago. However, Gold (Worthington) Walker has bragged to me several times that in her wild days before she married David Walker, she had bedded BOTH of Mayor Bill Saffo’s brothers, and Denise Wood made clear she works with Mayor Saffo, whom she also claims has a thing for young (not necessarily under-aged), boys.

I have absolutely NO “hard evidence” against Jonathan Deputy, although he began his business,, while in college, he said running groups to the Caribbean to smoke tons of pot.

And another note about trying to get that Police report from the Mayor, I went BACK to Saffo’s office a month or so later, and met Councilman Charlie Rivenbark there, who said he HOPES I get a dog, and it is run over too!!! Dawn Grants witnessed that, and Saffo and Rivenbark are likely the two BIGGEST CROOKS in Wilmington (other than Kenan Family members). 

I met a guy now retired from working 30 years for Bill Saffo’s Uncle in the fashion industry in NYC who said Bill’s Uncle RUNS the “Saffo Mafia” and gives Bill his orders. I know how to contact him again, as well as Bill Toups, the Bush cousin I spent the night with in the motel behind the Lazy Pirate on Carolina Beach fall 2016 – he and I up all night discussing the Drug-Trafficking, White Supremacy, and Crimes to DESTROY DEMOCRACY that the Kenan and Bush Families have been committing together for decades.

I will copy this to Ben David as well – he and you seem to have a GREAT working relationship, and I think he knows that as I have impressed especially Sheriff Ed McMahon, “I’m into HEALINGS not PUNISHMENT,” for those who are getting their lives in order. Heck, might as well copy the Sheriff, too. And I will publish it on blog (where you will find in the last days I have given HIGH COMPLIMENTS to both you and Mr. David).

I trust you will use what of this is useful to you – and pass it to any others who can use this info. I am ALWAYS at the service of ANY legitimate Government Agency that would like to debrief me – or simply mine my blog by googling my name in quotes followed by any other name, thing, or concept. I do NOT expect a reply from you, although any kind of one would be nice.

Thanks again for your superior services to our North Carolina Citizens!!!

Scott D. Kenan

Ben David has all my contact info.


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